• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Son Pan recently transferred to Canterlot High and is working to make while dealing with mean Sunset Shimmer

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Friendships Past

As the final bell for the day rang Pan stood near the schools entrance watching for Fluttershy as she thought to herself, "Should I really be doing this? I mean, Fluttershy did seem kinda reluctant to tell me all this stuff and I wouldn't want to upset a new friend.... plus thinking back my justification of wanting to know everything about Sunset's potential threat doesn't really hold up because well... let's face it she's just a school bully. It's not like she's threatening to blow up the planet or anything. There's no harm in letting her roam free for a bit while I wait to find out the facts."

Just as Pan was grabbing her backpack and considering leaving Fluttershy seemed to simply appear next to her as Pan yelped in surprise and thought to herself, "I didn't even sense her energy."

"OH, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, usually I try and make at least some noise when I walk so I don't scare people, but not too much because that could scare them as well, but I was so nervous about Dash finding out about this and I guess I forgot," said Fluttershy as she became visibly sweaty and nervously clutching some kind of book.

"Um, about that Fluttersy.... you know you don't have to tell me anything you don't want too," said Pan.

Fluttershy had a brief moment of relief as she thought about turning back and dropping all this, but that look quickly disappeared as she said, "No... I know Dash is going to try and push you to fight Sunset before your ready, and if you really are gonna put an end to her rule of the school.... you at least need to understand why Dash takes it so personally."

Fluttershy then sat on the ground leaning against the wall and gestured for Pan to join her, once she did Fluttershy opened the book and showed a picture with the caption "BFFF: BEST FRESHMAN FRIENDS FOREVER".

Pan looked at the photo as she said, "Well I can tell that's you and Dash on the left... and I'm guessing the girl above you with the apple on her hat is who we're here to talk about."

Fluttershy simply looked at the picture with a forlorn smile on her face as she missed those times when they could all hang out together. She then shied and turned to Pan as she said, "Yes, that's Applejack and she was the first new friend Dash ever made here, but that all changed when-"

Suddenly a voice that neither of them expected to here, and Fluttershy currently dreaded hearing, interrupted saying, "When she betrayed me."

"OH, DASH!" said Fluttershy as her nervousness seemed to break way to actual fear. "I'm so sorry I was telling her about this, I just thought-"

At seeing her distress Pan jumped to defend her saying, "It's not her fault Dash, I'm the one who wanted to know and-"

Dash raised her hand to interrupt them both before saying, "Look I get it OK there's no need to apologize."

"Really," said Fluttershy with a relieved look.

"Yeah, I figured you two were going to talk about this after I cut you off earlier and... while I did come here at first to stop you, I overheard what you were saying and... you were right. If I'm gonna ask Pan to fight with me then I should at least let her know what I want her to fight for," said Rainbow Dash.

She then turned to Pan and said, "Like Shy said, Applejack was my first friend here. I don't know if you'd noticed since between the encounter with Sunset and seeing all the stuff you can do, I wasn't quite myself, but I'm usually pretty cocky and that can intimidate people. So for awhile it was just me and Shy, but then I met Applejack who was actually able to give me a challenge and put me in my place when I needed it." Dash had her own forlorn look as she said, "Before I knew it she had helped me make the other friends you see that in picture," that look then turned to one of anger as she clenched her fist and said, "But like everything else good around here, Sunset had to take it away."

"What happened?" asked Pan.

Dash reached her into bag as she said, "Well like I said, Applejack was able to match me physically so after seeing Sunset shove another poor smuck against a locker for the thousandth time we both decided we'd had enough and challenged her to a fight in front of the school that Saturday at noon, and for the first time EVER we saw her confident attitude melt away to fear for the briefest second. It didn't take her long to put her smug mask back on and accept our challenge but for the rest of the day we both cherished and laughed at that image and promised each other that we'd spend every waking hour training for this fight." Dash then paused for a moment before saying, "It didn't last though as when the day arrived I came to the school to find Sunset, JUST SUNSET, standing in front of the school smiling and when I asked where Applejack was she showed me these."

She then pulled out an envelope and handed it to Pan and when she opened it she was greeted to a series of pictures showing Applejack, appearing to be about the age she would be now, and Sunset laughing and hanging out together. As Pan flipped through these pictures Dash continued saying, "She told me that on the first day of Applejack's training she showed up to her house and somehow managed to win her over." Dash then exploded with rage as she said, "SHE SEDUCED ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS TO HER SIDE, LITERALLY!" and as if on que Pan reached the last picture which showed Applejack and Sunset sleeping in each others arms and while a blanket covered up most of them, enough was shown to suggest that neither of them was wearing anything underneath the blanket. She then blushed slightly as she put all the photos back in the envelope.

Dash didn't seem to notice though as tears began to form in her eyes and she said, "Ever since then whenever I see Applejack in the hall she just glares at me angrily, probably because of whatever lies Sunset drilled into her head, and as much as it hurts me to do it... I can't help but glare back."

Upon hearing this Pan became slightly confused as she asked, "Wait, you didn't actually talk to Applejack about this?"

