• Published 14th Feb 2018
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Tales Of Star-Crossed Love - The REAL Mister Pkmn

Short stories revolving around pairs of ponies in love that can't seem to catch a break.

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The First Tale, Part Three

Chapter Three

Arpeggio Aurora & Misdirea Sleight

Deception Revealed

Misdirea was in daze as she went home. Was this what love did to people? Sure, they knew they liked each other quite a lot, but they still were somewhat uncertain if it was just a mutual crush, or true love. Regardless, she had never quite felt this way in her entire life! She was quite distracted for the rest of the day, even through dinner. Later, during the night she received a letter in her room from Arpeggio via magic. He was asking if they could go to the theater in two days for the new play that was to be performed. She sent her reply, a fervent yes. She was happier than she’d ever been in her life! She went to sleep, dreaming of what the future could bring.

The next day, she woke with little trouble, and went down to eat breakfast with her family. It was a quiet morning, as was usual. Her family was still unaware of who exactly her love interest was, and she intended to keep it that was for as long as possible. She busied herself for the remainder of the day, getting ready for tonight. Her father came home from his business meeting a few hours before the time for her to leave arrived, and he took her aside. "Misdirea, I've heard a disturbing rumor from one of my co-workers... please, tell me that you aren't doing the unthinkable!"

Misdirea's eyes widened, and she gasped. had somepony seen them last night? Nevertheless, she regained composure, and put on a mask of anger as the other members of the family listened in. "Perish the thought, father! Me, with that Aurora scum?! Clearly, whoever saw that needs their eyes checked! I was with my date at the time, I assure you. I did run across Arpeggio, but we had quite the disagreement. i think I'll have to find whoever claims this, and set them straight myself! I'll just have to be a little late to my date tonight. Now, who did your co-worker hear hear this drivel from?"

Proud of his daughter's resolve, Turmoil beamed. "That's my girl! Setting right your reputation, what an admirable thing. My co-worker heard it from the pastry chef at the Pastry Palace. The guy claimed to have seen for himself, and to have overheard quite the chatter. I trust that you'll clear this up handily."

Nodding, Misdirea smiled. "I will go post-haste, father." She left,and stormed her way over to the Pastry Palace with fury on her face. The townsfolk parted to make way for her, and she barged in to the establishment. "Where is your head chef? I must have a word with him."

Out of the back came an Earth Pony stallion, fur of chocolate brown. His green eyes took one look at Misdirea, and he trembled a little. He gained his composure, and gestured to the back with a hoof. Taking the hint, Misdirea followed him inside as all the other cooks were ushered out. Misdirea then cast a silencing field, so nobody else could hear them. "You. My father says you claim to have seen me 'dating' Arpeggio Aurora. Is this true?"

The chef nodded timidly, his ashen mane bobbing a bit. "I-i know what I saw, I even heard your speech! You called him 'my darling'! The evidence is-!"

He was then encased in orange magic, and thrown against a wall. Misdirea glared at him, scowling. "Listen here. you clearly misheard, misinterpreted. I was addressing my date as he left. Arpeggio only so happened to be there. He was in the way, as my date had gone around him. That scene was not what you thought it was, and you will tell everyone that I explained to you the truth of the situation. Is that clear?" the chef nodded, and she let him go. "Good."

However, as she was leaving, he got back up, and smirked and whispered to himself. "Your secret is safe with me, Misdirea."

Later, at the theater...

Misdirea arrived with little trouble, and sighed. She had ensured that the chef explained to all those he told how 'wrong' he was, and that she'd been so kind as to clear things up. But as she sat there in her dress from yesterday, she couldn't help but feel he knew that she was having him lie. As she saw Arpeggio approach, she cast her illusion field once more once eyes were off of her. He approached, and entered within. She remained silent until they were in their private booth together. She then put up a silence field, and turned to him. "Somebody say us last night, Arpeggio. The chef from that pastry shop." He was about to respond, but she held up a hoof. "I've gotten him to rescind the rumor he was spreading, but I fear he knows the truth of it. What are we to do? Is this a sign that we shouldn't be together? That this was a mistake?"

