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Equestria Girls GT - luckyboys121

Son Pan recently transferred to Canterlot High and is working to make while dealing with mean Sunset Shimmer

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Reunions and Revelations

As Pan sat on her living room couch she texted her friends one more time saying, "So are you sure you girls remember the plan?"

"Um, Yes?" replied Fluttershy tentatively, making it impossible not to read it in her voice.

"Indeed we do," replied Rarity more confidently as she continued saying, "I'm getting ready to leave with Applejack now and I told her to bring the photos saying that I met someone who could take down Sunset if she had more info on her."

"And I told Dash that you needed to see the photos one more time, to make sure there wasn't any details on the background we missed that could help out," replied Fluttershy before sending a new message saying, "I still don't feel right tricking them like this."

"I do too, but I'm afraid this might be the only way," chimed in Pan.

"Indeed, you know how stubborn they both can be, honestly given how similar they are I thank my lucky stars that Rainbow is straight, otherwise my lovely little AJ might have ended up with her instead," replied Rarity.

Pan thought about chiding Rarity for getting a little off topic but after Fluttershy responded with a blushing laughing emoji, she remembered that this is the first time either of them had engaged in any kind of friendly banter in who knows how long and let it slide. Even joining in on the banter texting, "Lol, if you knew she wasn't into girls why did you believe Sunset's pics anyway?"

"Well.... I honestly didn't think too much about it. I suppose I got a touch caught up in Applejack's rage," replied Rarity.

"Same, otherwise I would have pointed out Applejack's crush on Rarity," replied Fluttershy.

"You knew about that?" replied Rarity.

"Honestly... both of you did so terrible a job hiding it we were surprised you two weren't already dating. I mean remember that camping trip where-"

Thankfully for Rarity's shake Fluttershy must of been talking to Dash as she stopped there letting Rarity reply, as Pan could pretty much feel her blush through the phone, "Anyway we are heading out the door now, and should be at you're place in about twenty minutes."

"And me and Dash should be there soon after," replied Fluttershy.

"Cool, remember Rarity, when you and AJ get here I'm gonna try and kite AJ to another room so that Dash can't just see her in the doorway and turn tail," replied Pan.

"Of course darling," replied Rarity.

Soon after Rarity sent the text she was on her way Pan noticed she was letting out stressed breaths. "Come on Pan, calm down. You've faced people trying to blow up the whole planet before, you can handle this. I mean what's the worst that could happen? AJ and Dash refuse to make up and hate me for trying to make them and then Shy and Rarity can't hang out with me either AND THEN I LOSE ALL THE FRIENDS I'VE MADE HERE!" said Pan before saying, "OK... talking about what could happen isn't helping... so let's talk about I can do."

She then ran to the kitchen as she looked around at a few bags of chips and cans of soda she bought for today, "I could put out the snacks now, but I figured I'd save that to celebrate if this goes well." Her tone then got a little panicky as she said, "What if I don't have enough snacks?! I mean, I figured we could order a pizza or something too but what if they don't want that?!"

Those thoughts were briefly interrupted as Pan heard her doorbell ring and, on panicked instinct, yelled, "IN A MINUTE!"

She was snapped back to reality as she heard a worried Rarity say back, "Um, darling are you sure you REALLY need a minute, you never what might COME UP SOON."

Realizing what she meant Pan ran and swung the door opening saying, "Hi Rarity, sorry I was just busy um..... checking my email."

Pan briefly smiled at being able to come up with such a good lie on the spot as Rarity said it's no trouble at all darling," before leaning in and whispering, "I caught sight of Dash sprinting here with Fluttershy tailing her, they could be here any second."

Pan nodded as she then turned to the orange girl behind Rarity as she feigned ignorance saying, "You must be Applejack, it's good to meet you."

"Same here," said Applejack as she reached out her hand.

Pan took it and basically pulled her in with it saying, "COME IN! COME IN!"

Applejack looked bewildered at this as she noticed Rarity shot the door behind them. She wanted to comment on this but couldn't as she found herself being plopped on a couch as both Rarity and Pan weirdly smiled at her as Pan said, "So would like anything to drink? I got soda, apple juice, grape juice, pear juice, and cherry juice. You can sit in there for as long as you want mixing it all together to make your perfect fruit juice mix!"

"Or you if you want something more substantial I'm sure Pan has plenty of condiments, and lunch meat if you want to make yourself a sandwich or maybe you could even fire up her oven and we could all make something really big!"

Applejack looked unnerved at all this as she said, "Um, no thanks I'm not really hungry or thirsty." Pan and Rarity briefly had looks of worry come over them, but Applejack didn't notice as all this talk of food of and drink soon made her uncomfortable for a different reason as she said, "But if ya don't mind, I'd be mighty grateful if I could use your bathroom."

