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Yup, finally some promising content. Getting real tired of endless bad grammar smut. Big ups from me fam.

I shall give this a read.

Thanks a lot, I'll do my best to not disappoint.

My question is how did Sombra get an army and manage to seemingly kill Celestia and captured Cadance?

I think this is one of the alternate timelines caused by Starlight Glimmer's time travel, the one where Sombra retook control of the Crystal Empire and turned the crystal ponies into his unwilling soldiers. Celestia was on the frontlines in that war, so it makes sense she might get killed.


It all will be explained later in the story, no spoilers now . However, I can say that it is not alternative timeline created by intervention from Starlight Glimmer, and though it was original concept of story, but me and Geka decided to diverge from it a little.

Ooh, I like it. Simply not enough Pony cyberpunk around.

Great imagery and solid flow but I noticed there's a few missing spaces scattered here and there.

On a side note, the first chapter had a Metal Gear Solid feel while the second one has a Neuromancer/Ghost in the Shell atmosphere.

Oh, thank you very much for your kind words - it means world to me!
Sorry if it lacks quality in some places - it's mine and Geka's first attempt at writing fanfiction and it is also written in not our native language. Just give us some time and we will improve, I swear!

I have not read this yet but I can’t wait to do so
For now I must sleep

Seems pretty good! Definitely going to be reading. The artwork is a nice touch too!


Thanks! I hope you won't be disappointed.
And I'll pass your kind words to Geka, he be glad to hear it too.

Yup, this is as good as I hoped it would be!
Yeah there are mistakes here and there like you said but I’m no good at pointing those out for you, sorry.
But those won’t keep me from enjoying this story.

Hope you keep posting, this story is amazing!


Glad to hear that!
In time, I will improve my writing, I swear.
And I'm sure will keep posting - the second chapter is already finished and undergoes editing process right now. Overall, we have the whole story planned, so it is only question of time.

Oh, that is all great news to hear! Thanks for the heads up.

Holy crap this story is looking amazing! Ambiguous, detailed, intriguing, this is looking to be quite the cyberpunk tale! Gonna read chapter 2 now!

Wow, more and more questions in my mind, the plot thickens as if it ain't already thicker than tank armor. Can't wait to see more!

just saw the update for the third chapter. going to read it as soon as i can. :pinkiegasp:


Hope you will enjoy!
And the next chapter is going to be posted rather soon - in about a week and half.

Another great chapter, little disappointed though.....

This story doesn't have enough attention! I mean 170 views and only 22 likes? This need MORE! Hope it gets the little flame by the time it's finished because more peeps need to read this!


Thank you very much!
Though, I'm afraid it will take years before the story will be completed - we've planned quite a lot to happen.

So this is gonna be a FO:E Project Horizons kind of behemoth. Well I ain't too sad about that, means more story and worldbuilding!


Well, I hope it won't be that big kind of behemoth - it would be nice to finish the story before we hit a million words mark. I think that Somber once said something like that, too.
Anyway, we have a few side stories planned, and one of them may end up even longer than Aftersound itself.

Absolutely love thus story! I can’t wait to see where it goes from here

I look forward to all you got planned!

Ya know it always kinda irks me to see this story have not enough likes and no features yet. It’s much better than most that are in the hundreds and I hope it doesn’t discourage the author. Somehow this needs more exposure. It’s definitely got me hooked.


As long as I have at least one person reading it, I'll continue to write. That, and I also absolutely hate to leave things unfinished.

I'm enjoying this story and looking forward to more.


Thanks! The next chapter will to be posted in about a month.

Another great chapter! I’m excited to see what you have in store for the future.
Though everything seems mostly good there are a few spots that have grammatical errors. I’m not on my computer at the moment so it’s not as easy for me to point out.
But those are also few and far between.

I hope to see an update to this soon!

This story's reaching Fallout Equestria levels of dark, only in some ways even darker. Looking forward to another great chapter!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked this chapter, because I had doubts about how good it came out.
The next chapter will be posted in about a month, maybe even sooner. Keep an eye on updates!

Why did you make the chapters so long?


Heh, a good question. I can't really say, I just write until I feel like I finished telling enough of the story. Also, for whatever reason chapters end up being longer than I planned.
I'm sorry if it's not very convenient. The next two chapters are not longer, but not shorter either. But right now I'm working on chapter seven and I will try to not make it as long as usual.
Hope you enjoy reading despite that.

Okay, pertinent question: Does this story take place in the 'Great Crystal War' alternate timeline from the Cutie Re-Mark episode? Or is this some other AU? I just want to make sure I have that clear.


The short answer will be "no". Ironically, it is how this story was planned to go on the earliest stages of its creation, it was supposed to be set in the 'Great Crystal War' AU. However, this is an original AU with the only one difference from the show.

What an end to the chapter! I was not expecting that at all.
I hope you update this soon because damn, the end of this chapter really makes me want to see how this plays out.

Glad you liked it! :trollestia:
Next chapter is already being edited, so it won't be very long.

Holy crap that ending! An ending to yet another great chapter, I look forward to the next!


Thank you! :twilightblush:
The next chapter is being proofread at the moment, can't give any ETA, though. One thing is for sure – I'm going to post another story by the end the month.

Boring? I think not! Well some parts felt slow but i still loved it.

If I'm interpreting this correctly, it was Chrysalis who killed Celestia. I imagine, Cadence was still sent to handle the empire initially and got caught then.

Boring? I feel that doesn’t describe it properly. I’d say it’s more ‘well defined’. The whole world this happens in feels more real making it a much more intriguing and fun story to read. There may not be as much action but there is definitely a good story.


I'm glad that you too enjoyed this chapter. And thanks for your kind words.
The world-building was indeed my goal in this chapter and I promise that next chapters are going to have more action or things happening in general.

Hell yeah! An update.
Will read after work

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