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Equestria Girls GT - luckyboys121

Son Pan recently transferred to Canterlot High and is working to make while dealing with mean Sunset Shimmer

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Truths and Training

Sunset sat at her computer watching as her drone circled the school and peaked into the windows as she flatly said, "Well this was a bust, I guess people are wising up to my tricks and sneaking around somewhere else to make out or do drugs or whatever other things these fucked up apes can do that I can black mail them for.... maybe the alley behind Sugar Cube Corner has something, sugar can't be the only white powder that kept Pinkie so peppy..... speak of the devil." Sunset commented as she noticed Pinkie walking towards the front of the school. A sadistic smile formed on her face as she turned the drone to get a view towards her and the entrance saying, "Well well, I guess this wasn't a waste after all. Let's see what the little depression case is doing to try and cheer up." Her mind raced as she thought of all the things that Pinkie might be doing, and all the things she would do to make sure pictures of them don't go public. All of those thoughts ceased as she pulled the drone up to the lobby window and saw something she didn't think would be coming this early.

Standing in the lobby were Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and finally, the object of her attention, Son Pan. She looked at the surroundings as her smile became more sinister and said, "Awww, throwing a little party to reunite your new friends with their old friend, how sweet.... and naive."

After watching for a few more moments Sunset realized a flaw in her current situation as she said, "AHHHH! I can't hear anything those pricks are saying, she could be telling them exactly how she got her powers right now and I wouldn't even know!" She watched as Pinkie's pink returned and she went around talking to everyone as she commented, "Well at least I can photo shop those Hetaps into beers or something," just as she was preparing to enact a plan B her plan A suddenly became relevant again as Pinkie fell off the ladder and was caught by Pan who was floating in mid-air.

Sunset instinctively zoomed in on the two as she took several pictures saying, "JACKPOT JACKPOT JACKPOT!"

Meanwhile back inside the school

As Pan looked at her friends who, aside from Pinkie who was still grinning, all had their mouths agape staring at the girl who was just floating, she opened her mouth to try and speak but was soon assaulted by questions.

"How in tarnation did you do that!?" said Applejack.

"I'm not seeing any wires or Capsule Jet Packs, it's gotta be magnets just like Cell right?" said an oddly worried looking Dash.

"Oh please Dash, that barely made sense then and it certainly doesn't make sense in a public school," said Rarity.

"Um... you didn't happen to teach a series of tiny birds to carry you in an emergency like I did... did you?" said Fluttershy.

They all continued with similar questions as Pan became somewhat annoyed saying, "GIRLS!" causing them all to go silent. "S-Sorry. Look I understand that you all have a lot of questions about what you just saw, and I plan on answering them but this might not be the best place," she said as she stretched her arms and looked up at the ceiling before continuing saying, "There's not enough room in here if any of you want to see more."

As the girls stared on in confusion Pan thought about the spacious lot behind her apartment she'd used to get in some light training as well as something she could use to both get the girls there quicker and make sure they know this isn't any kind of trick, though Dash seems to be the only one who needs convincing. She then reached one hand out towards them and placed the pointer and middle finger of the other on her forehead as she said, "This is going to sound weird but I need you all to grab onto me or each other."

Back at Sunset's

As Sunset watched intently they all seemed to be forming some kind of friendship chain as Pan reached out her hand resulting in Pinkie taking it and then Fluttershy taking Pinkie's other hand and so on. Just as Sunset was going to say something, she briefly noticed Pan weirdly had one hand on her face before they all disappeared. "What... WHAT THE FUCK!" said Sunset as her chair was knocked to the side as she bolted upright. "NO NO NO! I HAVE SPENT TOO MANY YEARS ON THIS MISERABLE FUCKING PLANET LOOKING FOR A CLUE ON HOW TO GET THIS POWER THAT MAKES CELESTIA LOOK LIKE A DAMN TODDLER, I AM NOT LETTING IT SLIP AWAY NOW!" She stood there simply raging for another moment before remembering a calming technique she was taught many years ago as she took a deep breath in and placed a hand in front of her chest before taking a deep breath out while moving it forward. She then sat back down with a clearer head as she mumbled to herself, "Guess that undeserving pink princess was good for something other then stealing my thrown." She then looked at her drones controls as she said, "OK think logically about this. She's probably going to tell her new friends everything I want to hear just like the plan... except I don't know WHERE SHE'S DOING IT!" Her anger briefly flared back but just as quickly disappeared as she said, "If she's going to do that anywhere it would be her house where she keeps stuff related to this." She then began piloting the drone towards it as she commented, "Good thing I made note of where the place was."

