Tales Of Star-Crossed Love

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

First published

Short stories revolving around pairs of ponies in love that can't seem to catch a break.

Some find true love, and live in happiness for the rest of their lives. But this collection of stories has no happy endings. These are tales of tragic love- in one way or another. There are many pairs to go through, so strap yourselves in for one tragic ride.

The First Tale, Introduction & Part One

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Kingdom of Unicornia, 200 Years Before Unification

In the capital city of Ivoryspire, there lived two rival families of great reputation. The Auroras, who controlled the commerce of the city, and the Sleights, who were advisers to the crown. These two families had been at each other’s throats for generations, each getting in the other’s way at every opportunity. They relished every little victory, and ruminated on every loss. The heads of each house had various plans to tear down his rival’s house and take their position, but never had any of them ever come to fruition. Over the centuries of their rivalry, the cityfolk came to expect the two houses bickering at least once or twice a week, if not more often. The two current heads, Brilliant Aurora and Turmoil Sleight, had been the most vicious thus far. Their spats sometimes threatened to bring down the entire city! They’d even instilled a strong rivalry between their two eldest, as was tradition. However, little did they realize the grand wall of hate between the two families would soon come crashing down…

Part One

Arpeggio Aurora & Misdirea Sleight
A Chance Meeting

It was a typical afternoon for Arpeggio, the youngest of the Aurora children. He was a rather handsome young stallion, just barely out of his teen years. He’d been sent on an “errand”- read as: mission to find a wife- by his father, as per usual. However, Arpeggio was a tad rebellious, so he often took detours along his path. Today would be no exception. He took one of his favorite detours, stopping by the sweets shop for one of his favorite snacks: a strawberry cake slice with chocolate frosting. However, the powers that be had other plans for the young turquoise unicorn. For just as he was about to enjoy the snack of his choice, his confection was thrust into his pristine brown mane by a magenta blur. He heard a feminine voice speak as he tried to get the cake off his blue eyes. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you. Are you okay?”

Arpeggio chuckled slightly. “I’m fine, miss. A little bruised pride, but otherwise fine.” After he managed to clear his vision, he finally had the chance to see who’d run him down. But, the instant his eyes met her orange pools, suddenly, everything seemed to slow around them. He knew who this mare was. How could he not? His father had rammed into his skull the names of all the Sleight children, and what they looked like. Judging by the blonde mane, as well as the Nebula Cutie Mark, this mare was the youngest, Misdirea. But, why of all ponies did he run into her? Judging by the look in her eyes, she knew who he was as well- probably got it from his Cutie Mark, a Conductor’s baton that swirled an aurora around it. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. She seemed to have a similar problem with prying her eyes away from him. But why? Their families were rivals, and hated each other to the core, yet… what was this feeling in their chests? This odd sense of… longing? The moment passed, and the world around them returned to normal. The world at large didn’t notice, until the moment was over. Then, the eyes of the crowd found them, and whispers of expectations went around. What would these two, youngest of the rival houses, do to show hate?

Arpeggio noticed this, as did Misdirea. They were unsure what that was, exactly, but they both knew one thing: the masses expected a show, and they would give them one. Putting on a mask of disgust, Arpeggio went first. “Well. A dirty little Sleight has crossed my path. You nearly ran me over with your incompetence! I knew your house thought themselves self-important, but this just takes the cake, Misdirea!”

Noticing his subtle wink, Misdirea knew where to pick things up. “Hmph! Well, excuse me for ruining your meal, you worthless Aurora! I had somewhere important to be, unlike you, Arpeggio!” The crowd was eating this up, they knew. They knew what came next, too.

Snorting in “rage”, Arpeggio continued. “Shows what you know! I’ll have you know that I indeed had important business to attend to for my father! Speaking of, I best get back to that.”

Rolling her eyes for effect, Misdirea rebutted. “Important business, my hoof! No matter. I have other things to worry about. I hope I don’t have the displeasure of meeting you again.”

They “glared” at each other, before Arpeggio replied. “Same here.” The two went their separate ways, storming off in opposite directions for effect. Yet, once the crowd had dispersed, they came back into the square, and went somewhere discreet. Lighting her horn, Misdirea produced an illusion field, to make them look different to onlookers. Arpeggio nodded his thanks, and addressed the concern on both their minds. “So… that moment earlier, when we saw each other for the first time… That wasn’t a dream, was it? It really happened?”

Nodding slightly, Misdirea spoke up. “Yes, I felt it too. Like something had connected us somehow, in a moment that seemed to last forever.” She looked Arpeggio in the eyes. “Was that love at first sight? Is that what that was?”

At hearing the l-word, Arpeggio blushed slightly. “Maybe? It could be, but… If it is, what would our families think? They would keep us apart, if that was what you claim.”

Thinking for a bit, Misdirea mumbled. Then, she had an idea. “What if we could keep it secret? Rendezvous in secret, just to see if this is love? They’d never have to know!”

Shaking his head a little, Arpeggio voiced his doubts. “It’d never work! They’d be bound to piece it together if we kept sneaking out! How could we possibly…” He then smacked a hoof to his forehead. “...I’m stupid. We just use your illusions to make it look like at least one of us is a different pony, and we’d be in the clear!”

Smiling, Misdirea held out her hoof. “So, Arpeggio Aurora, are you in? Are you willing to give this a shot?”

Taking the offered hoof, Arpeggio shook it. “Yeah. Let’s meet up soon. How about you choose the place and time?”

Nodding, Misdirea decided. “How about tomorrow at noon? The Pastry Palace. After all, I’ve got to replace that cake I ruined…”

The time and place was agreed, and the two went their separate ways, for the moment.

The First Tale, Part Two

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Chapter Two

Arpeggio Aurora & Misdirea Sleight

Rendezvous Play

Arpeggio arrived home that night as stealthily as he could, as to not wake his family. However, the instant he stepped into the dining room, the candles became lit, and his family yelled, “SURPRISE!” Above the table that was laden with much food, there was a banner that read: “Congratulations on showing that rotten Sleight!” Arpeggio was stunned as his father approached him, smiling wide. “Well done, my son. The word of your first confrontation with the Sleights has spread wide! Truly, the tradition is well and alive!”

