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You know when your dog has a nightmare? That's who I pray to.

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Going from what was said in the description I need to know where you are to hit you and where do you want hit?

Beat me daddy <3

But for real, it's an English expression. I know you were joking, but I'm going to inform you of that anyway.

Мне очень жаль, потому что вы видите, английский - мой первый язык, и он все еще такой сложный.

Hot stuff! *eagerly await more*

Hum, the writing still need work, but you are off on a very good start, I love sex parasites manipulating the hosts impulses, not our right mind control, and urges them t do unusual stuff for no apparent reasons. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Unfortunately I have to strike a balance between quality and quantity because I write for a living, and I need to make enough to eat. If I put the price up, I would not get enough customers, and if I put the quality up anyway, I would not do enough to eat.

Butterfly's eyes flew wide and she moved over to the downed rabbit with a cry of shock. She picked the poor creature up in her hooves and rushed through into the living room, placing the poor bunny down on the table.

Fluttershy, not Butterfly! :rainbowlaugh:

Nope, it was most certainly butterfly. A giant butterfly pony that cares immensely for animals and appeared only for this scene and is never seen or mentioned again.

This is off to a good start. I'm always wanting to see more parasite mind control so this scratches a very specific niche of mine. Looking forward to more chapters.

More chapters soon hopefully! Just been going slow because of issues.

This took a kind of surprising direction. So Fluttershy wasn't the first converted at all?

Not at all. She was one of many.

It would be interesting if there are two kinds of parasite infecting the ponies. We might see how they fight to dominate the feed ground.

Comment posted by unfortunately yiff deleted Feb 27th, 2019

Does this parasite heat resistant? Because my understanding is that mud bath, like any other baths in spa, is pretty warm and maybe too warm for such parasite.

Glad to see this updated, it's been great so far. Looking forward to seeing Aloe's induction into the Hive.

Nice to see an update on this story again, keep it tooling.

Flutterfly's eyes flew wide and she moved over to the downed rabbit with a cry of shock. She picked the poor creature up in her hooves and rushed through into the living room, placing the poor bunny down on the table.





Wait WHAT!?!?!

That was totally intentional. For that one paragraph she turned into a giant fly and then turned back right after.

Your reply was better than I could have ever hoped for.

XD I'm dying!

Cheers. I really need to finish up these projects XD.

w ssage oils

Not sure what happened here, but I think you meant massage oils. I've had those moments, too.

You also described a grin as profane join, rather than joy, about six paragraphs from the bottom. Rape's usually not my thing, but this chapter wasn't bad. I woke up early this morning so I'm a little too tired to say much else at the moment.

nice to see an update again, looking forward to see what happens next.

Would parasite also capable of infect the changelings? I wonder who would won.

The parasites cinematic universe where I have the two duke it out? That sounds really funny.

this was a fun read, I wonder who was that guard pony protesting Twilight, Flash sentry maybe? I wonder what they did to him in the process?

Wait. So Applejack and Apple Bloom aren't infected? What happened to Sweetie Belle?

I left Applebloom out because I don't enjoy writing horrible things happening to foals. I'd only do it if it was absolutely needed for a commission or something.

Oh this was a lot of fun to read. At this point their are going to start spreading very quickly if they can now infiltrate the crown and the military. Now I wonder if they with start doing this at a larger scale operation now how will they they excuse doing that with the crown and the population?

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