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This story is a sequel to A Draconequus's Destiny

After a year of wedded bliss, Secundus makes a slight error, and presents Thorax with their child. Deciding to make the best of it, the two of them give parenting their best shot. They weren't expecting large parts of what would happen, but wouldn't trade it for anything. In this mis-matched family, all that really matters is that they love each-other, no matter what.
After all, it's not like they could send him back!

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“After all, what could happen?”


Yeah, there are some phrases you just NEVER say!:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



I saw secundus and thought it might have been something relating to TES

What is that thing in the picture?

Coraline? Oh lord, if Chrysalis pops up he's going to see some disturbing parallels.

The elder scrolls, secundus was the name of one of the moons.

Thank you, I’m rubbish with acronyms and abbreviations. Cool to know, Thanks!

How in the world did I never notice that?

Since it was his first time playing, before the second campaign, Spike had innocently asked if Secundus might like a turn as the Dungeon Master. Nopony had walked out of that dungeon alive.

Unleashed the Tomb of Horrors on them, huh? Fun fact, the actual (in universe) purpose of that dungeon is specifically to kill adventurers so a lich can eat their souls for power.

Oh, good, I'm not the only one who would do that!:rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

When they still lived around where I live, some of my friends played a Star Wars version of D&D. One of them informed me that if I was ever DM, I would most likely boobytrap the entire board, and make the monsters of the "almost impossible to kill" variety. Which would be funnny for me to watch, but might get me to be not invited back for a few games....

Another more fair (but still horrifying) option would be the infamous "Tucker's Kobolds". A warren of EL 1 kobolds turned their home into a deathtrap by using complicated tactics, instilling outright fear in players making them go out of their way to avoid one level of a dungeon.

You know if he REALLY wanted to terrify those bullies he could just use the legal route. The thought of the scandal and blacklisting that woukd come from being convicted for assaulting royalty woukd leave them stewing with dread.

We're ... not the most pracitcal of beings ... :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh: Something like that would only occur to us after we did the scaring them half to death thing. Sec and I tend to overrreact that way, and then think of the practical solution as we're staring at the smoking crater ... :twilightoops:

Thanks for continuing to follow! It means a lot to me!

Also the latter part of the chapter was completely adorable.

Albert visiting Earth is real, and Secundus really did meet with a god. Secundus turning evil and killing everyone was really just a nightmare (thank goodness). Thorax did visit Secundus's mental world, which is real, but also imaginary. :pinkiecrazy:

Of course, they're all fictional characters, and we might just be a computer simulation ourselves, so who knows? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Hope that cleared everything up! Or not.

If I ever go to Equestia and have someone in my head, my other half would be a Persona series shadow of my self.

“You know how I said that once in a while a Draconequus might fall in love with and marry a mortal?” The pillows moved in a way that suggested a nod. “ None of them went so far as to have kids from any relationship. Congratulate me, I’m the first member of my species to have a kid! I can’t exactly Facebook my human family to ask them what they think I should do, so I’m about as lost as you are, but I’ve been reliably informed that nobody is ever actually prepared to be a parent.”

Bride of Discord . Screwball . between this... Sorry . there was a version of Discord and Crisalis but nothing more than that .

Secundus sighed. Juuussstt great . He thought. He then chuckled at a memory of a quote from the Joker. “ Another voice in my head?! Why, the more the merrier ! ” If only… Secundus thought bitterly.

would it be better if they try to extract or ask Albert to know if he has poison bite or not ?

Secundus’s eye’s grew wide. He held up a wooden sign that read, “Good Lord, what have I done?!” He fell through the cloud. “GAAAAAaaaaahhh!!!” Secundus flopped back onto the cloud back in his usual noodle form and coughed up a bit of cloud. He held the sign back up and turned it over. The other side read, “STOP, in the name of humanity!!” Since he wasn’t human, there wasn’t any effect.

