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Emerald Omen

I like writing, plain and simple. I've been doing it for at least ten years, and I love sharing my work with others. Mostly clopfics here, but some other stuff too.

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I wanna see the wedding of these two. If that's alright of course

And yet another entry of this series arrives! I wonder how long it will take to get featured.

Yeah a wedding part Sound kind of awesome also you have not lost your touch

This was a wonderful way to end this trilogy. Excellent work.

I might make a short wedding story of it. Who knows?

Glad to hear it! Thank you!

I don't know if its quite good enough to get featured, but we'll see!

You did amazing as usually my friend I loved every second of it. I know it's asking much but maybe do one final one with a wedding and spoiled is like 9 months pregnant and after the ceremony, they fuck like rabbits.

I've been asked for a wedding sequel. I will probably do it. That would be a good ending, them living happily ever after.

Another awesome Spoiled Rich story, really have quite enjoyed this series from start to finish.:pinkiehappy: Though any chance of maybe another sequel, perhaps one where he meets and fucks his new step daughter Diamond Tiara, with her being a teenager of course.

You have not lost your touch. It was amazing! I still want Diamond Tiara to live with Anon and Spoiled and way from Filthy. Also. Saw your fic on the front page.

There has been want of a sequel with them getting married. I might do that, and I could involve Diamond Tiara in it.

There has been want of a sequel with Spoiled and Anon getting married. I might involve Diamond Tiara with it. I didn't see it on the front page, but I'll check again!

That sounds like a AWESOME idea to me.:pinkiehappy:

It's still there for me. Also Yay for sequel.

Little did Anon know, Spoiled had been taking fertility drugs for some time. That family of four is about to become a family of ten.

They both still want more afterwards

Update: Featured mere hours after posting. Ya'll love some Spoiled MILF don't ya?

Yes. Yes we do.

I loved this story as much as i loved the end of it.

Well, as long as you liked the end of it, that's good!


You know you want to do it.

Everyone wants a wedding sequel but here I am wondering if this is set in the future... and if it is, how old is diamond tiara?

"lost your touch?" Hell no! This was a masterpiece! You did an excellent job!

I'd say set in the future enough that Diamond Tiara is of legal age.

Thanks! I just wasn't sure, it had been so long since I wrote something like this. The creator is their own worst critic!

well, I suggest you use that in the next fic.

Believe me, even I'm not sure about some of the stories I post of my end. I get so nervous thinking people might hate it or maybe I made way too many mistakes or if it's just plain awful

I always post it, I mean, the worst that can happen is some don't like it. You can't please everyone.

And thus the concept of a second trilogy was born

I will be quite interested in a non-erotic, vanilla story between the two. Despite their relationships is based and surrounded around sex.

This really was a perfect trilogy!

Thanks! I might make one last one, where they get married, and raise their two children!

All you need to do is sneak in some incest then BAM! you've hit all my degenerate fetishes.

Quick question what about diamond tiara isn’t she her first daughter

Diamond Tiara is the original daughter of Spoiled Rich. The pink filly with the Tiara on her head.

I know who she is but where is she did the dad take her away from her

I like to think so. She wasn't a very good mom in the show, so Filthy Rich probably took Diamond Tiara knowing he was a better parent. But I think Spoiled Rich will be a better mother with Anon by her side.

Hey maybe in the next story if you’re ever gonna do one maybe have spoiled rich make up to her daughter and actually make diamond tiara care about her mother again

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