As Pan and others arrived in the lot they all, once again excluding Pinkie, freaked out more at the sudden change of location as she Dash said, "HOW THE HELL DID WE GET HERE!?"

Pan was about to speak before Pinkie said, "Hold on," before reaching into her backpack and somehow pulling out all the party supplies they had in the lobby and sitting them up quickly in the lot before saying, "OK, continue."

For a moment they all stared at Pinkie before she said, "WHHHAAATTT? It's my party and just because our friend here is some kind of super powered alien or something doesn't mean we need to stop the party."

"Oh please Ms. Pie, I doubt she's an alien," said Rarity as she tried to brush what she believed to be a childless notion aside.

Unbeknownst to any of them though a familiar drone had just parked itself right above Pan's building where it could watch and hear them undetected.

"Well.... technically I'm quarter alien," said Pan.

"I'm sorry what?" said Rarity flatly at having her assertion swiftly struck down.

Pan then scratched her head nervously as she said, "Well my grandfather was really an alien warrior called a Saiyan who was sent to this planet before his home own was destroyed."

"WAIT! MR. SATAN IS AN ALIEN!" said Dash as a look of excitement came to her face.

This only caused Pan to stifle a giggle as the image of her Grandpa Satan as a Super Saiyan popped into her head

The giggle briefly escaped as she said, "God no. Look I love my Grandpa Satan but the fact is he's just a fraud who took credit for the stuff my Grandpa Goku, my dad, and his friends did."

"MR. SATAN IS A FRAUD! Does..... does that mean Cell was really a monster and not some guy in a costume with gadgets like he said?" said Dash as the odd panic once again retook her.

"Well um... yeah. I never saw him of course but from what I heard from my dad he was brutal, it took everything he had for my dad to stop him," said Pan.

"Hold up a minute, you're dad beat Cell?" said Applejack in confusion.

"OH! So he was the blonde kid that challenged Cell right before the camera cut out," said Pinkie as she put her arm around Pan.

Pan thought about questioning how Pinkie suddenly got next to her, but something told her that if she questioned this new girl she'd be hear all day. More importantly though she was excited as she said, "FINALLY! Someone who didn't forget about that! I mean I understand why people believed all the slock my Grandpa said, since flying people who blow up planets with their mind sounds weird until you see it, but how the heck did no one think that the last person they saw fight Cell might have been the one to beat him!"

"I KNOW RIGHT! I said the same thing but most people just looked at me like I was crazy," said Pinkie before they both giggled at all this.

"SO, WAIT!" yelled Rainbow Dash getting their attention before saying, "So all those guys that tried to blow up the whole planet where REAL!"

"Well... technically some of them did more then just try, but yeah pretty much," said Pan still with a slight smile.

That faded away though as Dash curled up on the ground and rocked back and forth as Fluttershy rubbed her shoulder trying to calm her down. "Is she OK?" asked Pan as she was afraid this might happen.

"Oh it's just... all of us kind of had our suspicions about some of the weird stuff that happens around the world so... while this may be to a tough pill to swallow we still can," said Shy before looking at the others who nodded. "But Dash on the other hand..."

Dash continued rocking back and forth as she mumbled to herself, "At any time some lunatic could just kill everyone... and no can stop him.... and I'm gonna die a virgin."

Shy did her best to comfort her as she said, "She... really needed the lies."

Pan sighed as she said, "I was afraid this might happen... I'm sorry girls I-"

She didn't get a chance to finish though, as Applejack approached her saying, "Shoot, there's no reason to apologize Pan."

"Really?" said Pan as she looked at AJ confused.

AJ then put her hand on Pan's shoulder saying, "Well yeah, a bitter truth is always better then a sweet lie, I always say. Besides," say AJ looking at the fetal rocking Dash," I'm sure she'll get over it.... eventually."

"In the meantime darling, let me just make sure I've wrapped my head around all this. You're grandpa, you're dad, and you are aliens called Saiyans who save this save this planet time and time again with your Saiyan powers," said Rarity as she rubbed her head thinking about this.

"Basically, though ki techniques aren't unique to Saiyan's we just naturally have a greater ki potential then the average human, but humans can still learn to do all this stuff too," said Pan.