A hearty slap on the back came along with this declaration, as well as the family breaking out a cheer. Arpeggio put on his best poker face in order to play along, so as to not arise suspicion. He went along with the impromptu party, as he was certain Misdirea was experiencing something similar with her family. The celebration went on for a little while, until Arpeggio took a glass of cider in his magic, and lightly tapped a spoon on its side to gain their attention. “I would like to make an announcement!” With all eyes on him, he cleared his throat. “I believe that it will please all of you to know that I’ve found somepony I think might prove to be my future wife!” At this revelation, the party became far more lively than before as they drank a toast to Arpeggio’s long-awaited first courtship. Arpeggio however, refused to tell them who it was- after all if they knew that, heads would roll… He shook his head as he deflected the question again. Hopefully, he could manage to keep this charade up...

The next day dawned, and Arpeggio busied himself with getting ready for his first date with Misdirea. He went over his mane a few times, as well as his tail. He then took out his cologne, and ensure it was the right touch for a “casual” date. He nodded his head, and dressed up slightly, with a light tan vest. He looked in the mirror to see if anything was out of place. Seeing that nothing was, he gave a smug grin at himself. “Go get ‘em, you handsome devil, you!” Satisfied with his look, he went out on the town. He knew that it was a bit early, but he just had to take in the atmosphere today. It was still a little surreal when he thought about it. His first date, and it was with the youngest daughter of the family that his most despised! It was pretty exciting, but also nerve-wracking, but the daring feeling of (secretly) taking opposition to what his family thought was certainly quite the rush! He arrived at his favorite pastry shop, and was far enough off to not be spotted by the townsponies. He’d arrived a little early, but their Misdirea was, looking stunning in her understated blue dress. She noticed him, and cast a little spell with her magic. For the first time, Arpeggio saw the effect of the illusion field kick in- Misdirea was replaced by a rather simple looking light purple furred mare, but Arpeggio knew who was really there, unlike the onlookers who glanced up for a moment, but then returned to their business. Arpeggio smiled at their self obsession, seeing as it would give him the perfect cover. He sauntered over to the Pastry Palace, and placed himself within the Illusion field that covered their table. He looked again at Misdirea, who he could see properly again. He smiled. “It’s nice to see you were just as excited about our reunion as I was. You look wonderful, as usual.”

Earning a small blush out of Misdirea, he was rewarded with a little playful jab. “You’re not half bad yourself.” A good-natured chuckle was shared between the two, before Misdirea spoke again. “So, what do you want for lunch?”

Perusing the menu for a moment, Arpeggio chose a new confection. “This one seems interesting: Melon Bread. Might be interesting to try out. What about you?”

Hesitating for a moment, Misdirea finally made her decision. “I’ll have a chocolate strudel.”

Nodding, Arpeggio hailed the waiter. The waiter came posthaste, and stood outside the illusion field. He addressed them, not knowing who they really were. “What will the lovely couple be having, hmm?”

Putting on a posh accent, Arpeggio gave the waiter their order. “A Melon Bread for me, and a chocolate strudel for the lady.”

The waiter wrote that down, and noticed how the two looked at each other. He smiled, and sighed. “Ah, young love. Mayhaps I can interest the hopeful couple in a new recipe the chef is working on?”

Discussing for a while amongst themselves, Misdirea smiled, putting on a Germaneic accent. “We would be delighted to support the chef’s endeavors. Bring out a sample for both of us, if you could.”

The waiter took note of that, and posed one last question. “Anything to drink with that, sir and ma’am?”

They took another look at the menu, and Arpeggio and Misdirea nodded in agreement as they spoke in unison. “Blueberry Lemonade, chilled, not stirred.” They blinked at that, and chuckled lightly at the fact they actually spoke in unison.

Shaking his head at the young couple’s antics as he wrote that down, the waiter then left the two to themselves. Sighing at that, Arpeggio decided to make some small talk while they waited. “What do you think I looked like to him through the illusion field? Maybe royal blue fur? What do you think?”

Shrugging, Misdirea placed her hoof near his. “Possibly. We will never know, however. More importantly…” She drew into whisper into his ear. “Regardless of what else may come… I’m glad we met the way we did.”

As she drew away, Arpeggio looked redder than usual as he smiled. “Same here.”

Before the moment could go any further, the waiter returned to their table. He placed their order on the table via magic. “One Melon bread for the gentlecolt, one chocolate strudel for the lady, two samples of the chef’s new dish, and two glasses of blueberry lemonade. Please, do enjoy your meal.” The waiter stepped away, and went to take orders from the other patrons.

As they started their lunch, Arpeggio decided to start up a new topic. “I’m curious… do you believe in fate? Do you think that we were meant to meet the way we did, or do you believe that our choices led us to meet that day?”

After washing down some of her strudel, Misdirea responded. “I suppose that there might have been a higher force at work, but who is to say? How could we prove it either way? I say we should not worry about that, and just enjoy our time together.”

Nodding at that as he ate the last of his melon bread, he lifted his glass of blueberry lemonade. “A toast, then! To enjoying each other’s company!”

The two clinked glasses, and took a drink. The two then set down the glasses for a moment, and turned their attention to the new dish sample. They both took a bite, and their faces lit up. The waiter took this opportunity to come over to the table. “So? How is the chef’s new dish so far? Does it need anything? Come, no need to blunt the truth.”

Mulling over the taste for a bit, Arpeggio spoke first. Mulling over the taste for a bit, Arpeggio spoke first. “It’s got just the right amount of strength to the sweetness, a nice fluffy texture, and flavor to spare. The one thing I’d add is just a smidge of color.”

The waiter turned to Misdirea after writing that down, and she gave her thoughts. “I agree, It’s quite good. It could use an impactful look to it, though. Something… eye-catching.”

Writing that down, the waiter nodded. “Thank you for your honest opinion, sir and madam.” He then levitated a slip of paper down to them. “Your bill.”

The waiter went to attend some other tables, and couple took one look at the bill, and looked between each other. Taking out her purse, Misdirea set down the payment, with a little tip. Arpeggio raised an eyebrow, and Misdirea explained. “I agreed to repay to you for the cake. Let’s go.”

The two left, taking the illusion field with them. They found their way to a nearby park, and sat under a tree side-by-side. They sighed. Silence settled in as the two just drank in the atmosphere. They then looked to each other. As they held each other’s gaze and were about to go in for a kiss, something stopped them. Some part of them felt as if this was all some fantasy that was too good to be true. What if all of this had been some wonderful, elaborate dream, and when they woke up, it would be as if none of it had ever happened? Had this time together been real, or was one of them just dreaming? Maybe when they’d collided in the street, they had fallen into a state of limbo, between life and death? But, as Arpeggio put his hoof gently on Misdirea’s face to wipe away the tears that had started to gather, and as she found herself snuggling up to him, they felt a new sense of reality in all of this. They had done something that their fathers would be livid over if they’d known about it. They had connected in a way that their families, as far as they knew, never had before in the past. They were glad to be with each other in this moment, this beautiful, seemingly impossible, moment. Then they turned to each other, and smiled.