Pan smiled and, as she wanted to get AJ as far away as possible to be safe, said, "Of course you can, it's up the stairs, the door on the left of the bedroom at the end of the hall."

"Um, not to reject you're hospitality in letting me use you're personal bathroom, but don't you have a guest one I could use instead? I'm not too comfy treating other people's places like my own," said Applejack.

Pan once again grabbed AJ by the hand as she began leading her to the stairs saying, "Oh, sorry but you can't use the guest bathroom because it's um...."

"CLOGGED," added Rarity.

Pan looked somewhat annoyed before her fake smile returned to her as she said, "Yeah um... let's just say you DEFINITELY shouldn't get a burrito from that food truck down the street and leave it at that."

Instantly Applejack felt a third kind of uncomfortable at hearing this as she quickly said, "Oh well, um thanks for the advice, I'll be back in a minute Rare," she then gave her a luck that said, "You're lucky I care about you because you're new friend is WEIRD."

As Applejack walked away Pan and Rarity descended the stairs and plopped down on the couch calmed as Pan said, "Clogged? Really?"

"Well I didn't see you coming up with anything better, besides it worked didn't it," said Rarity defensively.

"Yeah it worked..... at making her think I'm some weird oversharing lunatic," said Pan sarcastically.

"Well, all friendships start out kind of awkward," said Rarity with a grin.

Pan couldn't help but chuckle at that as she said, "True."

As they both shared a quick giggle on the couch, they heard the doorbell ring again as Pan looked at Rarity and whispered, "Hide in the kitchen."

Rarity nodded and ran where she was told as Pan opened the door, only to see Fluttershy as she confusedly said, "Um, hey Shy? Where's Dash?"

"Oh, I saw Applejack and Rarity and realized we might arrive a little too close for comfort so I asked Rainbow if she could get me a Hetap from that gas station over there," said Fluttershy pointing.

"Well that adds a whole extra level of embarrassment to all this," said Pan.

"What?" asked Fluttershy in confusion.

"Nothing, just come in, Rarity you can come out if you want," said Pan as she shut the door behind Fluttershy as she sat herself on the couch, resigned to this fate.

Fluttershy became even more confused at Pan's words, but that confusion quickly melted away as she soon found herself in a bear hug from Rarity as she said, "I missed you so much darling."

"I missed you too, it's been so long since I got to see you," said Fluttershy.

As they talked Pan heard someone walk towards her door as she said, "If this works out, you'll get to see each other everyday again."

Between Pan's annoyance causing her to forget to lock the door and Dash's lack of tact preventing her from knocking first she soon slammed the door open carrying several cases of Hetap preventing her from noticing everyone in the room as she said, "WE HIT THE JACKPOT! That place had these cans of Cell Lemon Lime and Satan Cherry left over from the Cell Games promotion," she then sat the cases down before grabbing one of the ones with a picture of a smiling Cell on it as she took a sip saying, "Oh yeah, that's the good shit right there." She then grabbed another can saying, "What are you girls waiting for drink up before it gets-" she stopped herself though as she saw who was currently hugging Fluttershy.

"Ra-Ra-Rarity? What are you doing here?" asked Dash as she stared at the second to last person she expected to see right now, but before anyone could answer they heard the sound of the toilet flushing and sink running before the last person Dash expected to see descended the stairs.

"Woahee, that's one fancy bathroom. Thank again Pan I-" began AJ before she stopped herself upon seeing the two new additions to the living room. For a brief moment she had a look of forlorn sadness that Pan was now very familiar with cross her face before it turned to hostility as she flatly said, "What's the slut doing here?"

"Slut!? You're one to talk little miss Sun Chaser!" responded Dash.

"What the hay is that supposed to mean!?" said AJ as she reached the bottom of the stairs and stood on the opposite side of the coffee table to Dash.

"OH! I think you know what the HELL, it means! If you're gonna argue with me, at least use grown up swear words."

"Please darling, it's not what you think," said Rarity as she approached AJ.

"She's right Dash, it's all a big misunderstanding," said Shy as she did the same for Dash.

"YOU INVITED HER HERE!?" said AJ and Dash in unison.

Upon seeing the anger be redirected towards Rarity and Shy and their fearful responses, Pan decided to enact her secret plan B as she said, "Now that's enough girls. We all know who here as a right to be pissed off and who deserves the hate."

Applejack and Rainbow Dash both looked back at each other nodding as each of them believed Pan was talking about themselves. She then continued saying, "In fact, why don't we stop beating around the bush and this person show the other why they're mad so we can get on with this."

"Sounds good to me," said AJ as she reached into her backpack.

"Me too," said Rd as she did the same thing.

The girls then had smug looks on their faces as they found what they were looking for as they both smiled and threw their pictures on the table saying, "BECAUSE I DIDN'T DO THIS!"