"Why should I, she's already made it pretty clear this was more than just a moment of weakness when she didn't even bother to call and tell me before the fight or apologies to me after." She then clenched her fist in rage as she said, "While I was off training to kick Sunset's ass she was apparently admiring it over the course of a romantic week!" She then slammed her fist against the wall before saying, "AND THE WORST PART IS.... that I still want to forgive her. That even now if she came to me and said Sunset had tricked and that the pictures where blackmail or something.... I would forgive because deep down she's still one of my best friends."

At this point the anger seemed to completely disappear as the tears fell from Rainbow Dash's face and Fluttershy ran up and hugged her and began to whisper things like, "It's OK, just let it out," to calm her down.

Pan, not knowing what to say, decided to let her cry for a minutes as she thought, "OK, so Applejack and Dash challenged Sunset together and she, worried about them beating her, somehow managed to get Applejack to her side? It seems a little too convenient, but since there was a never a follow up with Applejack, and given what it looks like I can see why, I can't get another point of view on this yet." She then glanced back at the year book photo before saying, "I'm sorry that all this happened to you, and I'm grateful you shared it with me, but if you don't mind me asking what-"

Pan stoppled herself as while Dash had stopped crying she had a sad look on her face that made it clear that if she tried to say anything the tears would flow again. Pan became concerned as she said, "I'm sorry," and without even thinking walked up and joined Fluttershy in hugging her as she said, "We don't have to talk about it more if you don't want too."

Dash then pulled out of the hug saying, "No... no. We talked about most of it now anyway and I just know if I start talking about this stuff again I'll just break down again too," she then, despite her eyes being a little watery, had a cocky smile on her face as she said, "Don't want to let Sunset see anything she's done has actually gotten to me anyway."

Pan looked at her concerned for a bit before saying, "Well, if you're sure. All I wanted to ask was what happened to the other girls in the photo?"

Dash tried to answer, but the sadness retook her before Fluttershy stepped up saying, "Well Rarity, the girl with purple hair sitting next to me, was always close to Applejack so she stuck with her afterwards and as for Pinkie Pie..." she then trailed off as her own face became filled with sadness.

Dash then spoke up saying, "Let's just say that after her parties and other plans to get us all back together failed... she became a little less pink." She then glanced over towards the bus stop where a girl with straight grey hair, grey skin and clothes, and just the barest hint of pink on all of it was standing. As she boarded the bus she someone seemed to radiate sadness as the grass she walked by withered away and died instantly.

The girls turned back towards each other and rejoined the group hug. After some time had passed though Dash pulled away again as she, "Well um... I guess I better get home now." She wiped her face revealing that her eyes where now puffy from this prolonged crying session. Before anyone could call attention to this though she simply said, "See you later," and ran faster than either of them had ever seen her go.

As they stood there Pan simple remarked, "Poor Dash."

Fluttershy nodded as she said, "She tries to put on a brave face but deep down I think she might be even more sensitive then me." She then turned to Pan before saying, "I'm sorry you've been thrown into the middle of all this."

Pan gave a reassuring smile as she said, "It's fine, believe it or not I've seen way worse conflicts then this." She then added in her head, "Though not exactly ones of this nature."

Fluttershy then had a brief hopeful look cross her face before a hesitant look came to it as she said, "Well if that's the case then um..."

Already having a good idea of where she was going with this, but not wanting to assume, Pan said, "Go on."

".... Well um, I mean you're probably already planning to find out Applejack's side of story anyway so..." said Fluttershy as she once again trailed off.

Now sure what she means Pan simply hugged her saying, "Don't worry, I'll do everything I can to get your other friends back."

Fluttershy returned the hug before pulling away and saying, "Thank you, and don't just call them my friends because I'm sure as soon as they find out what your doing they'll be your friend too."

Pan smiled back saying, "If they're anything like two, then I'm think I'm a very lucky girl."

Fluttershy smiled before saying, "You can keep the yearbook by they way... if it will help."

Pan nodded and Fluttershy waved before leaving. Pan then sat against the wall once again as she looked at the picture saying to herself, "OK so the obvious course of action would be to track Applejack down... but on the off chance that she really DID fall for Sunset and betray Rainbow Dash I shouldn't confront her directly.... in which case my best bet would to find Rarity." As Pan stood up and put the book in her bad she commented, "Now then.... just gotta figure out how to do that without raising any suppositions as if this all some elabrate cover up by Sunset the last thing I need is her fidning out I'm aware of it."

Unbeknownst to Pan though, it was already too late for that as a stolen Capsule Corp drone, with a flaming sun spray painted over the Capsule Corp logo, flew overhead.

Back at her place Sunset watched Pan walk away as she smiled and said, "Oh sweet little Pan, go ahead and make friends. Make the closest and bestest friends you've ever had, the kind of friends you can tell all your secrets too.... including the secret of your power, and if I happen to overhear it it'd be your own fault." Sunset then let out a little chuckle as she said, "How ironic that Pan's plan to over through my hold on the school, will be the very thing to give me a foothold on this whole pathetic world,"

Author's Note:

And so Pan is going to try and reassemble the Humane 5 just like Twilight did... but it looks like that might not work out as well for her. Will Pan be able to find Rarity? Did Applejack really betray Rainbow Dash? Find out all this and more next chapter, whenever that may be.

The art work used in this chapter can be found below (I know I just usually name the artist but this particular artist that requests that I link them directly and given how amazing the work is I have no problem meeting such a reasonable demand)

As always hoped you liked it, any constructive criticism is welcome, and have a good day.