Brushing a bit of hair out of her eye with his magic, Arpeggio spoke softly. “We’ll be together again, perhaps later this week. But sadly, we must bit each other adieu for now.”

Looking solemn, Misdirea sighed. “I know that you are right. I just… wish this could last longer.”

Lifting her chin with his hoof, Arpeggio smiled. “Perhaps next time, it can. Until then…” He then gently pecked her on the cheek. “I will keep you in my thoughts always, my sweet.”

Blushing a little, Misdirea gently pecked him on one of his cheeks. “As will I keep you in mine, my darling.”

After waiting until the coast was clear (and their respective blushes had died down), the illusion field came down, and the two went their separate ways once more. However, little did they know that somepony had seen and overheard from the bushes...

The First Tale, Part Three

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Chapter Three

Arpeggio Aurora & Misdirea Sleight

Deception Revealed

Misdirea was in daze as she went home. Was this what love did to people? Sure, they knew they liked each other quite a lot, but they still were somewhat uncertain if it was just a mutual crush, or true love. Regardless, she had never quite felt this way in her entire life! She was quite distracted for the rest of the day, even through dinner. Later, during the night she received a letter in her room from Arpeggio via magic. He was asking if they could go to the theater in two days for the new play that was to be performed. She sent her reply, a fervent yes. She was happier than she’d ever been in her life! She went to sleep, dreaming of what the future could bring.

The next day, she woke with little trouble, and went down to eat breakfast with her family. It was a quiet morning, as was usual. Her family was still unaware of who exactly her love interest was, and she intended to keep it that was for as long as possible. She busied herself for the remainder of the day, getting ready for tonight. Her father came home from his business meeting a few hours before the time for her to leave arrived, and he took her aside. "Misdirea, I've heard a disturbing rumor from one of my co-workers... please, tell me that you aren't doing the unthinkable!"

Misdirea's eyes widened, and she gasped. had somepony seen them last night? Nevertheless, she regained composure, and put on a mask of anger as the other members of the family listened in. "Perish the thought, father! Me, with that Aurora scum?! Clearly, whoever saw that needs their eyes checked! I was with my date at the time, I assure you. I did run across Arpeggio, but we had quite the disagreement. i think I'll have to find whoever claims this, and set them straight myself! I'll just have to be a little late to my date tonight. Now, who did your co-worker hear hear this drivel from?"

Proud of his daughter's resolve, Turmoil beamed. "That's my girl! Setting right your reputation, what an admirable thing. My co-worker heard it from the pastry chef at the Pastry Palace. The guy claimed to have seen for himself, and to have overheard quite the chatter. I trust that you'll clear this up handily."

Nodding, Misdirea smiled. "I will go post-haste, father." She left,and stormed her way over to the Pastry Palace with fury on her face. The townsfolk parted to make way for her, and she barged in to the establishment. "Where is your head chef? I must have a word with him."

Out of the back came an Earth Pony stallion, fur of chocolate brown. His green eyes took one look at Misdirea, and he trembled a little. He gained his composure, and gestured to the back with a hoof. Taking the hint, Misdirea followed him inside as all the other cooks were ushered out. Misdirea then cast a silencing field, so nobody else could hear them. "You. My father says you claim to have seen me 'dating' Arpeggio Aurora. Is this true?"

The chef nodded timidly, his ashen mane bobbing a bit. "I-i know what I saw, I even heard your speech! You called him 'my darling'! The evidence is-!"

He was then encased in orange magic, and thrown against a wall. Misdirea glared at him, scowling. "Listen here. you clearly misheard, misinterpreted. I was addressing my date as he left. Arpeggio only so happened to be there. He was in the way, as my date had gone around him. That scene was not what you thought it was, and you will tell everyone that I explained to you the truth of the situation. Is that clear?" the chef nodded, and she let him go. "Good."

However, as she was leaving, he got back up, and smirked and whispered to himself. "Your secret is safe with me, Misdirea."

Later, at the theater...

Misdirea arrived with little trouble, and sighed. She had ensured that the chef explained to all those he told how 'wrong' he was, and that she'd been so kind as to clear things up. But as she sat there in her dress from yesterday, she couldn't help but feel he knew that she was having him lie. As she saw Arpeggio approach, she cast her illusion field once more once eyes were off of her. He approached, and entered within. She remained silent until they were in their private booth together. She then put up a silence field, and turned to him. "Somebody say us last night, Arpeggio. The chef from that pastry shop." He was about to respond, but she held up a hoof. "I've gotten him to rescind the rumor he was spreading, but I fear he knows the truth of it. What are we to do? Is this a sign that we shouldn't be together? That this was a mistake?"

Arpeggio turned her face to his own, and looked her in the eye. He kissed her on the lips, surprising her. However, she soon melted away into the feeling, kissing back until he pulled away. He then smiled. "I don't think we'd feel quite this way if this way if this was a mistake, Misdirea. I think... that this is but a trial of our love. If we overcome all thrown our way, we might be able to be together. We've just gotta have faith that it'll all work out. Don't you want to see if it can work?"

She sighed as she leaned against him. "I do, I truly do. But our families will never approve. Even if we elope, they will disown us both! I... I don't know if I can continue, if that is the end we'll meet."

She then felt him rub her back, trying to soothe her. “It’s alright. I’m scared too. But if we don’t try, how will we live with the regret of not following through? Whatever we may face, I think it will be worth it if we’re still together.”

The two looked at one another, and Misdirea smiled softly. “I sure hope so, Arpeggio. I sure hope so…” The two then kissed once more, absorbed into themselves for what seemed like an eternity.

But then, something happened. She heard magic being charged near the edge of her field. She broke away, and hissed at him. "Hide! Father's here!"

Taking the hint, Arpeggio ran down the corridor opposite of the direction her father was coming from. Misdirea then dispelled her field, and her father entered the booth. “Misdirea, why were you using an illusion field? Is there something you should tell me?”

