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I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.


Some find true love, and live in happiness for the rest of their lives. But this collection of stories has no happy endings. These are tales of tragic love- in one way or another. There are many pairs to go through, so strap yourselves in for one tragic ride.

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The world sounds interesting. The feud between the two families (as you mentioned) which are heavily inspired from Romeo and Juliet, yet, it works really well. Is this a one-time world or do your other stories also have this world-type? Er... I'll just read the others eventually.

I can't wait to see the next chapter! This was so fun to read!

There was one mistake that I noticed. You ended up putting a period at the end of a dialogue when it should have been a comma. "she looked Arpeggio in the eyes." right before this part.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter; also I am quite happy to have upvoted. ^^


Thanks for the support! As for that portion you mentioned, I fixed it by upper casing the s, which is the way it was supposed to be anyway. The portion before it wouldn't make much sense if it ended with a comma, anyway. compare:

Like something had connected us somehow, in a moment that seemed to last forever.

Like something had connected us somehow, in a moment that seemed to last forever,

The second doesn't make much sense. So, I opted to change capitalization instead, as it made more sense. If you have any suggestions for the next chapter, let me know! It will cover the date of course, but I want to know what else you might want to see.

Yeah that makes far more sense. ^^

As to suggestions, sadly, I don't have any. I'd like to see where you take things and how -- at least for now.

Ah, Okay. It might take a while for the next chapter to be ready.

I need some detailed answers on how Discord lost his shit.

Is his tale going to be fleshed out later in the future?

Well, these tales mostly focus on the relationships of the characters focused on in any given arc. I guess I could have there be a side-thing with Celestia finding out something about it that wasn't clear at the time. I'll see what I can do.

Just need a pov from his perspective, that detailed his descent into madness which was held in check by his feelings for celestia until something caused him to snap. Even a faint pause or reluctance to hurt her after succumbing to chaos completely during their finale would've helped.

Stuck on comparing this to how flushed out the first tale was compared to this one.

Okay then. I'll have to go back and edit if that's what you want. Gonna take a while though, seeing as I'm currently dealing with a bad cold.

its just a nitpick, don't worry too much about it and focus on getting better.

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