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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


This story is a sequel to Pony POV Series Season Six: Dark World/Shining Armor


A look into the parallel events of The Mean Six, in the Dark World timeline...

The Mean Six, creations of Chrysalis: their fate across the timelines is always the same, they are born, are inversions of Twilight and her teammates, and in less than day they die, and their lives are of no consequence of the greater scheme of things, like they might as well having never lived at all...

First chapter written by me.
Second chapter written by Kendell2.

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"Creator Twili'zorah. Does this unit have a soul?"

Fits the theme for Dark World for sure. But I've grown up with the franchise that made grim dark what it is, so I'm sorta disconnected on it here. Faved anyway.

...this really hurt, and brought back a lot of grim memories of the first time I read the Dark World....pretty tragic.:ajsleepy:

:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: I’m happy now. Authors like you and your colleagues always bring optimism to my life. 👍 I liked this...a lot.

It does seem to have run its course hasn't it? It seems outdated.


I was ticked off when I saw this episode. And I thought how it might play out in dark world.

You yet again endeared to me ephemeral characters. If you have the intention to have an other iteration to ever show up

Here are some Ideas

The straw mares (the elements of fair weather friendship)
Wood tongue Jack (not lies told... and some truths said)
Flip-flop shy (I'm kind... to those that manage to get close to me)
Fickle Pie (fun is in novelty... After a while everything gets boring)
Twilight Waffle (friends are a hassle one must bare to have support)
Wobbly Dash (I am always loyal to my dreams... but those change all the time)
Rar-iffy (I give you everything I have... That I don't want or need)

The hollows (having none for themselves)
A pear jack (lying to herself while being true to others)
Flaky shy (harsh to herself kind to others)
Charity (gave up on materialism but always give of herself)
That purple mare with the books (friendly neighbor that don't bother with names)
Rainbow Squash (gave up on her life but always stand up for her friends)
Plonk Pie (organise parties she won't partake in)


You yet again endeared to me ephemeral characters.


This story brought tears to my eyes.

I felt they deserved a more meaningful death... Given they were created to be just slaves.

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