Misdirea replied readily, without hesitation. “Oh, I just didn’t feel like being disturbed on my date, father. Speaking of my date, he hasn’t yet come back from the bathroom…”

Instead of leaving, Turmoil sat next to his daughter, and spoke with her. “Misdirea, my little girl… how much you’ve changed. Never before were you even interesting in courting stallions, and now you’re on your second date! It’s a bit hard to think that you’ve grown up so much…” He ruffled her mane a bit, and smiled. “So, when will I meet him? You can’t keep me in the dark forever, you know.”

Abashed, Misdirea looked away and whispered to herself. “Little do you know that you’ve already met him…” She then shook her head at his quirked eyebrow. “Oh, he’s just a bit apprehensive of meeting you. I don’t think that he’s quite ready for that.”

It was at this moment as Turmoil was about to leave that fate decided to screw her over. Arpeggio came back, and before he could leave, Turmoil turned around and encased him in his light blue magic. “Well now, what do we have here? An Aurora, barging into my daughter’s private booth for her date night! Why I ought to-!” But then, he saw a ticket float out of his pocket. He grabbed it in his magic as well. “What’s this now?” He brought it towards himself, and his eyes went wide. Upon it were the the printed words: “Private Booth Number 4”. It was the same number on the booth that they were in, and his haunted eyes went over to Misdirea. “Misdirea…? What’s the meaning of this?”

The gaze felt so cold as it dug into her, making her feel uncomfortable as she backed up. How could she possibly explain? What could she say to save this? Was there any excuse she could use? Yes, there was one thing she could try. It was a long shot, but… she breathed deeply, and took control of the magic holding Arpeggio. She sent him a subtle wink before she thrust him against the wall. “You dare steal my date’s ticket?! What madness has possessed you, Aurora? How did you overcome him?”

However, before Arpeggio could reply, Turmoil grabbed Misdirea’s ticket, and touched it to the one that fell out of Arpeggio’s pockets. The two tickets resonated with magic, and the magic encased the pair, cutting off Misdirea’s spell as her muzzle went pale. Turmoil spoke sternly. “Misdirea Mirage Sleight. You have lied to me, and your family!” She felt his eyes that were seething with rage bore into her. He then yelled at the top of his lungs. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DATING AN AURORA!!! OF ALL THE PONIES IT COULD’VE BEEN, IT HAD. TO BE. HIM!!!”

The entire theater went silent at Turmoil’s outburst. Just then, Brilliant Aurora burst in, grabbing his son. “What in Tartarus, boy! Going and dating a Sleight, of all ponies!” He glared at Turmoil with burning hatred. “At least the two of us can apparently agree on one thing. You are in serious trouble, Arpeggio Aurora!”

He then proceeded to drag him away, and Turmoil grabbed his daughter. “You are going to be sent to the tower, young lady. And no force on this earth will dissuade me.” She was then dragged out of the theater, and the pastry chef looked on from the sidelines with the new dish in tow. He had planned on visiting them, and giving it to the intrepid couple, but now he could not. He slunk away before he could be spotted, intent on doing what he could to help them later.

The First Tale, Part Four

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Chapter Four

Arpeggio Aurora & Misdirea Slight

Tragedy Strikes

“Arg!” Arpeggio hit the wall of his room roughly, and he could barely look at his father’s disappointed look.

His father shook his head. “Oh, Arpeggio. Why did you do this? You lied to us, and broke the sacred law of our family! We do not consort with Sleights! Not since…” He cut himself off as he shook his head. “You will stay in here, and think on what you’ve done.” The door then slammed shut, and was locked from the outside.

For about an hour or two, Arpeggio banged on the walls of his impromptu cell, to no avail. This was not good. He had to get out of this tower, and see Misdirea. No power on this earth would stop him, and- “Pst!” Who was that trying to get his attention? Arpeggio went to the window to see who it was. Arpeggio gasped. It was that pastry chef! He didn’t know how or why the chef was there, but he was grateful that the chef had brought a ladder to set against the windowsill. Arpeggio climbed down carefully, as to not be heard by his family. Once on the ground, he made to thank the chef, but his mouth was covered before he could voice it. “We have no time for this!” He took Arpeggio to the edge of the property, and got him through the gate. He then shared one last look with Arpeggio. “Go! Your loved one awaits!”

Arpeggio smiled, and nodded his thanks. He then ran off into the distance, towards the home of the mare he loved. He hurried off, faster and faster, as if racing against fate itself. Arpeggio was more determined than ever before to reach her. In his mind, he felt as if no force on Mytharia could stop him. Then, he saw the tower that Misdirea was being kept in. He slowed down as he entered the back garden, careful not to alert the other Sleights to his presence. Once he was close to the tower, Misdirea just so happened to turn and see him. Her surprise was evident on her face, but she managed to control her volume. “Arpeggio? How did you get here?”

Arpeggio broke out into a small grin, and chuckled lightly. “That chef from the pastry shop got a ladder to me. That guy sure is full of surprises.”

Misdirea was still a bit in shock at Arpeggio being there. This surely was a miracle from on high. But, she had to be careful. There was no telling when her father would come knocking. “It is good to see you here, but you must run! My father will kill you if he sees you back here! Go!”

Arpeggio knew she was right, but just as he was about to reply, he heard another voice. “You’re not supposed to be here, Aurora. I’ll fix that.” Arpeggio turned suddenly to see the eldest of the Sleight children glaring at him, but he wasn’t fast enough to react to the spell he cast.

Arpeggio slumped on the ground, barely hearing his name be called out as his head hit the grass.

Misdirea had been helpless to stop them as her oldest brother dragged Arpeggio away. There was nothing to be done- Arpeggio was likely killed with that magic, and Misdirea was then going to be given in marriage to some noble. She couldn’t stand for it. She feigned sleep until the entire house went dark, and then she enacted her plan. If Arpeggio was dead, she would just have to go with him. She grabbed a dagger, and tied together some bedsheets to descend the tower. She was not staying here one moment longer.
She rushed off in the dead of night, to the one place that she knew he might be. Call it some kind of insight from on high, or some gut feeling, it didn’t matter. She barreled through the streets of Ivoryspire, not pausing for anything. Then, at long last, she reached the Crypt. Carefully, she found her way inside- and what she saw almost broke her. Lying as still as a statue on a large stone surface was Arpeggio. He almost looked peaceful like this. Tears ran down her cheeks. Why did it have to be this way? Just when they were figuring out how much they cared for each other, it was all taken away. Seeing him like this, she could bare it no more.
With a final tear down her face, she whispered these last words: “Always together, right? My darling…? She then plunged the dagger straight into her heart, and she slumped over Arpeggio’s form in a pool of blood and tears.

