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This story is a sequel to The Day My Life Continued

It’s been years since the events of DMLC. Morgan and Thorax have gone on many adventures in this time. Here, they help the ponies of Equestria through Season 5. Though some surprises come along the way (as always, Morgan’s not even surprised anymore).

Chapters (18)
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You may want to mark The Day My Life Continued as Complete...just a suggestion.

Just did. Thank you for the reminder! I was in a rush this morning and forgot.

No problem, glad to be of assistance!

I’ve been gone a long, long time. Summer classes are killer.

I’m enjoying this story, and I am not in the least surprised that Morgan picked up another child. She just can’t say no to those eyes. And Thorax still can’t say no to Morgan.

I’m interested to see what happens with the Tantabus, and to see how Morgan handles the Tirek situation. I’m actually wondering if the Tantabus might show up a little early if you’re teasing it now.

In any case, still loving your work.

You keep writing good wordstuffs, and I’ll keep reading.

Best Wishes,

This story suddenly has a lot of interesting different storylines I'm curious about.
How is Lilac going to make it through 3 months alone? How is the changeling integration going to go? How is Dark Justice going to make it in this madhouse he finds himself in now? (Both the literal house and Ponyville in general.) And what's gonna happen with our friend Tirek, considering he he went through a good portion of Equestria (if not, all the big cities at least) which would include Manehattan? If he hurts Lilac, there will be hell to pay. Also will Celestias plan involve the fifth alicorn?
In short: you got me hooked. (Not that you didn't since the first book...)

However I'd like to point out that technically Rumble existed already at this point in the show. He had his debut back in Hurricane Fluttershy.
So does Featherweight, with his debut in Ponyville Confidential and Pipsqueak in Luna Eclipsed. My point is that while not very prominent in the show, there are young male ponies in Ponyville besides Snips and Snails contrary to what Morgan said.
Also in this chapter we got some rather long parts straight from the episode ... I skipped those while reading. Especially that taxi scene felt to me like it dragged on since I wanted to see Thorax in his quest not read something where I already knew where it was going, since apparently Thorax being there didn't change anything.

That being said I did like the drama heavy moments as well as the sweet moments. Keep it up.

I'm going to ignore that bits you blocked out, purely because I am a creature of spite.
As for the colts, yes I was aware others existed. However I always thought Pipsqueak was from a younger class than the CMC, so he's out with Dark Justice. Also I think at this point Rumple is or is being sent to Flight School.
I too hated writing the scenes from the show itself. For my MLP fics I like writing stuff that happens outside. However the closer to the finale I get, the more episode content will be tied in.

This was well worth 100 hours of fallout into just for this character to exist. Somehow she's taken a life of her own which we don't know what to do about it. Waffle has become a living force of literature, and destruction that can't be stopped. I'm so goddamn proud of my horrific creation.

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