She then noticed Dash perk up slightly before putting her head back down again and, realizing what this meant because of Dash's personality, Pan smiled as she looked towards a dead tree in the lot saying, "In fact let me show you one of the first techniques I ever learned, it's a real crowd pleaser." She then turned to the side and put her hands together as she said, "Kaaaameeehaaaameeeehaaaaaa!" before launching the classic ki blast, albeit a small one as she held back significantly, and obliterated the tree.

This had the desired effect as Dash stood up with a jolt saying, "THAT IS AWESOME! Can you teach me how to do that!?"

"Um.... I guess, but I've never actually trained anyone before," said Pan at the unexpected turn.

'Well come on, I mean... I bet you remember how your training started," said Dash.

"Well, yeah," said Pan.

"Well then just teach me that then," said Dash excitedly.

"Hmm, I guess that could work," said Pan.

"Shoot, if you're willing I'd like to learn some of that stuff too," said AJ.

"Really?" asked Pan.

"Well yeah, having super strength alone will be helpful on the farm, not to mention all these fancy techniques too," said AJ. "I mean just imagine how fast I could get the orchard picked if I could just kick a tree and have all the apples fall."

"Oh what the heck, I'll do it," said Rarity.

"Are you sure? I mean I get AJ and Dash, but you definitely aren't a fighter.... no offense," said Pan.

"None taken darling, and no I'm not a particularly a fighter, though I do take a Tae Bo class to stay in shape and because a modern lady does need to know how to defend herself. Regardless in addition to the aforementioned self defense, it would be nice to be able to zip around my shop to get supplies just as you suddenly took us here."

Dash then looked at Shy who shrugged and said, "I guess I'm in too, Dash already taught me a handful of things to defend myself from people like Sunset, and it would be nice to be able to hold some of my larger and more difficult animals without losing my grip or accidentally hurting them."

"AND YOU KNOW I'M IN!" said Pinkie Pie.

Pan smiled at all this as she took in the fact that not only have her new friends accepted her for who so is but want to be her students as well. She then said, "Alright girls, if that's how you feel then the Canterlot branch of the Turtle School is now in session."

Sunset was practically foaming at the mouth in pure ecstasy as her plan had come to a head and she was about to hear the key to her domination of this world from the lips of this poor fool herself. That ecstasy suddenly ended though as she heard Pan say, "Now the first step is to learn how to sense the ki of someone really strong so everyday after school you'll all need to come here and focus on feeling me make these ki orbs," before forming one in her hand as if to taunt Sunset. The apparent didn't seem to end there as she said, "After a while of sensing my energy not only will be able to sense you're own and actually start using it but you'll be sense other peoples too for example," she then closed her eyes before saying, "Sunset it about five miles north from here."


Author's Note:

Well it looks Sunset's plan was for naught as it's not like Pan would let her sit in on these lessons. How will these lessons go, what will Sunset do. Find out all this and more next chapter, whenever that maybe.

Picture from Dragon Ball Super.

Thanks you all for reading, hope you liked it, any constructive criticism is welcome, have a good day.

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Dude, you need a proof reader, there are some mistakes there XD, otherwise, enjoyable chapter :D.

Will Pan tell them that they've all technically died twice?:unsuresweetie:

Probably not considering how badly Dash reacted to finding out she "almost" died

Pan would totally snipe the whole "They're right behind me" gag. :facehoof:

Why was this cancelled?

It hasn't been cancelled I just haven't had much time to write and decided I'd just focus on one story until it gets to a good stopping point, and then work on another. Don't worry as soon as I am able Pan's training of the Mane 5 will begin :twilightsmile:

You kinda need a proofreader. Reading this was a bit... annoying.


No because ki sense is op.

Sunset. You are so FRICKIN hopeless! One, what the F*** is your problem of having those heavy cursing? Celestia will be SO mad at you for that. Second, STOP FRICKIN Insulting Humanity you Bitch!!!! 😡

Besides, DON'T underestimate Humanity. If you have seen the Z Fighters Feats, and see the Hybrid Sayain's Human DNA helping them get More Potential than even Regular Sayains. You will be Tramitazed, Shit your pants many times over. And RUN AWAY BACK to Equestria as a scared Bitch!

Besides, Planet-Busting Characters and Villain's are the WEAK Characters so far! Compared to the Sun, Solar System, and Galaxy-Busting. Even the FRICKIN Universe, Muti-Unviersal, and the Mutiverse Destroying OP Powers!

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