But fate is a cruel thing. Arpeggio woke in the morning, and saw Misdirea’s state before him. Wide-eye panic set in. Had she mistaken him for dead and taken her own life? That spell certainly would’ve made him appeared dead, so he could hardly blame her. But to have this as his first sight in the morning… It made him feel ill. No doubt his family and Misdirea’s would find them here. And if they found him like this… it wouldn’t end well. With no other option before him, he grabbed the dagger from Misdirea’s chest. He smiled sadly. “Always together. My sweet.
With little hesitation, he followed Misdirea’s example, and took his own life.

It was some time until they were found. The Sleight family and the Aurora family found the place together, and when they saw the sight before them, their blood curled. Two who were not supposed to be together, now dead in each other’s embrace. Murmurs went through the two families for a while, uncertain what to think about it. But then, they reached a decision. They went on to barry the couple in a shared grave marked thusly:

Here lie Arpeggio Aurora and Misdirea Sleight

The Forbidden Pair From Opposite Sides Of The Divide

Let their tragedy always remind us that love knows no boundaries.

The two families made amends, but it would take many generations for any of their descendants to fancy anyone in the other family like Arpeggio and Misdirea had. As for the chef, he soon after start making a special treat dedicated to them- The Couple’s Heart. This was the very same one he had them test earlier, and now he had perfected it. The Couple’s Heart is still sold in bakeries to this day, but the name of the chef has long been forgotten.

The End Of the First Tale

The Next Tale is… Celestia and Discord in the Post-Unification Era.

The Second Tale, Interlude & Part One

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Canterlot, Principality of Equestria, 18 Years After Unification

The Royal Sisters have ruled well for the past 18 years. They are young and full of life, and all under their rule seem to love them. The elder, Celestia, who brings them the day. The younger, Luna, who brings them the night. Both are appreciated for their gifts and talents. However, populaces will murmur, so naturally, their thoughts gravitate to when their beloved rulers might find love… and one of them is soon to find it in a very strange way…

Chapter Five

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Invitation

Celestia sighed. Her sister could be a hoofful at times, that was for sure. Not to mention the populace insisting that she get married… She shook her head. She likely had no time for such flights of fancy. Just as the court was winding down for the day, a messenger came into the room. “Princess Celestia! Missive for you from a far-off land!” The messenger was allowed to approach, and he hoofed of the letter to Celestia. She stared at the seal on it for a moment, drinking it in. It was an odd symbol, of a wild and treatrous wood entertwined with a peaceful meadow flawlessly. She opened and read it:

“To the Princess of the Sun, Celestia:

We, of the Grand Dichotomy of Draqonequi, invite you and your sister to a meeting. Our land is far from yours, but we will send a method of travel to bring you here. The occasion is the coronation of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of our nation, since they have reached the age of majority. We know that the regent for your land has recently stepped down, and hope that you will bear witness to this momentous occasion. Please reply swiftly.

With regards,

King Stialus and Queen Calamia.”

This was a bit surprising, to say the least. There had been whispers of such creatures, but to think that they existed was beyond exciting. Celestia turned to her scribe. “Hallowed Record, write a response to the affirmative immediately. I will overview it later.” She got up from her throne, and spoke to the crowd. “Court is dismissed for the day. I must inform my sister of this news.” She trotted off, a spring in her step. After all, the potential for an ally this early in Equestria’s formal existence was quite welcome indeed. Celestia almost burst in Luna’s room, but then recalled how well that went last time. After a shiver down her spine, she chose to knock, as to alert her sister. After being bade to enter, Celestia slipped in. She spoke excitedly as soon as she had Luna’s attention. “Sister! Another nation has sent us missive, bidding us visit! This is big, considering the looming war with the Griffons. We could ask that they help us! An ally this early in our nation’s life is indispensable! We must make haste!”

Luna was a bit groggy, but the prospect of an ally nation so soon was rather exciting. However, she shook her head. “You go, sister. I will stay here with our ponies. They need at least one of us to stay with them.”

Celestia was about to object, but her sister did have a point. She sighed in defeat, and smiled. “I suppose you are right. Take good charge of them, my sister. I will meet with the Draquonequi.” She stood, and went back to the throne room. She turned to her scribe, and asked to see the letter. She gave it a once-over, and edited to say that her sister had decided to stay, for the ponies’ sake. She sent it off with her magic, anticipation going down her spine. She couldn’t help but wonder what these Draconequi were like…

Equalis, The Grand Dichotomy of Draconequi

Discord yawned. Days like this were dreadfully dull, but he knew that tomorrow was likely to be more to his liking. He looked over to his father, smiling at a note from some far-off land. Discord scoffed. His father was the furthest thing from Discord, but his sister was much more like him. “Bro~ther!”

Speaking of… He turned to his sister, an orderly Draconequus. Her frame was mirrored on each side; much like his father. He, on the other claw, was much more like their mother in disposition and make-up. He rolled his eyes. “What is it, Concordia? Are you here to rub in how droll this day is?”

She shook her head, giggling a little. “No! Don’t you know? Tonight’s our coronation as Crown Prince and Crown Princess! You’ll be able to have your version of fun there too, you know.”

Caught off guard, Discord blinked. He’d completely forgotten. That was today? He supposed he did have something to look forward to after all. He was about to respond when his father cut in on the conversation. “That’s not all, Concordia. Tonight, I have invited the Princess of the Sun from Equestria to join us. I had asked for her to bring her sister as well, but it seems the Princess of the Moon is staying behind for their subject’s sake. Quite regrettable, but perfectly understandable.” He turned to Discord. “I want you on your best behavior, my boy. The Principality of Equestria may be rather young, but they are strong. It would not do well for us if they became our enemy.”

Discord sighed, and shrugged. “I’ll try, father. No promises, though.” Inwardly though, gears began to turn in his head. Foreign royalty, eh? Now this should be fun Discord wandered off to get ready for tonight, for it certainly was better than sitting around being bored. Tonight was going to be something else indeed...