Those smug smiles soon faded as they were greeted by pictures that seemed to say they both had done it, and Sunset.

Pan simply looked at their shocked faces with her own smile as she reached into her own bag and pulled out her laptop saying, "Now that that's out of the way then, let's get down to what really happened."

She then opened and began running the pictures of AJ and Sunset through the built in scanner as everyone sat down beside her and Applejack said, "What exactly is going, and what are you doing?"

Pan's smile never wavered as she said, "My friend from back home Bulla may not be as big a genius her mom is, but she can do allot when she puts her mind to it, including creating an anti photo shop program when a couple of girls at our old school tried to edit her social media posts and humiliate her." As the scanning finished and she was greeted with a smiling picture of Bulla and a button that said 'let's see what REALLY happened', as Bulla was theatrical like that, Pan simply gestured towards the button, understanding how useful that caption was and wondering if Bulla could mod a picture of herself above the button in if she ever had to do this again, before clicking it.

They all then watched as one by one Sunset was eliminated from all the pictures and slight parts of AJ's expressions changed as it turned to pictures of her walking alone or, ironically, having ice cream with Dash until finally it got to the last picture which had the biggest changes. The bed and blanket where replaced with a sleeping bag and the ground underneath, AJ was now wearing a typical baggy sleep t shirt with a picture of a band she probably didn't even like that much on it and finally, and most shockingly, rather then being totally erased Sunset was replaced Rarity in the same position, granted also wearing a sleeping t shirt.

This caused the two girls to blush as Fluttershy quietly said, "That's the camping trip I was talking about."

Pan slightly chuckled as she said, "I thought you two didn't start dating tell after all this?"

"We weren't dating back then," said Rarity blushing.

"Yeah," agreed AJ also blushing, "We were just really close."

"How close?" said Dash giggling, as all the tension from before had melted away and she was suddenly back in her normal "teasing friends" mood. "Because it's not like we can see what's going in that sleeping bag?"

"Well we-." began AJ before Rarity placed her hand in front of her mouth

"RAINBOW DASH!" said Rarity as her blush reached a magnitude at the prospect of the sometimes too honest Applejack going into detail, regardless of what those details may or may not be.

Pan let out her own giggles at seeing this display before grabbing the other photos as she said, "Well Dash, if you're so keen on wondering what really happened then let's see what you're photos really are."

Once the pictures scanned they were once again greeted to the same basic affair as the pictures changed to either Rainbow alone or hanging out with a friend until, once again, the last picture changed vastly. The bed and blanket turned into a sleeping bag and the ground again, but that's where the similarities ended as Rainbow was now wearing blue one piece pajamas with cartoon smiling clouds on them and cuddling with... a teddy bear.

This resulted in a somehow bigger blush from Dash as the other girls chuckled and she nervously said, "Cle-clearly Sunset put some kind of double photo shop on here cause I would never hug a teddy bear or wear something that lame."

"Then what were you doing?" asked Rarity enjoying watching Dash squirm.

"WELL! Clearly I was with a guy or something cool like that," said RD with a nervous smile on her face.

"Um, we were all at that camping trip so I think we'd notice something like that," said Applejack flatly.

"Well, we didn't notice you two getting in the same sleeping bag," said Dash.

"Um, I did," quietly said Fluttershy.

Pan let a laugh at all this before looking at AJ and Dash as she said, "So I'm guessing by all this ribbing you two have made up."

They simply looked at each with warm smiles as AJ said, "Shoot of course I do."

Dash shrugged as she said, "Like I said, I was willing to forgive her if she just admitted it was a mistake, of course I'm going to forgive when she didn't actually do anything wrong." The two then joined into a warm long hug of two people who hadn't seen each other in so long.

After taking a moment to enjoy the moment Rarity commented saying, "I Just can't believe that Sunset would go this far to split us up! I mean spying on us, hacking emails, forgery, and border line blackmail!"

AJ simply moved over to Rarity bringing her into the hug as she said, "Well she only did that because she knows how tough we all are together."

Fluttershy simply nodded at that as she also joined into the hug, before they all turned to the still seated Pan and Rarity gestured for her to join.

"Wha- no this is you're whole making up moment," said Pan in response.

"And we wouldn't have made up without you," said Dash reaching out and pulling her into the hug.

Pan resisted somewhat at the sudden occurrence but soon joined in as she felt the warmth and loving care of all those around her. None of them knew how long this went on before Fluttershy commented, "It still feels like their's something missing."

Suddenly all of them except Pan pulled away as they gasped and said, "PINKIE PIE!"

"Now how are we gonna get her back," said AJ.

"Won't she just come back on her own when she see's us hanging out again?" said Dash

"Unfortunately no," said Rarity.

Fluttershy nodded as she said, "Me and Rarity tried that months ago by showing her moments when you two where in the same area and it kind of looked like you were hanging out.... from a distance."