There IS THE BELIEF THAT IS POSSIBLE AKING IT POSSIBLE ! Otherwise rules of funny and gravity=Pain once you calculate gravity

Because Albert couldn’t wear saddlebags the way a pony colt had, Secundus had designed a human backpack for him, with a single strap the crossed over his chest. Secundus had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle the zippers, but he’d been just fine. Despite having gone native in Equestria, Secundus still wasn’t entirely sure how ponies handled things like zippers and buttons with hooves. He’d been meaning to test it, he’d just never gotten around to it.

Small levitation sticky field like phantom demy fingers grabbers .

The plate Secundus was holding shattered in his grip. In a frighteningly calm, reasonable tone, he asked, “They what ?” Secundus’s left eye turned gold, and he started arguing with someone who wasn’t there, his paws gesturing. “NO, I’M NOT GOING TO K- Oh, come on, even you aren’t that crue- no, that wouldn’t be funny, I – Hmm? What? No, I can live with that. Fine, let’s do it.”

Glitchtale Gaster's Special Attack "Duality" - Speedpaint! #16


Underpants ~ Gaster's Finale (SPOILERS) (3D)


“What?” Thorax asked. The next thing Thorax knew, he was on his hind legs, tangoing with whoever this was , a rose between his teeth. He had no idea how that happened. The man was a surprisingly good dancer. Thorax spat the rose out. “What are you doing ?!” he shouted.

Bill Sans ?

MAGNIFICENT sequel :yay: Who is bearing the child?

Simply epic... Wonder how Twilight will react to it... Also what will the Councils plan be for it i wonder...

Amazing story is Breath taking. I love it :yay:

Cant be worse than a supernova really...

Love it when the story and/or comments male me laughing hard :pinkiehappy:

Fasinating how trilling slice of life can be... Love our story :twilightsmile:

Ones more a amazing story. The end was very... Disturbing :trixieshiftright:

Fucking know it was Zootopia...NEAT :pinkiehappy:

WTF? Dont tell me someone was stupid enougth to Kidnapping a demigod son... Fuck Equis going to sport a new crater...

Most mindblowing chapter yet... For many reasons :applejackconfused: Great work. I wonder when you continue it... Going to enjoy the others in the mean time :twilightsmile:

I know, right? :rainbowlaugh: I think it's been about a year. I will have to start writing again so I can finish this! :rainbowdetermined2:

Still reading but right now... Wow Mal is free for the first time and Sec on his own... :rainbowderp: Dont know who of em is more scary :twilightoops: Pretty deep stuff! :moustache: Also... :yay: UPDATE :pinkiehappy:

Still reading... :pinkiehappy: Holy SsssHIIIT! Albert just see his father eat practical himself? Mal was not amused :applejackunsure: Amazing how you handel all the details. Truly a experiences to be had :twilightsmile:


The second you discribed Lyra i was grinning so hard it almost hurt... :raritywink: When i burst out in laughter my tummy hurt... :raritydespair: Thanks :raritystarry:

Got to love Thorax... :heart: maybe my very best favorit i read about :pinkiehappy: Sec sure can ne a handfull :twilightoops: Were you get all this ideas... Got to love that stuff :rainbowlaugh:

Pun wars... :pinkiehappy: I think i love you :rainbowlaugh: Best humor there is :ajsmug: We in germany see other genre of humor than puns. :derpytongue2: Thanks for this mindblowing chapter. MAGNIFICENT work :pinkiesad2:

I was hoping for Lion King. I was given my Lion King.

A delightfully large chaper.

Magnificent chapter! Very well done :pinkiehappy:

I would say its never boring with Secundus & Discord around. Even if things tend to run out of ones comfort zones. :trollestia:
O&O sure seems fun. 3d or not. :rainbowkiss:
Sombra is one of my favorite characters :pinkiehappy:
He will be a fun addition to there game group :ajsmug:
This comics are not lethal or? Because it sure has traumatic potencial :pinkiesick:
Spike sure has free picking male or female :ajsmug:
Multiverse fun :yay:

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