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I have some stories to tell. Do I have any stories worth to be told? That is up to you to answer.

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Great. In every sense of the world.

Probably should add the non-con tag.

Also; the ending just fucking slew me.

Thank you!

I thought about it, but methinks while it might seem borderline, they are both consenting.

To echo gamerboy, that ending was a beautiful subversion of expectation. Fantastic writing skill.

Finally, Rainbow’s vision cleared enough for her to behold a very strange sight – a weird creature mere hooves in front of her. Ignoring Rainbow’s bewildered stare it spoke:

“Hey, you, you're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?"


I love it please make a sequel

Uh, to be as tact as possible, no. Dash absolutely is not consenting here. She was coerced into a situation where she had no control over her fate, she objected (or at least tried to) several times, and was threatened and pushed into only being able to take one option. I would say 'imagine if she actually didn't want what was happening at all, she wouldn't be able to stop it' but that's literally exactly what happened several times. Read the story down from the “So rash, tsk. I am yet to make my offer” line from Rarity and tell me that's not her using sexual stimulation to manipulate Dash by putting her in a situation where she can't really say no.

Just saying, this isn't borderline. It's at least two steps past it into true non-con territory. Rape doesn't require the victim to be constantly struggling and fighting back, it only needs the victim to disbelieve they have the power to stop it at any point without fear. There isn't any trust here. It should definitely be tagged non-con.

I was going to say the same.

Dash isn't consenting - she's surrendering. Consenting would be if the twist were a "thanks, I needed that," instead of waking up bound in a wagon destined for who knows what.

Pleasure and orgasm != Consent.

At a minimum this is dubcon, and given the pointed mention of the dangers Rainbow feels put in - damage to her wings, asphyxiation, being cut by the tape or ribbons - that's EXTREMELY minimal. I kept waiting for the twist that said the important part - that if Rainbow felt pushed too far, she could stop - and it just kept not coming.

Put bluntly - if she DID consent, Rarity has absolutely no sign of knowing or caring.

Extracting concession also != Consent.

Uh, the ending is a blatant Elder Scrolls gag...

Haven't played that one; point still stands.

I noticed a few times you forgot a few ‘s at a few parts. Easy thing to miss really. Try using the reader to spot them


Sorry, English is not my native language, I tend to make a lot of mistakes.
Could you please be more specfic about that case? I'm not sure I understand.

Oh sorry then.



I apologise, I should have caught it. Would you please point out what I missed so it can be corrected?

Great writing! Hot, erotic, and enjoyable to read.

That ending, though: :rainbowlaugh:

Probably needs non-con tag.

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