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You know when your dog has a nightmare? That's who I pray to.

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Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. And if anyone here has downvoted, please tell me why. I'm unable to tell if it's because of the dark nature of the story, personal vendetta against me, or simply because I made mistakes in quality of writing.

Probably just because of the dark premise. Just ignore them.

Man I can't wait for Chapter 2

figured as much. Most of my stories get massive downvotes because of their dark nature. I don't disable voting because this greatly amuses me, but I really don't see this as very dark compared to them, so I was confused XD.

Chapter 2 is in the next few days. I am going to try and bundle it with Chapter 3 so that people who dislike castration also have something to enjoy, so it might be delayed.

Well, this is off on a good start, can't wait to see the next chapter.

Anything on this still?

I'm waiting for an update from the customer to say the work is OK. They have not replied so I guess this is my story now. I'll have an update for you all tomorrow!

Any plans to update? The first chapter is a huge tease.

I wanted to get the darker alt version out at the same time as the lighter version, but some stuff came up. I'm putting out the light version first, and then there will be a dark version in the next few days, likely after Monday. You can read either and they should not have too much effect on the story, no matter which one you pick

Interesting update, didn't expect the mental shifting to come so quickly, still it was fun, I wonder what will happen next to pore Shining? Keep it up can't wait to see his balls cut off.

The second chapter is anthro? I don't remember anything in the first chapter suggesting it, quite the opposite

Cadance finally stopped laughing, wiping a tear away with a hoof that was not wearing the gold horse shoes common for equestrian loyalty.

. Got quite confused by this, personally i'd prefer it wasn't anthro but you are doing the writing so whatever rocks your boat.

Yeah, that was a slight oversight.

I normally like feral over anthro, but I want to do some darker things with this, and being able to use hands and stuff makes that easier. Sorry it's not to your tastes, and I'll have a look over it shortly.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

I am encountering serious creative issues with this story, so I honestly do not know, but I will try my best to have an update soon. I am sorry for the string of delays.

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