• Published 14th Feb 2018
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Tales Of Star-Crossed Love - The REAL Mister Pkmn

Short stories revolving around pairs of ponies in love that can't seem to catch a break.

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The Third Tale, Introduction & Part One


After the debacle with Discord, The ponies were sent into a flurry. Never before had a pony fallen for a member of another sapient race. The questions plagued Celestia, causing her great distress. However, Luna’s intervention stopped Celestia from spiralling into becoming Daybreaker. The days whittled away, and soon they numbered in years. It seemed that Celestia had more or less recovered from the mess after Discord had been defeated, and most these days new better than to bring it up. However, none were expecting Luna to ever find love as her sister almost had...

Chapter Nine

Luna & Bolero Brilliance

A Chance Encounter

It all started typically. These days, Luna’s night was growing more unappreciated by the ponies. She felt so torn. She knew that ponies needed their rest, but would it be so bad for them to stay up a little later? As she went about her business, she heard a beautiful melody. Startled, Luna dropped what she was doing. Nopony else was awake at this hour, not even her sister. Intrigued, Luna followed the sound until she found its source. It was coming from a quaint little house, built to accommodate one. The resident was interesting, too. He looked awfully similar to the legendary Arpeggio Aurora, yet different. His coat was a deep royal blue, and his mane was a sleek black like a starless night sky. He then stopped playing his violin, and looked up and opened his vibrant green eyes. He smiled. “Princess Luna. It is an honor to meet you, your majesty.”

He bowed, much like other ponies would for her sister. When was the last time that a pony had addressed her? It felt like such a long time ago… She shook off the novelty, and then questioned the stallion. “Pray tell, what are you doing out at this hour? Wouldn’t you rather be resting up for tomorrow?”

The stallion let out a chuckle that grasped Luna and made her feel strange. “I prefer the night and its enchanting charm. ‘Tis a shame that you and I are the only ones that seem to appreciate it so, don’t you think?”

Luna nodded, the strange feeling brimming. She just had one question left to ask of this stranger. “You are the first in a long time to share my opinion. What might be your name, sir?”

He paused as he processed what he had been asked. He smiled widely, his response firm. “Bolero Brilliance, your majesty.”

Luna raised a hoof, causing him to look upon her in confusion. She spoke gently. “Please, call me by name. T’would be nice to have you be my friend amidst my troubles.”

Blinking for a while, Bolero finally regained his composure, and gave a nod. “Sure. You got it, y- *mhm*. Luna.” He chuckled, rubbing his head a bit. “It’s going to take a bit getting used to that!”

Luna smiled. Here was somepony that shared in her passion, somepony that understood her love of the night’s beauty. The feeling swelled inside, but Luna couldn’t afford to be hasty. She was a Princess, and he was an average citizen. Still… would it be so wrong if this feeling was what she thought it was? She cleared the thought aside, as she lay down to be more on eye level with Bolero. She needed to know more about him. “Bolero, why do you live in such modest accommodations? Your music surely could afford you a mansion of great size…”

At that querry, Bolero shook his head. “I do not believe in wasting money for space I do not need. Even if I were to perform concerts that sold out to thousands of ponies, I would never buy such a waste of money. I am a frugal individual, and no amount of fame or fortune would change that.”

The way that he worded it piqued her curiosity. “If? Why is it that you don’t have concerts like that? Your music is beautiful, it should be heard by many!”

A flattered blush rose upon his face as he scratched the back of his head. “Th-thank you for that, Luna. It means a lot.” He sighed as he regained his composure. “The reason is… well, most ponies don’t feel the same. They are either too busy with their daily lives to care, or else think that my music is too strange. I can barely scrape by through the pity of those that tip into my hat when I perform on the streets. I’m lucky to have a roof over my head at all.”

The plight of Bolero really struck her. He was an artist, like her. His work was underappreciated, like her night was. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t just give him money. Celestia had sealed the coffers behind lengthy and confusing jargon. Luna sighed deeply at this conundrum. Oh, how she wanted to forget her troubles… She smiled. “Could you play again? I'd very much like to hear it again before I have to go back to the castle.”

After blinking in surprise, Bolero had a grin on his face as he readied his violin. “Absolutely. For you, I could do almost anything.” Luna was about to ask what that meant when his song started up again. This one was different than the one that she had followed here. This one felt comforting and reassuring while the first one was full of longing. The music flowed through the air, and Luna couldn’t help but let her smile grow as she listened. This pony certainly earned his Cutie Mark of a golden treble clef with a rainbow curled around it. The song soared in her heart, and she felt a familiar feeling behind it. Soon after, the song faded, and she saw Bolero looking a bit bashful. “Pardon my boldness, but… you make me feel things I never thought I would before. Would you-?”

She silenced him with a quick peck on the lips. She blushed, and flew off.

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Comments ( 6 )

I need some detailed answers on how Discord lost his shit.

Is his tale going to be fleshed out later in the future?

Well, these tales mostly focus on the relationships of the characters focused on in any given arc. I guess I could have there be a side-thing with Celestia finding out something about it that wasn't clear at the time. I'll see what I can do.

Just need a pov from his perspective, that detailed his descent into madness which was held in check by his feelings for celestia until something caused him to snap. Even a faint pause or reluctance to hurt her after succumbing to chaos completely during their finale would've helped.

Stuck on comparing this to how flushed out the first tale was compared to this one.

Okay then. I'll have to go back and edit if that's what you want. Gonna take a while though, seeing as I'm currently dealing with a bad cold.

its just a nitpick, don't worry too much about it and focus on getting better.

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