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I like writing, plain and simple. I've been doing it for at least ten years, and I love sharing my work with others. Mostly clopfics here, but some other stuff too.

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Good LORD!!!! This was perfect!!

Could you do one with SPike and Chrysalis?

Thanks! Spike and Chrysalis... hmm. It might take me a bit to think up a story involving them. I am going to take a break for a while, mainly so I can try to finish a longer story I've been working on in the background. I'll have to think about that for a while.

If this end with Minuete arriving and offering a herd idea, that will be rush but at the same time funny, curious how he always want a girlfriend but apparently mares are really that affectionate with friends, or maybe Minuete is just a bit of a slut

Je well that was an ending, kind of make me wonder if this was in the menu those she does that with all the other clients or Pinkie just knew she was lonely? Anyway good chapter and hey you leave it open for bonus chapter later on, otherwise why the whole thing with Minute before this?

> adeu
Adieu :raritywink:

Also is there a water fountain in Canterlot? Because Minuette is so thirsty! :trollestia:

Originally i just put Minuette in as a comedy role, but who knows, I might make a spin off her part in a separate story.

I don't know, Minuettes always been unpredictable.

I see, oh well it leaves things perfect for bonus chapters right?

Wouldn’t mind seeing this story expanded upon, don’t see much done with saffron....except when she appeared in an episode and the time around that episode airing. Eventually, why not try writing a romcom with these two as the leads?

Never heard of belly sex before but I gotta say it worked well in this story

While it's nice to see a new character, the whole belly sex part completealy killed the mood for me, it just doesnt feel right. And yes, i did read the warnings but i was still curious and i have to say everything was really well made up until the last part.

“Honestly Pinkie, I could really care less.

Could, or couldn't?

AHA! I typo! Thanks for spotting that! I've fixed it. "Couldn't" care less.

3 out of 10 from me. Anon got up in the morning and didn't care for his hygiene? Come on.:facehoof:

He could care less but knowing pinkie she'd up her efforts.

you know I actually have a little fetish for inflation

This is pretty weird, bro.
Ah, what the hell. I'll say it anyway.
Sexual Tyranosaurus

Is there ever going to be a story with Minuette?

Maybe. I don't write much MLP stuff anymore, but you never know!

I just know she went horny in here, so I wanna hear more about that.

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