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This story is a sequel to The Lonely Path to Dawn

Raspberry has a headache.
And no, that headache isn't called 'Twilight Sparkle'
It's worse.
Like, a lot worse.
With side effects nopony could've guessed.

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You only wanted Morgan to get out of bed.
Me and djmegamouth came up with this in a chat and it was just as dumb in the chat as on paper.

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This story is a sequel to The Day My Life Continued

It’s been years since the events of DMLC. Morgan and Thorax have gone on many adventures in this time. Here, they help the ponies of Equestria through Season 5. Though some surprises come along the way (as always, Morgan’s not even surprised anymore).

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This story is a sequel to Creating A Hive

The Stardust Family didn't get a lot of times to have a proper childhood. They're allowed to be childish when they feel like it.

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This had been a stupid idea. Twilight had known that for ages. It was a stupid idea, right from the start. Raspberry wasn't going to come.

Twilight Sparkle was gay. She was open about that fact...ish.

Okay she hadn't told anyone. None of her eight friends, not her big brother and his girlfriend, not her dog, and definitely not her parents.

Twilight had kept it quiet until she met Raspberry.
AU of the Spencer Saga. It's a whole thing.

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This story is a sequel to The Day My Life Began

Princess Luna goes to see a friend.
(Based after the ‘Cloudsdale Here I Come’ chapter)

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This story is a sequel to What My Cutiemark Is Telling Me

Princess Morgan Annie Spencer. That's my name. I've had it for almost 200 years (certain travels may vary). My sixteenth birthday is in about a two months and I'm bursting at the seems in excitement.
So, what's changed? Oh! I'm an alicorn now. Yeah. That's a whole other mess I don't want to get into. Lilac's ten now, aged slowly by the Traveling. Oh, but she loves it!
It's been nearly five years for me. It's had it's ups and downs. I'm still suffering from the loss of Darcy. I somehow managed to get a boycoltfriend, Bumblebee. He's hiding something from me, and I can't figure it out! I only managed to get him because of a message from Future Morgan, who never lies to me.
Strange things have been happening to me my whole life. It's hard to remember some of them. All I remember for sure is he is trying to ruin my life. He helped turn me human in Equestria. Why can't I remember? Rule Seven says I have to remember everything, and it pisses me off that I forgot!
I'm gonna fix the mess this bastard has caused. I'm gonna find a way to bring Darcy back. I'm gonna get Bumblebee back. I'm gonna win back Lilac's trust. I'm gonna fix all of this.
I Pinkie Promise.

Other Shows Traveled To in This Story: 'Seed of Chucky'. 'Doctor Who.'
The third story in the 'Equestrian Travels' Saga.

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This song is not mine. If you wish to search the song, please do. If you do not wish to read it, then alright. Hope’s Song is in no way mine. It’s literally called Hope’s Song and, last I checked, my name is not Hope

Lilac has been living with Spencer's with some time now. She has a basic understanding of American culture vs. Equestrian culture. She knows there isn't some magical creature that raises the sun and moon. She goes to a human school, learning human things with other human children. Her mother has been acting excitedly these past few days, same for her uncle Nathan Scott and her classmates. What has got them so excited? And what is this 'Easter' that keeps coming around those conversations?
Twilight Sparkle (ever the student) has convinced Morgan to help her understand the cultures of Morgan's homeland. The faithful student knows about some of their holidays (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year) as they came and went. Morgan Spencer has dragged Twilight to America for another Holiday. One she calls Easter Sunday.
One of Morgan Spencer's favorite holidays has come around again. Easter Sunday! The one Sunday that she looks forward to going to her family's church and spending time with her family. The only problem? Her grandparents on her father's side are in town and don't know about Lilac.
When problems arise and the holiday seems ruined, can Morgan find a way to bring the Easter Spirit back to her friend and daughter?

Song- Hope's Song from Veggietales: An Easter Carol
Inspiration- Hope's Song from Veggietales: An Easter Carol

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This story is a sequel to The Day My Life Ended

My name is Morgan Spencer. I have a... I've done this before? You know about the whole me being a reincarnated Traveler and the events that follow? That’s just great. Well, now what do I do with my day? I guess I could tell you about the first time I jumped inside MLP:FIM up to where I started last time. Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah, let’s do that.

I am Morgan Spencer. This is the tale of how I discovered the magic of Friendship. Or how badly I screwed up the Show.
Watch as I bring Darcy to MLP as Kill Joy, how I deal with a God of Chaos, what I do during the invasion, and what caused the question some people are thinking.
Why was I human in Equestria in the first place?

I made the pic myself on FakeMoviePoster.com and the girl was a digitally created doll 'cause I can't draw. Pretty good otherwise huh?

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My name is Cocoon. I am a Changeling. I lived in peace with my mom and all the other changelings before the attack on our hive 43 years ago. During all of this, I was saved by Princess Celestia. I lived in Equestria as the alicorn Trusting Lovely.
But I knew Mother would find me. She always finds me. What I didn't know was the lengths Mother was willing to go to do it.
My mother is Queen Chrysalis and I am Princess Cocoon of the Changelings. And the invasion was all my fault...

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