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This story is a sequel to The Day My Life Ended

My name is Morgan Spencer. I have a... I've done this before? You know about the whole me being a reincarnated Traveler and the events that follow? That’s just great. Well, now what do I do with my day? I guess I could tell you about the first time I jumped inside MLP:FIM up to where I started last time. Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah, let’s do that.

I am Morgan Spencer. This is the tale of how I discovered the magic of Friendship. Or how badly I screwed up the Show.
Watch as I bring Darcy to MLP as Kill Joy, how I deal with a God of Chaos, what I do during the invasion, and what caused the question some people are thinking.
Why was I human in Equestria in the first place?

I made the pic myself on FakeMoviePoster.com and the girl was a digitally created doll 'cause I can't draw. Pretty good otherwise huh?

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2741998 I was, it's just this had been floating in my brain and wouldn't leave. I wanted to postpone it for as long as I could but in the end it twas not.

This story is getting good. Not gonna lie, Morgan is kinda hot

That was awesome!:rainbowkiss:

I can't stop laughing!:rainbowlaugh:

What is this a crossover of?


3804281 Good. You will not be Upgraded


Without missing a beat. “I’m psychic.”

You know I know, you're not telling the truth.
You know THEY know, they just don't have any proof.
I supposed I could embrace the deception, learn how to bend. After all, your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end!

3998577 It took me a second to figure it out, but I died laughing once I did. I love Psych. Psycho through and through!

Aww that was soo sad :fluttercry: great chapter just sad can't wait for more...

3681173 ......and nothing?

4195476 I'm working on the next chapter, as well as various other chapters and the sequel. I like to multitask.

4196827 no I ment it as a joke ya know like how people would ask how you you know that certain subject and you would say I know everything and nothing at the same time.....catch my drift?

Love the Doctor Who reference

So yeah, this chapter is a little weird. Probably didn't need most of it to explain her ability, but we could tell you had fun writing it.

Fluttershy isn't cream colored...

Ah, some movement. Not so subtle on the spy-mode figure-out-what's-going-on session, for one who's been doing this for years, but I'll just chalk it up to not really being formally trained.

Something just occurred to me: this is literally the definition of self-insert! We're not quite sure how we feel about that, since the mc knows that too....

Hmm your word confusion rate was pretty high this chapter. Other than that it was pretty fun.

Heh, Luna is nothing if not determined. A lesser one would have given up the spy mission by now... Unless she secretly enjoys her visits?

Man, that was a downer for certain.

Okay, got caught up then.
This fic could use a little proofreading, the rate of missing words and misused words is moderately higher than it could be with an extra set of eyes. I've enjoyed this, despite being wholly unfamiliar with Morgan and her jumping ability. We like that you tied in the Zecora plot point this chapter, I was beginning to wonder if it would be mentioned again.
Overall, this certainly deserves more views.this could be improved on by updating maybe? (hint hint lol).
Keep going! ;)

4630275 Well, I certainly thank you for your helpful comments. Yes, I know it seems very self insert, I tried fixing that but it just kept coming out that way.
I know that I sometimes forget words. It’s a terrible habit. I’ll be thinking faster than I’m writing and words will be accidentally left out. I try to proofread to make sure it’s all good, but my brain fills in the missing word so I think nothing is wrong.
It would be great if the readers commented on some grammatical errors they spotted. A good writer is not made with complaints, but corrections.

4631401 yes it's just too difficult to pull out mistakes and put it in a comment when I'm on my phone.
Might I suggest a text -to-speech program then? The computer doesn't fill in missing words and it sounds different coming back out so it might be easier to find errors.

4632386 I tried that once, put sometimes Siri fucks it up with autocorrect. She thinks Celestia isn’t a really word. Same for Equestria and Ponyville. Thanks for the tip.

Hmm I wonder how Luna would take that moral. After all, she DID do something horrible..... ;)
Keep going! ;)

Oh a song chapter then. Ya know you're not supposed to put copyrighted lyrics, right? ;p gentle reminder...
One of these days we're going to make a nice little labyrinth for the one behind the door. Maybe. :p
Keep going! ;)

4857337 You say copyright, I say free publicity.

4858310 I just don't want it to get taken down because some idiot doesn't agree. :)

Pinkie Pie toy huh? Is it a quality one or one of the cheapo ones you can get from Walmart? I have a medium sized plush of her of that type, but for an important one like Luna I spent extra for a good one with a decent mane.

4883761 The Walmart one. He's five, and knows no better.

Yeah sorry, we don't know enough pop culture to hazard a guess.
I wonder what Killjoy wants with Fim research?
Twilight could make a pretty good Fish.
Keep going! ;)

Yay update! Kinda rougher than normal (proofreading wise) but still enjoyable.
We think Luna would enjoy Raspberry's dreams better than killjoy's anyways. After all, she would probably upset her more by trying to fix her "nightmares" .
Keep going! ;)

Ooh, The Plan!
..... What was the plan again? :scootangel:

Fun fun is fun.
Keep going! ;)

Odd, the spelling error rate is a bit higher this chapter. Though I enjoyed "annoysmously" in the place of anonymously, she would totally break a simple rule just to be annoying like that.
Keep going! ;)

5315929 yeah, I was afraid of that. I’m not able to get to a computer, and Google Drive on iPhone doesn’t have spellcheck. I’ll fixed what I could.

5316818 Perfectly understandable! But that's what beta readers are for. :pinkiehappy:

Erm, piece of the doc disappeared near the beginning?
Loved the life spell, classic. It's odd though, the scene itself seemed familiar?
Who in the world is stalking Raspberry? No, that's not the right question, who jumped into this dimension? Curious......
Keep going! ;)

Well that was cold and emotionless.

Well, yes it was quick, but not as rushed as it could have been.
We're not entirely sure if we should believe Darcy is truly gone, aren't there loopholes for this kind of thing? Hmm...
Keep going! ;)

Do I smell a small rise of the guardians chapter maybe? :3

5636676 if I can figure out which mythical character to make her, then maybe

5638571 *smiles evilly* Excellent....

Whoops! Sorry I haven't been in on the updates, got busy.
Good stuff here, glad she's out of her funk. :pinkiesad2:

Huh, so I'm assuming this happened in the real world?

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