Back in Canterlot…

Celestia tried to calm herself. She had made her way to the front of the castle, just as she had informed King Stialus in her letter. It didn’t take much longer for a strange looking creature to descend from above. It was an amalgamation of parts, yet they flowed together quite seamlessly. The creature landed, and bowed slightly, speaking in a masculine tone. “Princess Celestia of Equestria. On behalf of the King and Queen of the Grand Dichotomy, I will escort you to our lands.” He stood, and flapped his eagle wings and ascended into the air. He beckoned Celestia to follow, and she obliged. The two then flew off to the far south east. Celestia’s nerves were on edge during the long flight. What was the royalty like? Kind? Harmonious? She supposed that she would have to wait to see for herself…

The Second Tale, Part Two

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Chapter Six

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Meeting

The flight’d been quite long, but it seemed worth it as they approached the edge of the land. The land was a strange duality of order and chaos that somehow seemed to work. The castle too was half something that made sense, and half something that didn’t. They soon set down in front of the castle, a pair of double doors as the entrance. The one on the right was ornate white marble, the one on the left was jagged and twisted onyx stone. Her draconequus escort went up to the doors, and pushed them open. He smiled at her. “Welcome, to the Castle of Dichotomy. The seat of power amongst the draconequui. Please, follow me to the throne room.”

Celestia looked around this strange place. The right half was on par with the brilliant luster of her own Canterlot, while the left half was as strange and twisted as the Everfree. In one part of the castle, the subjects were just as seamless as her escort. But the other half looked far less so. Parts connected at clashing points, and a serious lack of symmetry. The seamless ones were about as orderly as could be, but the mismatched ones were sporadic pranksters. It was a strange sight to see such drastically different kinds of creatures getting along so well. As she was guided to the throne room by her escort, she almost thought she felt eyes on her, but she couldn’t seem to find the owner of the gaze that was upon her. She pushed the feeling aside as she found herself in what was clearly the throne room.

On one side was an ornate throne of gold and rubies, and on the other was a gnarled tree-like chair. But the confusing thing is that the gnarled throne was in the orderly half, and the ornate throne was in the chaotic half. Upon the gnarled throne was what she presumed was the Queen; a mismatch of many parts. The tail of a lion, a leg of an elephant, a leg of a bird, a claw of a dragon, a paw of a rabbit, the body of a snake, one wing of a crow, one wing of a fly, a head that was more draconic than equine, one sharp overhanging tooth, eyes of blue and orange, one horn of a ram, and one antler of an elk. The king sat on the other throne, and he was far more cohesive. His legs were scaled like a dragon, his arms were the talons of a dove, his body and tail were that of a kangaroo, his wings were those of a swan, his head was more equine than draconic, his teeth were sharp yet evenly so, his eyes were gold and white, and his antennae were those of a moth. The king smiled. “Welcome, Princess Celestia. It is a shame that your sister could not be here, but it is understandable. The ceremony will start in a short while, but first you should meet them. Concordia! Discord! Our guest has arrived!”

Once called, two figures came into the room. The female was as symmetrical as the king was, but the male was as mismatched as the queen. The female had legs of a wolf, the male had one goat leg and one lizard leg. The female had a body and tail feathers of a raven, the male had a gray furred body with a spined tail. The female had forelimbs of a dragon, the male had one lion’s paw and one eagle talon. The female had wings like a butterfly, the male had one pegasus wing and one bat wing. The female had a head that was more equine than draconic, while the male was reversed. The female had two protruding fangs that were short and stubby, the male had one overhanging snaggle tooth like the queen. The female had blue and purple eyes, the male had yellow and red eyes. The female had two horns of a goat, the male had one deer antler and one short spiraled horn. The female curtseyed, introducing herself. “I am Concordia, Princess of The Grand Dichotomy. I will be crowned the Crown Princess of Order.”

The male approached, a gleam in his eye. He bowed. “I am Discord, Prince of this land. I’ll be given the title of Crown Prince of Chaos!” He backed off a bit, leaving Celestia a bit stunned and stood and snickered as the king glared. “Sorry pops, I know you said to ‘behave’, but… this is as nice as I get.” He then proceed to lie on thin air and float. “‘Sides, you should've expected me to not memorize that speech ya gave me to say. I prefer to speak from the top of my head.”

The king sighed, looking towards Celestia. “Sorry about him. He’s rather… rambunctious.”

Celestia shook herself. The odd feeling she had when Discord’d approached still bothered her, but she could analyze that later. She smiled. “It’s alright, your majesty. I don’t mind. It’s actually quite refreshing.”

The king seemed perplexed at that, but his wife grasped his left talon with her paw. “Relax. If it’s fine by her, you don’t have to be so harsh on Discord.”

The king sighed, nodding. He and his wife stood, and he addressed the room. “Well, let’s get going. The coronation will start soon, so we must get ready.”

The two of them led the way out of the throne room, and Concordia, Discord, and Celestia followed. During the walk, Celestia made a bit of small talk. “So, out of curiosity, how long has the Grand Dichotomy been around?”

The king chuckled. “Many millennia. We’ve kept an eye on many nations over the years, and how they’ve risen and fallen. Yet yours shows promise. It seems prudent to make allies with what’s likely to become a great nation someday.”

A nod from Celestia. These draconequui certainly were interesting. Especially Discord...

The Second Tale, Part Three

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Chapter Seven

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Promise Given

Soon they made their way towards the grand ballroom, and Celestia had learned much about the Grand Dichotomy. Apparently, it had been founded to bring together the Orderlies and the Chaotics. These names are the names of the two tribes of draquonequui that existed in the Dichotomy. She had also learned much about Discord and his sister Concordia. Discord loved making others laugh, and seeing the joy it brought others. Concordia was more of a motherly figure, kind and nurturing. Discord was kind in his own way, even if he showed it oddly. Concordia had her own way of bringing cheer, even if it was softer. Celestia found herself getting along quite well with them, even letting slip something that she’d been thinking for a while. "Your nation is far different from ours, but that’s fine. If all your people are as personable as you, I think that our two nations will get along famously."

Discord shrugged. “Well, that’s nice. It’d be fun to visit Equestria sometime, to help them acclimate to us. After all, we’re quite different from ponies.” A smirk rose upon his face. “Though, I can’t help but wonder how your ponies will react to us. Oh, I so hope it’s with glee or enthusiasm!” His expression soured slightly. “ It’d be no fun if they didn’t like us…”

Celestia smiled. “Oh, you’ve nothing to worry about. Once I’ve explained to them what your people are like, they will be glad enough, I’m sure.” She paused, a pensive frown forming. “Though, some nobles might not like you. Unfortunate, but there’s likely little that we can do about that.”

A silence fell as they approached the edge of the ballroom. Celestia sat in the front row of chairs as the King and Queen took their children to the stage. Across from them was a very old and wizened Draquonequus, one that bore attributes from both tribes. He spoke in a voice full of authority and power that ill fit one so frail. “Today marks the first step for our young Prince and Princess to inherit the throne after their parents. On this, their 21st birthday, we have them take the sacred oaths together.”

