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It seemed sexy at the time. Kofi Commissions are open.

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Well I'm intrigued where this is going, especially with the dragons and gryphons.

The non-sexual parts are great, some good jokes in the dialogue and the narration feels smooth. The sexual parts are ok, but could use a bit more polish. A bit more detail such as how do the genialia look (size? mottled? curved?) and other senses (smell? touch? taste? more than just 'you taste good', was it sweet? salty? slimy?)

Looking forward to seeing you continue this.

This is a literary train wreck that I cant stop reading. and no not in the bad sense. The images alone keep me intrigued.

This works quite excellently as comedy. The sex part, I think it was good, but I didn't even start to feel aroused during the entirety of it, so I can't say.

I hope there is a sequel, this was good :D.

Luna's dripping slit that was fantastic. Sequel? I want to hear more about the sexual escapades of our new Royal Cumdumpster. And her usual escapades too if you feel inspired.

I'm guessing you don't like dick, then. There's a reason this is told from Sweet Glaze's pov.

Oh fuck yes. I thought it was great because I got off a few times but like... the detail would make it so much better. Now I feel cheated.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep that in mind for the next chapters. As for this one, I don't usually edit things, but since it looks like this story is going to have some actually plot for once, I'll have to think about it.

There's also some parts in which she gets off a few mares as well, and I didn't get aroused during those. Along with that, I've read other clop stories in which it's from the perspective of one being fucked, and I've read multiple gay ones and looked at gay porn, and those do indeed induce arousal. I do indeed like dick. But given that this didn't elicit arousal from me at the time, I come to one of two conclusions: either something was poorly written, or I wasn't in the mood at the time. I somewhat think the latter may have been the case, as at the time that I had read this, I has just woken up from a nap, and when I wake up from those, I generally feel extremely tired and sore. No idea why I feel more tired after those, but that may have something to do with it.

You feel tired after naps during the day? Maybe your brain is confused due to the light?

"Oh Celestia, fuck yes!

That's the spirit!

She's an entertaining little slut, and I mean that in the most positive way.

Poor bedding, temperature, bright lights, (even small LED ones that you might see on certain electronics), poor sleeping posture... Even lack of hydration, lack of decent quality or amounts of food can affect sleep.

My advice is to adjust your pillows to support both your head and upper neck. Some thin pillows or soft blankets might be good for supporting legs and back. Alternatively, a really plush sleeping surface that distributes your body weight as evenly as possible would likely do wonders if you only find certain areas are really sore. You can use small, folded blankets or sheets to make some areas more firm where you need it. More layers of thin cloth between you and the squishy part of your sleeping surface means more firmness.

Cover up or turn away anything that looks bright in the dark or adjust brightness settings if available until they are dim in a dark room.

Drink something with a high water content but nothing caffeinated or sugarloaded with a small, somewhat dense snack (foods like small microwave pastas, sandwiches, or other foods that are quick and have small portions with roughly a 2 to 1 ratio of plants and animals (or protien plants if you prefer). Hell, a snack tray of meat, cheese crackers, fruit and/or veggie cuts would work perfectly here

Most of this relies less on you prepping it all before you have a nap and more on just making sure that stuff is readily available ahead of time in case you want one later, so you can just grab the stuff and be wrapped up, comfy, and digesting stuff that will reward you with energy when you wake. Future you will thank you and promptly go on to fulfill all your hopes and dreams, or at least have a markedly better day than usual.

This was absolutely one of the hottest clop fics I've read so far. I can't wait to read the next chapters as they cum up. Will she get any personal times with the princesses?

Will this story have any m/f sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

When I saw the thumbnail i was like “Ooo! Casting Couch. Count me in.” As of this comment, haven’t read anything yet, not even the description, but I’m 98.72354% sure that’s a casting couch.

Congratulations! you guessed it. I googled casting couch to get the cover. Your prize is 15ml of premium horse semen. Call for details.

Can do good sir. Lol

I have an idea for the next chapter, do a 50 stallion Creampie gangbang while she wearing a wedding dress.

What kind of parent would be cruel enough to name their child "Wide Legs"?

"This, mares, is the Fuckulator 9001. The most advanced and intense sexual experience ever created," Sexy said. Sweet looked at it in awe, Pencil in fear, both in horniness.

the Fuckulator 9001



That ending was really sweet :twilightsmile:

The same kind of parent that would name their filly 'Deepthroat Cockslut'.

"You do remember how we met?" Sweet said. "You know, where I was applying for a position where I'd fuck dozens of ponies every day? And—

I think you missed a line of dialogue after this one. I got a bit confused as to who was speaking. Other than that, unf.

"Don't be," Wide said, returning the hug. "Especially since you've done the really hard part—you got completely fucked out, and now you're back for more." She let go of her. "Now, while I'm all for us making love here, but we've got a long day ahead of us.

remove the but
should be ended with quotation marks.

And what's wrong with the name Wide Legs?

Thanks for the link.

Fixed, and fixed.

Psst! 800 calories isn't actually that much. The average human adult burns over 1000 calories in a single day.

Celestia's milky teats!

Eh, I prefer Luna's.

I do like that Sweet can not just do it on natural talent. Wide's experience is very valuable.
However 800 calories in a gallon of cum is practically nothing. That's about half as many calories as in a gallon of milk. Sperm cells have a very high amount of energy in them to allow them to get from the penis to the egg so sperm is high in calories. I think something like 6000 calories per gallon sounds more like it.
Also I would have liked a little more instructing from Wide on things like poses and maybe a test on the different cocks.

More than that. The minimum number of calories to survive is 1500 per day. That's the minimum and when you are doing a lot of physical activity it will get much higher.

Wide legs could have comforted her a little though. Reminding her that she has decades of experience so Sweet shouldn't feel bad if she is not as good yet.

I looked it up1; 1 gallon of semen is going to be between about 3 800 and 5 400 Calories2, presumably depending on the diets of the providers.

1 Got the numbers from GoAskAlice (pretty sure that link's OK- it's a NSFW page, but it's more SFW than this one [no NSFW images or anything])
2 Which, due to a stupid, stupid naming convention, is equal to 3 800 000 to 5 400 000 calories. Yes, capital 'C'alories is 1000 times lower case 'c'alories

If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. Usually because no one is hiring :derpytongue2:

Butt seriously, this is a really sweet story. Nicely done :heart:

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