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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


Tired of everyone around her treating her like a child, despite the fact that she has helped saved the world a few times, a now sixteen year old Son Pan decides to move out of her parents house and attend Canterlot High School. Soon after though she runs afoul of mean girl Sunset Shimmer, and when the Dragon Balls are suddenly thrown back into the mix it looks this isn't going to be the relaxing vacation she thought it was going to be.

Takes plus roughly two years after GT and one year after Dragon Ball Fusions but will be playing fast and loose with the canon so don't be surprised if some elements from Super or the movies make an appearance

Chapters preread and notes provided by Blue Horizon

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Haven’t read yet , but it seems.... quite interesting.

Pretty good so far.

Minor nitpick I'm pretty sure instant transmission requires you to either have been to the destination at least once before or have someone you're familiar with there to use as a homing beacon. If she's never been to the place before, as seen by the fact that she had to confirm it was the right place, then she shouldn't have been able to just teleport there.

Glad you're liking it so far.

As for the Instant Transmission thing, they always say that those are the rules but then you got things like Goku using it to collect all seven Dragon Balls in a less then a day before the Cell Games and even him going to the center of the Earth in Super so who knows (I've always just assumed it was that if he had a map, or Dragon Radar, pointing him to a decently close location he could focus on it and go there no matter what, which is how I'll be treating it)

What's this? A GT story? Well I'll certainly have to read this when I get some time

*hissssss* kill it withfire! berus, lord berus hakai this abomination!

non cannnooooooonnnnn *hisssssssss*

(if its not abundenlty obvious i dispise dragonball gt)

While I respect your opinion and won't try to change your mind about it, I just want to ask why you felt the need to click on a GT story and express it?

If Beerus should hakai anything, it's your post. The spelling is absolutely atrocious and not one capital letter.

It's a free internet and I felt the need to express my opinion in a silly and mildly entertaining way.

Welcome to the internet, driving grammer nazis insane one day at a time.

That was neither silly, nor was it entertaining. It was just asinine.

sounds to me more like you dont have a sense of humor then anything else.

not my problem thu i've said my peice, what you all make of it is your business I don't argue my points anymore cause its not worth the effort.

Well now. This is getting interesting.

Welp, I'm following, this will get interesting quickly :D.

Still looking good so far. And I love the explanation that Shenron took Goku to the time nest after GT. Makes a LOT of sense.

Thank you for your continued support and I'm glad your enjoying it :twilightsmile:

You definitely dont have to worry about losing my support. GT doesn't get enough love, and you weave a fantastic tale on top of that.

Dude, you need a proof reader, there are some mistakes there XD, otherwise, enjoyable chapter :D.

Will Pan tell them that they've all technically died twice?:unsuresweetie:

Probably not considering how badly Dash reacted to finding out she "almost" died

Pan would totally snipe the whole "They're right behind me" gag. :facehoof:

It hasn't been cancelled I just haven't had much time to write and decided I'd just focus on one story until it gets to a good stopping point, and then work on another. Don't worry as soon as I am able Pan's training of the Mane 5 will begin :twilightsmile:

You kinda need a proofreader. Reading this was a bit... annoying.


No because ki sense is op.

Sunset. You are so FRICKIN hopeless! One, what the F*** is your problem of having those heavy cursing? Celestia will be SO mad at you for that. Second, STOP FRICKIN Insulting Humanity you Bitch!!!! 😡

Besides, DON'T underestimate Humanity. If you have seen the Z Fighters Feats, and see the Hybrid Sayain's Human DNA helping them get More Potential than even Regular Sayains. You will be Tramitazed, Shit your pants many times over. And RUN AWAY BACK to Equestria as a scared Bitch!

Besides, Planet-Busting Characters and Villain's are the WEAK Characters so far! Compared to the Sun, Solar System, and Galaxy-Busting. Even the FRICKIN Universe, Muti-Unviersal, and the Mutiverse Destroying OP Powers!

Villain's like Frieza, his Cold Family like King Cold and Cooler, his Frieza Force and Ginyu Force, Cell, Dr. Gero, Red Ribbon Army, and the Androids, Babidi, Dabura, Babidi's other Minions, Maijn Buu and his MANY Forms. DBZ Broly ( Even BIO-Broly), Turles, Lord Slug, Android 13/Super Android 13, Android 14 and 15, Bojack and his Crew, Janemba, Dr. Wheelo, The Giant Monster Kaiju-Like Hirudegarn, and even Garlic Jr..

As well as Baby/Baby Vegeta/Super Baby Vegeta, Dr. Myuu, Super Android 17, The Shadow Dragons and Syn Shenron/Omega Shenron. Frieza again with his Golden Form ( As well with Golden Cooler and possibly Golden King Cold), Zamasu/Goku Black, and Finally Moro are MORE Evil and Overpowered than you ever DREAM for in your Entire Lifetime Sunset!!!

And other Characters like Lord Beerus, Champa, and the other Gods Of Destructions, Fighters like Hit, Caulifia, Kale, Cabba, and Frost. Others like the Trio Of Danger, even the Kamikaze Fireballs from Universe 2. The Robots and Aniroza from Universe 3, and the other Fighters from Universe 9, 10, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 11.

Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo, and the other Pride Troppers, DB Super Broly, and even Whis, Vados, Other Angels, The Grand Priest Lord Zeno himself!

Then Their's Android 21/Evil Android 21, Mira, Towa, Fu, and more.

You will be Tramitazed and Horrified for Life! Of seeing a Lot of this OP Villains, Fighters like Jiren, and DBZ/DB Super Broly. And the Gods of Destruction, Angels, and Lord Zeno's True Erasing Power. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

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