He looked towards Concordia first, who cleared her throat and recited from memory. “I, Concordia, named for the force of Order; do humble myself before the Dichotomous Priest. To take upon myself the responsibility to carry forward the legacy of the Crown of Order. I take this plunge, knowing that when the time comes, I will be looked towards for stability and grace, for straightforwardness and devoutness, and for calmness and truth. I stand here now as one half of what will be a greater whole that will continue to unite our people for generations to come.”

A cheer went through the Orderlies, while most of the Chaotics rolled their eyes. The priest then turned his attention to Discord, who shifted on the spot. His speech hadn’t been practiced, but it came from his heart. “You all know me, Discord. Named for one of the great leaders of the Chaotics long ago. I won't mince words; I gladly will embrace this, the task set before me. I know what comes with taking the Crown of Chaos, and I’d be lying if I said that I feel unintimidated by the prospect. But as I look upon you today, I find myself ready to become a beacon of flexibilit, cheer, imagination, charitableness, approachableness, and inspiration. I feel now that I’m ready to commit to being one half of a greater whole that hopes to keep our people together as one until the end of time itself.”

A cheer went throughout the Chaotics as the Orderlies looked a bit miffed. The priest held up a talon to quiet the crowd. He took out two crowns from a cabinet that was behind him. One was made from pristine platinum and had esquizite tourmalines, rubies, and topazes embeded in an appealing pattern. It had embeded into the forefront half of an amethyst that looked to be gnarled like an old tree. The other was made of a blackish metal that Celstia didn’t recognize. It had rough blue sapphires, emeralds, and covelites strewn throughout in random assortments. It had the other half of the amethyst embeded into it, formed into what looked like a spry and young maple. The priest placed the former on Concoria’s head, and the latter on Discord’s. The two rose, and the priest addressed the crowd. “Behold, for I give you Crown Princess Concordia, Presever of Order and Crown Prince Discord, Herald of Chaos!”

A united cheer went through the crowd, and the festivities began. Concordia went to chat with her future subjects, but Discord went over to talk with Celestia, and her heart skipped a beat. He looked slightly different now, as if something was missing before and now it’d been filled. She chuckled nervously. “How are you, your highness?”

He batted his paw. “Psh! Please, none of that between us. Adress me by name, I insist. I never was much for titles.”

Celestia sighed. “Discord… I’ve… somethign to ask you.” he tilted his head, and motioned for her to continue. “I was wondering if you had… somebody you fancied.”

Discord chuckled, a rosy tint rising to his cheeks. “Look in a mirror lately?”

Celestia blinked. “Me? But…”

Discord hushed her. “You feel the same way, right?” She gave a slow nod, then he continued. “But here’s the thing. We aren’t supposed to marry anyone that’s not Draquonequus. We’d have to keep this secret.”

Celestia considered that for a moment, and nodded. “I promise. I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes. Once you are king… you can change the rules. I can wait for then.”

Discord smiled and pecked her lightly on the cheek once nobody could see. “It’s a promise, then.” The two then bade one another farewell, and Celestia was escorted home.

The Second Tale, Part Four

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Chapter Eight

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Promise Broken

Over the years that followed, Discord and Celestia would meet in secret. Him disguising himself as a pony to court her in Equestria, and her letting him disguise her as a Draquonequus to court her in the Dichotomy. News in both nations was rampant about these ruses- Equestria was buzzing about “Professor Enigma”, the first to court Celestia. The Dichotomy was obsessing about “Systema”, the order draconequus that had favor with Discord. Yet over the years, their escapades grew less frequent. At first, Discord explained that the preparations for him to become King were mounting, as were his sister’s lessons for Queenship. This was fine, for Celestia knew that he was himself, and he was being honest. But then he just stopped visiting her. At first, Celestia wasn’t too concerned. But then her sister came bearing bad news. “Sister… it’s the Dichotomy. They request our help immediately! Apparently, something’s gone wrong with Discord…”

Celestia stood with a start. “Get the Elements. We might need them…” Her sister ran off, and Celestia whispered to herself. “Dissy… what’s happened to you?”

They left in a flurry, and she and her sister flew quickly towards Dichotogard. What they saw when they arrived was a large beam of twisted, dark energy. Celestia poured on speed, his sister quick to follow. It wasn’t long after that Celestia stormed into the throne room, and saw the King and Queen on the floor, along with Concordia. She looked to see Discord in the beam of energy, and saw that he was changing. She looked to the royals. “What is going on here? What have you done to him?”

The King stood. “He was acting oddly, so… I tried to change that. But now…” He looked away. “I fear that this mistake will have grave consequences, beyond what I might anticipate.”

The Queen looked to her husband with disgust. “Of course he was acting oddly! He’s the blasted PRINCE OF CHAOS!” She shook her head as she looked back at the beam. “Oh, my poor boy…”

Celestia let a tear fall. “Dissy… My sweet Dissy.” She turned to Luna. “Get ready. We might have no choice…”

Concordia looked on, at first confused. But then she saw the look in Celestia’s eye… and she understood. “There never was a ‘Systema’, was there? That was you. There never was a “Professor Enigma”, either. That was him.” She looked away, pained. “I see now. No wonder dad thought Discord was acting off… he was hiding such a large secret…”

Luna turned to look at Celestia, shock on her face. “Is this… true, sister?”

Celestia was about to respond, but then the beam blasted away, and Discord looked only somewhat different. His eyes now bore a more maddened and crazed look, and his frame was much larger now. He stood, and cackled as thunder roared from nowhere. He lowered his gaze, and saw fear upon the faces around him. Celestia tried to reason with him. “Dissy, it’s me! Celly! Don’t you recall? Please, don’t do this!”

He chuckled, and let out a blast of magic from his paw. Celestia was shocked, but Concordia jumped and pushed her away, taking the hit. She looked up at her brother. “Dis...cord…” Her form turned into stone in seconds.

Discord laughed. “Chaos! Rampant CHAOS! No more holding back!”

His mother stood and looked to her husband as the world twisted and reformed into a new, bent out shape. She yelled. “Look at what your obsession with perfection has done to our son! This is all your fault!” She approached her son, and called out. “Discord! Do not give in to Anarchy! You are more than that!”

