• Published 14th Feb 2018
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Tales Of Star-Crossed Love - The REAL Mister Pkmn

Short stories revolving around pairs of ponies in love that can't seem to catch a break.

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The Second Tale, Part Three

Chapter Seven

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Promise Given

Soon they made their way towards the grand ballroom, and Celestia had learned much about the Grand Dichotomy. Apparently, it had been founded to bring together the Orderlies and the Chaotics. These names are the names of the two tribes of draquonequui that existed in the Dichotomy. She had also learned much about Discord and his sister Concordia. Discord loved making others laugh, and seeing the joy it brought others. Concordia was more of a motherly figure, kind and nurturing. Discord was kind in his own way, even if he showed it oddly. Concordia had her own way of bringing cheer, even if it was softer. Celestia found herself getting along quite well with them, even letting slip something that she’d been thinking for a while. "Your nation is far different from ours, but that’s fine. If all your people are as personable as you, I think that our two nations will get along famously."

Discord shrugged. “Well, that’s nice. It’d be fun to visit Equestria sometime, to help them acclimate to us. After all, we’re quite different from ponies.” A smirk rose upon his face. “Though, I can’t help but wonder how your ponies will react to us. Oh, I so hope it’s with glee or enthusiasm!” His expression soured slightly. “ It’d be no fun if they didn’t like us…”

Celestia smiled. “Oh, you’ve nothing to worry about. Once I’ve explained to them what your people are like, they will be glad enough, I’m sure.” She paused, a pensive frown forming. “Though, some nobles might not like you. Unfortunate, but there’s likely little that we can do about that.”

A silence fell as they approached the edge of the ballroom. Celestia sat in the front row of chairs as the King and Queen took their children to the stage. Across from them was a very old and wizened Draquonequus, one that bore attributes from both tribes. He spoke in a voice full of authority and power that ill fit one so frail. “Today marks the first step for our young Prince and Princess to inherit the throne after their parents. On this, their 21st birthday, we have them take the sacred oaths together.”

He looked towards Concordia first, who cleared her throat and recited from memory. “I, Concordia, named for the force of Order; do humble myself before the Dichotomous Priest. To take upon myself the responsibility to carry forward the legacy of the Crown of Order. I take this plunge, knowing that when the time comes, I will be looked towards for stability and grace, for straightforwardness and devoutness, and for calmness and truth. I stand here now as one half of what will be a greater whole that will continue to unite our people for generations to come.”

A cheer went through the Orderlies, while most of the Chaotics rolled their eyes. The priest then turned his attention to Discord, who shifted on the spot. His speech hadn’t been practiced, but it came from his heart. “You all know me, Discord. Named for one of the great leaders of the Chaotics long ago. I won't mince words; I gladly will embrace this, the task set before me. I know what comes with taking the Crown of Chaos, and I’d be lying if I said that I feel unintimidated by the prospect. But as I look upon you today, I find myself ready to become a beacon of flexibilit, cheer, imagination, charitableness, approachableness, and inspiration. I feel now that I’m ready to commit to being one half of a greater whole that hopes to keep our people together as one until the end of time itself.”

A cheer went throughout the Chaotics as the Orderlies looked a bit miffed. The priest held up a talon to quiet the crowd. He took out two crowns from a cabinet that was behind him. One was made from pristine platinum and had esquizite tourmalines, rubies, and topazes embeded in an appealing pattern. It had embeded into the forefront half of an amethyst that looked to be gnarled like an old tree. The other was made of a blackish metal that Celstia didn’t recognize. It had rough blue sapphires, emeralds, and covelites strewn throughout in random assortments. It had the other half of the amethyst embeded into it, formed into what looked like a spry and young maple. The priest placed the former on Concoria’s head, and the latter on Discord’s. The two rose, and the priest addressed the crowd. “Behold, for I give you Crown Princess Concordia, Presever of Order and Crown Prince Discord, Herald of Chaos!”

A united cheer went through the crowd, and the festivities began. Concordia went to chat with her future subjects, but Discord went over to talk with Celestia, and her heart skipped a beat. He looked slightly different now, as if something was missing before and now it’d been filled. She chuckled nervously. “How are you, your highness?”

He batted his paw. “Psh! Please, none of that between us. Adress me by name, I insist. I never was much for titles.”

Celestia sighed. “Discord… I’ve… somethign to ask you.” he tilted his head, and motioned for her to continue. “I was wondering if you had… somebody you fancied.”

Discord chuckled, a rosy tint rising to his cheeks. “Look in a mirror lately?”

Celestia blinked. “Me? But…”

Discord hushed her. “You feel the same way, right?” She gave a slow nod, then he continued. “But here’s the thing. We aren’t supposed to marry anyone that’s not Draquonequus. We’d have to keep this secret.”

Celestia considered that for a moment, and nodded. “I promise. I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes. Once you are king… you can change the rules. I can wait for then.”

Discord smiled and pecked her lightly on the cheek once nobody could see. “It’s a promise, then.” The two then bade one another farewell, and Celestia was escorted home.

Author's Note:

Now the hard part....

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