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Will death redeem us?


Spike, the assistant of Twilight Sparkle, savior of the Crystal Empire, friend of the element bearers. You would think that there is nothing strange about him. How wrong you are. You will learn a disturbing truth, one that will change your beliefs completely.

Chapters (6)
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Wow, is the angel with wings an angel? Does the angel with wings have angelic wings. Is the angel with wings that are angelic wings an angelic person? Is the angel that is angelic with wings that are angelic wings understand the meaning of the word redundant.

Wonder what else we will see of Spike and Luna's interactions together?
Certainly loving that big time.

Spike had also had visions about her return and was not frightened the slightest when she returned. Not because of the visions, but because she was way weaker than him in comparison.

Does Luna/Nightmare Moon end up growing stronger or happen to have potential untapped yet that has her not look way weaker in comparison?

Anyway, really do love the interaction in the chapter.
So this looks like this is becoming Spiluna there? :0 Lovely!

Wonder what Spike thinks about what led Luna to fall into NMM there? Such as how its due to Celestia wasn't there for her while the ponies kept overpraising Celestia over Luna(while they took Luna's work for granted pretty much) there?

“Well don’t stop your kiss because i am here, do continue!” Princess Cadance said, as she looked at the two, waiting for the scene to unfold in from of her eyes but that did not happen as the Princess of the moon and night started whistling innocently and the fallen angel looked at his imaginative watch that was not there and walked out of the room and headed for whervere he was going. “I messed up didn’t I?”

Eeyup:eeyup: you done goofted, Cadance

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