Arpeggio turned her face to his own, and looked her in the eye. He kissed her on the lips, surprising her. However, she soon melted away into the feeling, kissing back until he pulled away. He then smiled. "I don't think we'd feel quite this way if this way if this was a mistake, Misdirea. I think... that this is but a trial of our love. If we overcome all thrown our way, we might be able to be together. We've just gotta have faith that it'll all work out. Don't you want to see if it can work?"

She sighed as she leaned against him. "I do, I truly do. But our families will never approve. Even if we elope, they will disown us both! I... I don't know if I can continue, if that is the end we'll meet."

She then felt him rub her back, trying to soothe her. “It’s alright. I’m scared too. But if we don’t try, how will we live with the regret of not following through? Whatever we may face, I think it will be worth it if we’re still together.”

The two looked at one another, and Misdirea smiled softly. “I sure hope so, Arpeggio. I sure hope so…” The two then kissed once more, absorbed into themselves for what seemed like an eternity.

But then, something happened. She heard magic being charged near the edge of her field. She broke away, and hissed at him. "Hide! Father's here!"

Taking the hint, Arpeggio ran down the corridor opposite of the direction her father was coming from. Misdirea then dispelled her field, and her father entered the booth. “Misdirea, why were you using an illusion field? Is there something you should tell me?”

Misdirea replied readily, without hesitation. “Oh, I just didn’t feel like being disturbed on my date, father. Speaking of my date, he hasn’t yet come back from the bathroom…”

Instead of leaving, Turmoil sat next to his daughter, and spoke with her. “Misdirea, my little girl… how much you’ve changed. Never before were you even interesting in courting stallions, and now you’re on your second date! It’s a bit hard to think that you’ve grown up so much…” He ruffled her mane a bit, and smiled. “So, when will I meet him? You can’t keep me in the dark forever, you know.”

Abashed, Misdirea looked away and whispered to herself. “Little do you know that you’ve already met him…” She then shook her head at his quirked eyebrow. “Oh, he’s just a bit apprehensive of meeting you. I don’t think that he’s quite ready for that.”

It was at this moment as Turmoil was about to leave that fate decided to screw her over. Arpeggio came back, and before he could leave, Turmoil turned around and encased him in his light blue magic. “Well now, what do we have here? An Aurora, barging into my daughter’s private booth for her date night! Why I ought to-!” But then, he saw a ticket float out of his pocket. He grabbed it in his magic as well. “What’s this now?” He brought it towards himself, and his eyes went wide. Upon it were the the printed words: “Private Booth Number 4”. It was the same number on the booth that they were in, and his haunted eyes went over to Misdirea. “Misdirea…? What’s the meaning of this?”

The gaze felt so cold as it dug into her, making her feel uncomfortable as she backed up. How could she possibly explain? What could she say to save this? Was there any excuse she could use? Yes, there was one thing she could try. It was a long shot, but… she breathed deeply, and took control of the magic holding Arpeggio. She sent him a subtle wink before she thrust him against the wall. “You dare steal my date’s ticket?! What madness has possessed you, Aurora? How did you overcome him?”

However, before Arpeggio could reply, Turmoil grabbed Misdirea’s ticket, and touched it to the one that fell out of Arpeggio’s pockets. The two tickets resonated with magic, and the magic encased the pair, cutting off Misdirea’s spell as her muzzle went pale. Turmoil spoke sternly. “Misdirea Mirage Sleight. You have lied to me, and your family!” She felt his eyes that were seething with rage bore into her. He then yelled at the top of his lungs. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DATING AN AURORA!!! OF ALL THE PONIES IT COULD’VE BEEN, IT HAD. TO BE. HIM!!!”

The entire theater went silent at Turmoil’s outburst. Just then, Brilliant Aurora burst in, grabbing his son. “What in Tartarus, boy! Going and dating a Sleight, of all ponies!” He glared at Turmoil with burning hatred. “At least the two of us can apparently agree on one thing. You are in serious trouble, Arpeggio Aurora!”

He then proceeded to drag him away, and Turmoil grabbed his daughter. “You are going to be sent to the tower, young lady. And no force on this earth will dissuade me.” She was then dragged out of the theater, and the pastry chef looked on from the sidelines with the new dish in tow. He had planned on visiting them, and giving it to the intrepid couple, but now he could not. He slunk away before he could be spotted, intent on doing what he could to help them later.

Author's Note:

You didn't think I would drag it out too long, did you? Not much is left in this arc, but hopefully you can wait a little while for it to unfold.

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