Discord roared, and his eyes swirled an angry red as he fired more magic, this time at his mother. His father tried to get there in time to push her out of the magic’s blast, but he only ended up getting himself caught in it. His wife cried as the spell took effect. “Stubborn… fool…”

He smiled as they turned to stone. “Always… yours…”

Once the two were stone, all the other Draquonequui were thrown into panic. Discord laughed as he powered up his magic. “CHAOS! MORE CHAOS!

Luna looked at Celestia. “We have to do something. I know that you might not like it, but… he’s gone. We have no choice, Celestia.”

Tears rolled down Celestia’s face as she gave a reluctant nod. “I know. There’s… nothing left of who he once was. He has been… consumed.” She gave a sigh as she looked at Discord. “Come on. Let’s do this.” The two pulled out six brilliant stones of different colors. The stones started to circle around the pair as they channeled their magic through them, focusing it through the purple one.

This caught Discord’s attention. He laughed. “You cannot stop the Chaos! The madness! All will be twisted!”

Celestia and Luna looked as Discord’s magic twisted the former kingdom into a strangled ruin where none of it made any sense and all the Draquonequui started to become something else. Some became plants, and other strange new feral beasts. Others became rivers, and others stones and dust. Celestia summoned her strength. “That’s enough! Discord, this is for your own good, and the world’s!” Her final tear fell. “Goodbye. ...Dissy.” Working with her sister, the shot forth a rainbow beam of energy from the stones as Discord was laughing. He was cut short as his form turned to stone. As the light dimmed, Celestia half-expected Discord’s magic to be undone. Yet, here were no Draquonequui. All that was left were ruins that floated in the air, and no sign of sapient life anywhere.

Celestia cried, and Luna held her. After a few moments of silence, they parted and Celestia grabbed Discord’s statue. They teleported back to the castle, setting Discord in the garden.

The End Of the Second Tale

The Next Story is… Luna and Bolero Brilliance in the Post-Discordian Era.

The Third Tale, Introduction & Part One

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After the debacle with Discord, The ponies were sent into a flurry. Never before had a pony fallen for a member of another sapient race. The questions plagued Celestia, causing her great distress. However, Luna’s intervention stopped Celestia from spiralling into becoming Daybreaker. The days whittled away, and soon they numbered in years. It seemed that Celestia had more or less recovered from the mess after Discord had been defeated, and most these days new better than to bring it up. However, none were expecting Luna to ever find love as her sister almost had...

Chapter Nine

Luna & Bolero Brilliance

A Chance Encounter

It all started typically. These days, Luna’s night was growing more unappreciated by the ponies. She felt so torn. She knew that ponies needed their rest, but would it be so bad for them to stay up a little later? As she went about her business, she heard a beautiful melody. Startled, Luna dropped what she was doing. Nopony else was awake at this hour, not even her sister. Intrigued, Luna followed the sound until she found its source. It was coming from a quaint little house, built to accommodate one. The resident was interesting, too. He looked awfully similar to the legendary Arpeggio Aurora, yet different. His coat was a deep royal blue, and his mane was a sleek black like a starless night sky. He then stopped playing his violin, and looked up and opened his vibrant green eyes. He smiled. “Princess Luna. It is an honor to meet you, your majesty.”

He bowed, much like other ponies would for her sister. When was the last time that a pony had addressed her? It felt like such a long time ago… She shook off the novelty, and then questioned the stallion. “Pray tell, what are you doing out at this hour? Wouldn’t you rather be resting up for tomorrow?”

The stallion let out a chuckle that grasped Luna and made her feel strange. “I prefer the night and its enchanting charm. ‘Tis a shame that you and I are the only ones that seem to appreciate it so, don’t you think?”

Luna nodded, the strange feeling brimming. She just had one question left to ask of this stranger. “You are the first in a long time to share my opinion. What might be your name, sir?”

He paused as he processed what he had been asked. He smiled widely, his response firm. “Bolero Brilliance, your majesty.”

Luna raised a hoof, causing him to look upon her in confusion. She spoke gently. “Please, call me by name. T’would be nice to have you be my friend amidst my troubles.”

Blinking for a while, Bolero finally regained his composure, and gave a nod. “Sure. You got it, y- *mhm*. Luna.” He chuckled, rubbing his head a bit. “It’s going to take a bit getting used to that!”

Luna smiled. Here was somepony that shared in her passion, somepony that understood her love of the night’s beauty. The feeling swelled inside, but Luna couldn’t afford to be hasty. She was a Princess, and he was an average citizen. Still… would it be so wrong if this feeling was what she thought it was? She cleared the thought aside, as she lay down to be more on eye level with Bolero. She needed to know more about him. “Bolero, why do you live in such modest accommodations? Your music surely could afford you a mansion of great size…”

At that querry, Bolero shook his head. “I do not believe in wasting money for space I do not need. Even if I were to perform concerts that sold out to thousands of ponies, I would never buy such a waste of money. I am a frugal individual, and no amount of fame or fortune would change that.”

The way that he worded it piqued her curiosity. “If? Why is it that you don’t have concerts like that? Your music is beautiful, it should be heard by many!”

A flattered blush rose upon his face as he scratched the back of his head. “Th-thank you for that, Luna. It means a lot.” He sighed as he regained his composure. “The reason is… well, most ponies don’t feel the same. They are either too busy with their daily lives to care, or else think that my music is too strange. I can barely scrape by through the pity of those that tip into my hat when I perform on the streets. I’m lucky to have a roof over my head at all.”

The plight of Bolero really struck her. He was an artist, like her. His work was underappreciated, like her night was. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t just give him money. Celestia had sealed the coffers behind lengthy and confusing jargon. Luna sighed deeply at this conundrum. Oh, how she wanted to forget her troubles… She smiled. “Could you play again? I'd very much like to hear it again before I have to go back to the castle.”

After blinking in surprise, Bolero had a grin on his face as he readied his violin. “Absolutely. For you, I could do almost anything.” Luna was about to ask what that meant when his song started up again. This one was different than the one that she had followed here. This one felt comforting and reassuring while the first one was full of longing. The music flowed through the air, and Luna couldn’t help but let her smile grow as she listened. This pony certainly earned his Cutie Mark of a golden treble clef with a rainbow curled around it. The song soared in her heart, and she felt a familiar feeling behind it. Soon after, the song faded, and she saw Bolero looking a bit bashful. “Pardon my boldness, but… you make me feel things I never thought I would before. Would you-?”

She silenced him with a quick peck on the lips. She blushed, and flew off.