• Published 11th Jun 2018
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Pony POV Series Dark World "The Mean Six" - Alex Warlorn

The events of The Mean Six in the Dark World timeline of the pony pov series

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The Nice Six Light World

Twilight floated alone in Oblivion. This was where she ended up, her and her sisters. Nothingness...maybe Tragedy was right...maybe they were just soulless imitations...

That was, until a bright light appeared above her...

"Who are you?" she asked.

"...Someone who owes you something," Amicitia replied. "...You could have won...if Eclipse hadn't dedicated herself to only allowing the 'true' Twilight to win..."

"...You're that voice, aren't you?"

"Yes and no...I absorbed that voice, condemning her to a fate she had done to so many other versions of me...but in doing so, she became part of me...and her mistakes are mine to atone for..." Amicitia explained.

The shadow before her let out an empty, bitter laugh. "Good...But how exactly do you plan to fix THAT mistake? Allowing me and my sisters to be murdered?"

"I can't give every shadow here a new existence...I would if I could...but you're special...a vessel made in my image and with memory of me..." said Amicitia. "...I will be going soon...to leave my duty to another...but they will need help...an angel...You fought to your dying breath hoping to give a happy ending, despite knowing you weren't the 'original' Twilight Sparkle...there are many others like you across so many stories...creatures made, not born...who want their happy ending...A piece of my essence should be a good substitute for the light you lost. Not perfect...not enough to undo that mistake...but enough to become whole again..."

The Shadow gave a small look. " And my sisters?"

"Your will is strong if you hung on to enough of yourself to think of them...I have others that will gladly take them to aid stories like theirs..."

Twilight looked around, seeing a pair of strangely realistic looking Alicorns resembling Rarity and Applejack, the former looking oddly beautiful while the latter simply looked odd. They were speaking to the shadows of her sisters. She saw an Alicorn Fluttershy who looked like a teacher, a 'dark and edgy' Alicorn of Rainbow Dash and a 'light and soft' Pinkie Pie, all talking to their copies among her sisters.

"Their Twilight wanted you, but it felt more a fit for me...So, do we have a deal?"

"What will I be doing?"

"Giving those like you, clones, robots, golems, you name it, those who were born not of a mother's womb but of something else, their happy ending you were denied."

"...I accept."

Amicitia held out a sword with her Cutie Mark on the hilt. "...Then hold still..." she said, stabbing herself with a cringe, the blood flowing into Twilight's shadow, returning color and life to her form, two wings erupting on her back. Not Alicorn wings, ones made of paper, like those in a book...or a friendship lesson. A halo of lavender light appeared above her head. "...Now go, my angel. Give happy endings to those like you...but remember this rule above all else: never brute force it. Never use the hammer or the lash. Their reality will not accept. Be the good angel on their shoulder, the guiding whisper in their ear...And I'm sincerely sorry for all of this..."

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"Creator Twili'zorah. Does this unit have a soul?"

:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: I’m happy now. Authors like you and your colleagues always bring optimism to my life. πŸ‘ I liked this...a lot.

You yet again endeared to me ephemeral characters. If you have the intention to have an other iteration to ever show up

Here are some Ideas

The straw mares (the elements of fair weather friendship)
Wood tongue Jack (not lies told... and some truths said)
Flip-flop shy (I'm kind... to those that manage to get close to me)
Fickle Pie (fun is in novelty... After a while everything gets boring)
Twilight Waffle (friends are a hassle one must bare to have support)
Wobbly Dash (I am always loyal to my dreams... but those change all the time)
Rar-iffy (I give you everything I have... That I don't want or need)

The hollows (having none for themselves)
A pear jack (lying to herself while being true to others)
Flaky shy (harsh to herself kind to others)
Charity (gave up on materialism but always give of herself)
That purple mare with the books (friendly neighbor that don't bother with names)
Rainbow Squash (gave up on her life but always stand up for her friends)
Plonk Pie (organise parties she won't partake in)


You yet again endeared to me ephemeral characters.


This story brought tears to my eyes.

I felt they deserved a more meaningful death... Given they were created to be just slaves.

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