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It's Pride in Whinnyapolis, and everyone's coming out for the big parade!


This is a fun little one-shot starring OCs from folks on Twitter. Thanks to everyone that contributed their characters, and Happy Pride!

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Wow, thanks Viv for using Heat Wave.

I loved it dude

The yellow stallion smiled back. "I'm everyone's dad. Name's Heat Wave." He looked over to Knight Shade. "It'll be alright, buddy. Remember why we're here?"

Dude that is just how I imagination Heat Wave would be like.

I love it! Glad I could be a (small) part of it. :twilightsheepish:

Wonderfully done!

I particularly enjoyed how you wrote Haywick; that is what she'd do, no doubt about it.

Also, I promoted this story in a blog post. Hope that's all right. :twilightsmile:

Iā€™m actually gonna have to read this a second time now that I know who all is in it!

Fantastic job as always, Vivid!

I absolutely loved it! Thanks for using Shadow Dancer to create mischief, its exactly what she'd be doing. Great job. Now i just wanna go and hold lil' Rainbow Star! This couldnt have been more perfect. Thank you. :rainbowkiss:

Mentioned this elsewhere, but that really put a smile on my face. Thanks so much for letting my OC (Proton) be a part of it! Read this in the garden on a lovely summer's day and it was perfect for that. :yay:

YO, I was at pride this year... did you see me this year in Minneapolis? Camo jacket, Robin Hood hat and a red flag waving...

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