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It seemed sexy at the time. Kofi Commissions are open.


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It was uh. Something?

9/10 hopefully I’ll never read it again

Casual public sex is such an underused thing.

I wouldn't mind being sat at that table next to Applejack, I'd have her pants slipped down her thighs and have her half sat on my lap as I pound her pussy.


"Whelp, gotta go. You better return the favor sometime, aight?"

I wanna see this

Tell me about it!

Ok. I'll make sure to write more like it so you can not read those too.

Neither would I, neither would I.

...more please?

Too much use of the word “says”, but other than that a solid clop fic.


Multi-Sequels I would say, one for each other member of the Mane 7.

Okay, we need some more of this.

You should write a sequel where he pays RD back :rainbowkiss:

Would've like it better as a romance fic but uh i'll take it

Who knew Canterlot High's Casual Sex Club had so many members?

need to be more like this. casual public sex, and casual public nudity, is way underused.

Well...this is some school in some town, alright.

....*Slow clap turns into Standing ovation*

Too Hot. Hot Damn. Most Excellent.

Holly shit. That's, uh. That's pretty awesome.

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