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Starlight got what she asked for.

It all worked out in the end. Starlight gets all the eqaulity and everyone else gets a piece of the Princesses.

But where's Spike and shouldn't Twilight have put up a bit of a fight so not to turn out like how Celestia and Luna are now?

Spike’s over in the National First of the Month Daycare because he’s not old enough for the good times.

And yeah, Twilight was bound to kick and struggle and fight but ultimately she’d lose. See, if I was gonna explain that I’d do another story. There’d be a whole thing about Twilight arriving earlier, maybe a few days at most. Where she encounters everyone preparing for the holiday. There’s be this whole thing with the Princesses goading her around to their side. Before ultimately sending her off to be conditioned and transformed for the actual event a few days later. Which would be when Starlight shows up.

In a way I was hoping that the world itself would adapt twilight into what an Alicorn was in that world and would be lost in her lust rather than conditioning via mind fuckery.

Oh well I supposed I hoped for too much.


Okay, but why wouldn't she just use the time spell to get out of there, after all she just had to jump onto the cutie map and cast the spell, also what about Cadance and Shining, are they still up in the Crystal Empire?

Do you want my opinion? The way I see it, and feel free to not agree, is that upon entering the new present, Twilight and Starlight arrive days apart. Twilight in all her frustration at losing Starlight, goes to find her. Classic ‘no pony left behind’ deal. There she encounters the Princesses and offers up an explanation of what’s going on. The Princesses, seeing that Twilight is an Alicorn and not like them, listen to her story. The very idea that this Starlight could change time and therefore erase their entire existence, doesn’t sit with them.

So, one handles turning Twilight into an Alicorn of their stature, while the other (personally I say Celestia), casts a simple spell to bring her to their side. Then, a few days later, Starlight shows up and by complete happenstance, wanders right into Luna and Celestia’s lap. And you know how the rest goes.

However, if I had planned to go and make a second chapter. Then I probably would have thrown in some bit about Twilight breaking control, only for her transformed body to implore that she keep on fucking. Still, plans change, bits get cut. We deal with what’s dealt. Happy?

Because Twilight ultimately wants to bring Starlight to justice. And if she doesn’t find her, then who’s stopping Starlight from changing the past/future again and again? Nobody. So she’ll find Starlight and she’ll bring her justice for what she did. That’s just Twilight’s sense of moral right and wrong.

Yes, Cadance and Shining Armour still live in the Crystal Empire. But it’s on the border of Equestria or something so it’s its own boss or something.

Not saying it's bad I just thought it was gonna be different, but porn of the sake of porn is still pretty good... though now I too wonder in a world of lust and love where's Cadence?

Still in the Crystal Empire with Shining. They don’t follow the same rules as laid out by Celestia and Luna though. Doesn’t stop Cadence from giving Shining a good dicking now and again.

Ahh, neat I suppose. Things still seem like they are missing but hey it's porn you read it for the plot not the story.

I take the tiniest bit of offence to that because I always try to make things a little more than just porn or fetish nonsense. I mean, I could have made this a couple of thousand words shorter and just wrote the latter half.

Still, everyone’s allowed their opinions. What’s missing anyway? Or do you mean the stuff you already said?

Sorry if it seemed mean spirited. Just a joke of thoes clop stories that are the "if you think of it too hard about it you might hurt yourself "kind.

And to the missing things it's mostly background things like, what about Sombra, Chrysalis, Discord etc. Was there a Nightmare Moon? What about the other a alternate mane 6? How did the taking of the Empire work out? Is Sunset too but a Cocksleeve like Starlight is shaping up to be? Yadda yadda yadda.

Ah! The world building! Of course. If you want to take this to a private chat or something, I’d be happy to go into all sorts of detail and answer your questions. I’ve got loads of answers bouncing around.

Sure I'm cool with that.

B-but what about the Main Timeline of Equestria?

Won't they be able to see Twilight and Starlight ever again? :applecry:

This might be a happy ending to others, but for me it needs something more...


Anyways it was a good story, I liked and placed it in my library... for further... umm... research :twilightsmile:

Time is a strange thing. Besides, they’re currently exploring an alternate future. It doesn’t have to be set in stone yet, and because of that it means the timeline that Twilight and Starlight are from, still exists. Everything is still peachy and it exists in that realm where both outcomes (Starlight winning and Starlight losing) are happening simultaneously and one won’t come to pass until one is observed as having happened.

So it’s cool. Everything’s the same as it was. And also not the same as it was.

to quote Hearts Boxcars


So, any chance of this having a sequel?

If there was, I’d have to open up to ideas about what it’d cover.

How about Spike escaping the effects and finding a way to snap Twilight and Starlight out of their stupor. I'd read that.

Especially if Spike gets to slap them silly to loosen their noggins a bit.

Hm. That could be interesting. A Spike follow up would make for a lighter read. Hmmm...

I’ll consider it. Though just to be clear, you’re talking light slapping right? Not full on domestic ‘where the fuck is dinner bitch’ abuse slapping?

More like 'this hurts me more then it dose you' kind of slapping.

And Spike immune to the sexy hipno magic would in my opinion.

You know, I feel like there should be some back story as to how Luna and Celestia ended up thinking rape was OK. Also, how did their physical changes come to pass?

I too think a "good ending," sequel is a good idea.

Spike being immune to Celestia and Luna's power wouldn't be that hard to explain. There are a lot of hints Spike is special. He was born as result of the event that gave the bearers of the Elements of Harmony their cutie marks and bound their destiny. His fire has magical characteristics that no other dragon in the show has demonstrated. He has his own throne around the Map Table. He is the first and oldest friend of the Princess of Friendship. Also he's a huge temporal anomaly because thanks to Starlight's meddling he was never even born in this timeline.

Once Spike breaks Twilight free of her mindless lust Twilight does have options. She knows the location of the Tree of Harmony the true nature of the Elements and who their chosen bearers are supposed to be. She knows Discord is redeemable and how to free him. She knows of Zecora and her mysterious potions and access to the wild magic of the Everfree Forest. Thanks to how Starlight caused this whole mess she has an idea of a way to overclock spells to push them far beyond their normal limits. She also has a deep understanding of how Celestia and Luna think and has experienced the same urges they feel for herself. This version of Celestia and Luna seem quite arrogant and the idea that their control could be broken is probably unthinkable to them.

Though whatever option Twilight opts to use to cure Celestia and Luna of their corruption I imagine it will involve her literally fucking the evil right out of them.

Go ahead and write another chapter if you want to, I'm sure everyone out there will enjoy it.
I'm saving this for later

I’ve got a few other projects to take care of first, but I may come back and write another story in the same universe.

Sorry. If this story was not Anthro. i would like it

I'll come back to this story when and if it gets something explaining what happened to Twilight or a Sequal to show how it pans out. Reading characters from universe A go to B and nothing happens to A because someone screwed up time stories bug me relentlessly to the point I can't even enjoy the porn.

Not to mention the everything is fine in A line of thinking is scientifically impossible due to the inevitable paradox that will ensure. As A no longer technically exists due to Starlight mucking about. Hell Twilight says as much in the Show. Time magic causes it's changes to replace A with B which is why they needed to stop her to keep everything from getting messed up.

Alternately, Spike has two dicks and he joins the fun by ramming them inside Starlight's nipples

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