"Hmmm, looks like we're going to something big like... A PARTY!" said Dash as she thought of the one thing that could always get Pinkie's attention.

"But when are we gonna throw it and how would we get her to come?" said Fluttershy.

"Hmmm," responded Pan before looking at the snacks she had in the kitchen, the mountain of Hetap Dash brought, and the expense card that Bulma gave her which would cover anything else they'd need easily as she said, "We could have it now," she then looked at her laptop and remembered some of the less legal software Bulla used to get back at those bullies as she said, "And as for how to get her to go... she wouldn't happen to be in any clubs would she?"

"Well yeah she's in Baking Club, albeit her skills dipped significantly when she we all broke up, why?" said Fluttershy.

Pan simply smiled as she said, "Sunset's not the only who could do a little hacking."

In front of Canterlot High one hour later.

As Pinkie, or Greyie as her siblings jokingly called her in a vain attempt to cheer her up, walked towards the front of the school she looked at her phone again as she dryly commented, "Kinda weird for the Baking Club to have an emergency meeting like this, but whatever... it's not like I have anything better to do."

As she entered the school though she was greeted by people she never thought she'd see together again, and a girl she recognized as Son Pan as despite ignoring her party instincts, she still had them and took note of every new student this year, yelling, "SURPRISE!"

She then noticed the balloons and snacks all around as well as the banner hung up saying "BFFF = BSFFAHANM."

Applejack then spoke up saying, "Pinkie Pie, welcome to the Best Freshman Friends Forever Are Now the Best Sophomore Friends Forever-"

"And Have A New Member!" added Dash as she gave Pan a friendly dig in the arm.

"PARTY!" they all chimed in.

For a moment Pinkie simply stood their stunned as she looked around the party supplies around her as, despite being a clear example of amateur hour, they were clearly sit up with care as a smile overtook her face and to Pan's shook, and everything else's joy, Pinie's hair poofed up as her both it and her skin turned totally pink and she said with a level of hyperspaces none of them had seen before, "OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO AMAZING! I NEVER THOUGHT I'D HANG OUT WITH ANY OF YOU AGAIN AND HERE YOU ARE THROWING ME A PARTY!" She then ran up and hugged them one by one before reaching Pan as she gave her the biggest and tightest hug saying, "And I know you are responsible for it all Son Pan, though I guess you prefer Pan and you can call Pinkie or Pinks or Pie or HECK after doing something so nice for me when I didn't even throw you a welcome party I don't care if you call me one of those weird things that Sunset calls me that I don't know what they mean like 'Hair Pie' or whatever else. You know it's weird whenever I try and ask a teacher about it they just blush and say I should ask my parents but then when I ask my parents they say a girl my age shouldn't use that language and I'm just like-."

Thankfully to the now somewhat uncomfortable crowd Pinkie became distracted as she said, "OH, real quick I just got to fix this crocked banner."

As she began ascending the ladder though she lost her footing and began falling and, on instinct Pan instantly leaped into the air caught her saying, "Whoa there, you OK?"

Pinkie weirdly just said, "Weee!" as she flapped her arms like a bird.

Pan looked down at her friends for clarification only to realize she was quite a bit down to see them as she turned her gaze further to see that she was still floating in the air with Pinkie.

She then lowered herself and sat Pinkie on the ground, as she just skipped over to the others, as she nervously chuckled and scratched her head saying, "Hehe, looks like there are still a few things I need to explain to you girls."

Meanwhile at a place not only beyond the reach of most mortals but beyond the reach of time itself a spiky haired man and what appeared to be a pink young girl sat at a table having tea.

The girl sensed something though as she simple sat her cup down and got up saying, "It's time."

The man choked on his cup for a second as he said, "WHAT! Are you sure?"

She then walked over to a tarp with several spherical objects underneath it as she said, "I've looked at every possibility, unless the Dragon Balls are returned are returned to Earth now, disaster beyond even you're ability to repair will occur."

The man ran up to her as he said, "I don't doubt you're judgement Supreme Kai of Time but..." before trailing off.

The Supreme Kai of Time simply looked at him and smiled saying, "I know you're worried Goku, but trust me. You're granddaughter is ready for what's about to come."

Author's Note:

And so the Mane 6 have reunited thanks to Pan, and she is about to share the secret of her powers with them just like Sunset wanted. What will happen next? What is the disaster the Supreme Kai of Time mentioned? How will the Dragon Balls affect this? Find out all this and more next time, whenever that maybe.

So hope you enjoyed this chapter of friendly goofing as it's time for training arc (as you just know a few members of the mane 5 would want to learn how to use ki) and for things to kick into full Dragon Ball mode for awhile

Anyway thanks for reading hoped you liked it, any constructive criticism is welcome (and necessary since my laptop is dieing so I won't be editing any time soon) and have a good day.