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Just a pony being fabulous


It's morning for you, Anon, and it's time to wake up your wife.
A gift for my friend, GivingSpider.
Rated Teen for some 'butt-touchery' and a saucy picture

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Nice story; I liked it. :raritystarry:

Very lovely and sensual.

Thank you for writing this.:raritywink:

“Wow, I love this, it’s so pure and wholesome and filled with carresses and snuggles and-“

*Butt touching begins*


Nonetheless, updoot earned for ear scritches with above average choice of waifu

(Just for you, Categorical. ;) )

I'm sorry we're out of coffee and I need to improvise..." you whisper softly. You're not entirely sure if she heard you. That's fine. Technically, you DID warn her. You give into your impulses. You scoop her into your arms and pull the little pony into a loving cuddle. You whisper again. "It's time to wake up." This time, your voice is drowned by a loving kiss that buries your lips into her temple. She squirms against you, batting her beautiful eyes open finally.

"Mmmph...Must we start the day...?" She croons. You smile quietly, and brush a lock of indigo from her pretty eyes. You boop her on the nose and she blushes coyly, before stealing a quick kiss from your cheek.

"Alright, alright, I'm up, darling. What did you say about a lack of coffee?" she whines. You smile anyway and shake your head.

"Well, I said we'd have to improvise. I have the time, I figured I'd make waffles," you say, stroking your fingers along her perky, twitching ears again. She cooes quietly, nuzzling against your neck with a helpless purr. She loves your fingers, and especially your nails. A gentle ear scritch is a quick way to any ponies heart, you've disovered. Contently, she rests he head against you for a few moments, before you slip her back into bed. Theres no way she'll fall asleep now; not with the prospect of waffles for Breakfast. If you hurry, you imagine, you might be able to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Grinning warmly, you plant another kiss on her nose, and turn around to make your way downstairs.

Life is good in Ponyville. Life is good.

You more than earned a follow with that piece of gold

Well done, darling! I loved both endings! Ear scritches and snuggles with best pony...Life is good, indeed!



You misspelled butt there. Just thought you should know :p

This was a fun read , Ms.Rarity.

I had such a delightful time going through it.:yay:

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