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Today at the beach was a long day because Tank manage to lead the baby turtles into the ocean unharmed. After that heartwarming moment, Rainbow Dash decided to buy another pet just for Tank, but a female tortoise.

Thanks to wingdingling for editing this fanfic.

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Comments ( 7 )

The center alignment is painful.

What do you think about the rest of the story?:unsuresweetie:

I couldn't get past the first few paragraphs because the formatting is that terrible.

A short and simple story but overall nice. I felt like some description or elaboration could have been implemented more throughout the story though. The youthful upbeat feel was kept nicely and you got a couple chuckles out of me. I like how you extended the window shopping instead of making it a one stop shop giving a point of realism. In the end it has all the main points a story should have and kept my attention.

But don’t forget about my editor, Wingdingaling. He’s a great editor and he made the story perfect. And the snake at the end was his idea.

Awww this was a sweet little fic i give it five flutter yays

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