Tales Of Star-Crossed Love

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

The Second Tale, Interlude & Part One


Canterlot, Principality of Equestria, 18 Years After Unification

The Royal Sisters have ruled well for the past 18 years. They are young and full of life, and all under their rule seem to love them. The elder, Celestia, who brings them the day. The younger, Luna, who brings them the night. Both are appreciated for their gifts and talents. However, populaces will murmur, so naturally, their thoughts gravitate to when their beloved rulers might find love… and one of them is soon to find it in a very strange way…

Chapter Five

Celestia & Discord

A Royal Invitation

Celestia sighed. Her sister could be a hoofful at times, that was for sure. Not to mention the populace insisting that she get married… She shook her head. She likely had no time for such flights of fancy. Just as the court was winding down for the day, a messenger came into the room. “Princess Celestia! Missive for you from a far-off land!” The messenger was allowed to approach, and he hoofed of the letter to Celestia. She stared at the seal on it for a moment, drinking it in. It was an odd symbol, of a wild and treatrous wood entertwined with a peaceful meadow flawlessly. She opened and read it:

“To the Princess of the Sun, Celestia:

We, of the Grand Dichotomy of Draqonequi, invite you and your sister to a meeting. Our land is far from yours, but we will send a method of travel to bring you here. The occasion is the coronation of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of our nation, since they have reached the age of majority. We know that the regent for your land has recently stepped down, and hope that you will bear witness to this momentous occasion. Please reply swiftly.

With regards,

King Stialus and Queen Calamia.”

This was a bit surprising, to say the least. There had been whispers of such creatures, but to think that they existed was beyond exciting. Celestia turned to her scribe. “Hallowed Record, write a response to the affirmative immediately. I will overview it later.” She got up from her throne, and spoke to the crowd. “Court is dismissed for the day. I must inform my sister of this news.” She trotted off, a spring in her step. After all, the potential for an ally this early in Equestria’s formal existence was quite welcome indeed. Celestia almost burst in Luna’s room, but then recalled how well that went last time. After a shiver down her spine, she chose to knock, as to alert her sister. After being bade to enter, Celestia slipped in. She spoke excitedly as soon as she had Luna’s attention. “Sister! Another nation has sent us missive, bidding us visit! This is big, considering the looming war with the Griffons. We could ask that they help us! An ally this early in our nation’s life is indispensable! We must make haste!”

Luna was a bit groggy, but the prospect of an ally nation so soon was rather exciting. However, she shook her head. “You go, sister. I will stay here with our ponies. They need at least one of us to stay with them.”

Celestia was about to object, but her sister did have a point. She sighed in defeat, and smiled. “I suppose you are right. Take good charge of them, my sister. I will meet with the Draquonequi.” She stood, and went back to the throne room. She turned to her scribe, and asked to see the letter. She gave it a once-over, and edited to say that her sister had decided to stay, for the ponies’ sake. She sent it off with her magic, anticipation going down her spine. She couldn’t help but wonder what these Draconequi were like…

Equalis, The Grand Dichotomy of Draconequi

Discord yawned. Days like this were dreadfully dull, but he knew that tomorrow was likely to be more to his liking. He looked over to his father, smiling at a note from some far-off land. Discord scoffed. His father was the furthest thing from Discord, but his sister was much more like him. “Bro~ther!”

Speaking of… He turned to his sister, an orderly Draconequus. Her frame was mirrored on each side; much like his father. He, on the other claw, was much more like their mother in disposition and make-up. He rolled his eyes. “What is it, Concordia? Are you here to rub in how droll this day is?”

She shook her head, giggling a little. “No! Don’t you know? Tonight’s our coronation as Crown Prince and Crown Princess! You’ll be able to have your version of fun there too, you know.”

Caught off guard, Discord blinked. He’d completely forgotten. That was today? He supposed he did have something to look forward to after all. He was about to respond when his father cut in on the conversation. “That’s not all, Concordia. Tonight, I have invited the Princess of the Sun from Equestria to join us. I had asked for her to bring her sister as well, but it seems the Princess of the Moon is staying behind for their subject’s sake. Quite regrettable, but perfectly understandable.” He turned to Discord. “I want you on your best behavior, my boy. The Principality of Equestria may be rather young, but they are strong. It would not do well for us if they became our enemy.”

Discord sighed, and shrugged. “I’ll try, father. No promises, though.” Inwardly though, gears began to turn in his head. Foreign royalty, eh? Now this should be fun Discord wandered off to get ready for tonight, for it certainly was better than sitting around being bored. Tonight was going to be something else indeed...

Back in Canterlot…

Celestia tried to calm herself. She had made her way to the front of the castle, just as she had informed King Stialus in her letter. It didn’t take much longer for a strange looking creature to descend from above. It was an amalgamation of parts, yet they flowed together quite seamlessly. The creature landed, and bowed slightly, speaking in a masculine tone. “Princess Celestia of Equestria. On behalf of the King and Queen of the Grand Dichotomy, I will escort you to our lands.” He stood, and flapped his eagle wings and ascended into the air. He beckoned Celestia to follow, and she obliged. The two then flew off to the far south east. Celestia’s nerves were on edge during the long flight. What was the royalty like? Kind? Harmonious? She supposed that she would have to wait to see for herself…