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Emerald Omen

I like writing, plain and simple. I've been doing it for at least ten years, and I love sharing my work with others. Mostly clopfics here, but some other stuff too.


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No time wasted, I see

Thank you for this man I loved this story just like the last one!!

nice so whens the wedding?

A sequel already? The prequel hasn't even gotten off the featured board yet!

Nice. This was very good

Eh, I had a few people who wanted a sequel, and I had free time. I also wanted to write this one while the last one was still fresh in my head. Keep me in the same mood.

Who knows? I may or may not write a third sequel. We'll see how this one does.

well I wouldn't mind the foal being named chololate milk

Seriously! why am I still getting con into this!? I don't believe it needs a sequel but an epilogue with bonus sex scene with a second kid on the way


(Also, image source? Thanks!)

I can't post the image source here because it is NSFW, but it is on derpibooru. Suggest searching "Spoiled Rich, anthro"

Are you making a sequel to this or no

I am leaning towards probably not, but there's always a chance.

i would like to point out that this story and its prequal are both featured at the same time

Nice! Wouldn't be surprised if they get another foal. Thought, explaining it to Diamond TIara could be tricky.

Really brilliant and awesome sequel.:pinkiehappy: Any chance of seeing another one in the future? Maybe one where Diamond meet's and really get's to know her possible step daddy.

I know. I don't mean to be a feature slot hog!

just shows how good your work is

How does she give a small hug if the door was locked?

Porn stories make NO sense to me.

if the woman/mare is already pregnant, and the guy cums inside if they have pregnant sex, she wont get pregnant again

They're both standing outside the house, she hugs him, then he unlocks the door?

That was fast. Liked this one too; almost makes me want to do a self insert story.

With this one and the one before it, I can see this being a series of multiple one shots about what happens. I 'd love to see what the baby and toddler years would look like.

Write what comes to you and have fun with it, writing something you're pushed into might have it come off not as good as the first.

Just let the flow take you and have fun.:twilightsmile:

Now he just needs to open up as a business, with her as an investor, possibly even the spokesperson, and see how far we can roll the stone.

I think they got two more characters that don't get any stories written about them mrs. Shy and Pinkie Pie's mom.

You got a source on that cover image?

Interesting, but why did Spoiled wait so long? I imagine that the moment she was free of her husband and in the mood, she would have made it over there for a little fun.

Here's a crazy idea, what if this is an alternate universe where diamond tiara is the main character daughter, and spoiler Rich learns to have a humble existence.:pinkiegasp:

Make it a trilogy?

Oh my mistake. I thought he was inside his house on the other side of the door. I'm sorry, Emerald. That was stupid of me.

Well keep in mind, I pointed out she lives across town, she probably has other affairs, and... I don't know, I just wanted the story to have her at a nice size.

Don't worry about it mate. We all do stupid things! :D

Its good, but seems rushed. You need an editor or someone to go over and check a few misplaced words.

After that, it's pretty decent. 7.5/10 Keep up the great work!

Suddenly, Diamond Tiara’s existence is starting to make sense.

wait just a minute..... is this porn :trollestia:!?

no, he actually can't there are rules that prevent him from doing that

Sadly, even Tineye can't find it. :(

That was a amazing sequel I hope there will be more of this.

This sequel was hot asf! I hope to see more , maybe even see the foal xD

...aaaand now I'm into preggo sex.

You talented bastard.

Ha ha, thank you! Welcome to the pregnancy club!

This just might be the only Anthro story I've ever found sexy in any way, shape, or form. =)

Damn this was a great story, I hope you make a sequel to this sequel, maybe somewhere down the line we see how these two are doing once Spoiled gives birth, heck maybe she should just move in with him so she can get full time access to his cock then.

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