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Prince Blueblood is the most desired bachelor in Equestria. He knows this to be true. But he doesn't want just anypony waltzing into his heart- It's gotta be somepony very special. So, every year, he "tests" those who try and win his heart. He's not a bad guy- he just projects being one to get all the "wrong" mares to fall by the wayside. Not a single one has managed to pass this far. And, at this year's Gala? Not a single one will pass this time either, if Blueblood has a say in the matter.

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As I die-hard Rariblood fan you have no idea how happy you made me! Please keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what happens next.:twilightsmile:

I never thought that anybody shipped it. I thought to myself: "Well, I haven't seen anyone do it, so..." And the idea was born! Took a while for me to feel like posting it, though. I had this idea years ago but didn't get around to it until now.

This is one of the best things I’ve read so far! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Well I will say this was a pretty interesting story and I've always wanted to see stories like this especially when it comes to alternate universe anyway it looks like Prince Blueblood is so tired of this whole Grand Galloping Gala specially how those rich ponies but then when Twilight and her friends arrive things got very interesting especially when he meet Rarity at first he said she's going to be one of those girls but no she was quite the opposite she even helped Applejack with her sell after her failure and we thought he would expect to hate it but no he actually likes it so much something different from the other food from the gala and with that they gave her a sale but then Pinkie Pie pump up the party and apparently he actually loves it cut loose and dance to the music but then Celestia called for him and when he got to her Celestia gave him the bad news about his father is basically forcing marriage on blue blood and rightfully outraged he needed to talk to him I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time and I really hope this story does continue this was a pretty interesting one

The next chapter is still in the works, but I can tell you this... Blueblood's dad won't exactly be happy with the news...

At the sound of that name, Twilight flew into Rage Mode and burst into flames. She was absolutely seething, but she tried to calm down, for Rarity’s sake. She took a few deep breaths, and the fire died down. Even after the flames had abated, she still looked somewhat livid as she spoke her mind on the matter. “He constantly pestered me when I lived back in Canterlot. He just could not or would not take a hint! It took hitting him with the largest book that I could find to finally get him to back off!” She shook her head with irritation and disbelief. “I honestly do not know what you could possibly see in that pest! ”

i want to see more of them and why BB Pestered Twi. Maybe She is Celestia favorite so he dislike that :trollestia:

Surprise lit upon his father’s gray face, and relief came upon Lilac’s. His father couldn’t believe what he had heard, but soon a grimace appeared on his face. He shook his head and spoke with a serious tone. "That doesn’t matter, son. You have an obligation to this family, Blueblood. I am your father, and this arranged marriage will fix relations with the Echoes family. I cannot condone you waiting so long to find somebody on your own. Honestly, I feel slighted because you brought this up now. Our family’s tradition will be followed, whether you like it or not. I will not hear any more arguments on the matter.” Blueblood’s father turned away from his son’s angry face. He glanced back briefly to speak once more. His purple eyes locked with his son’s. “Listen here, my son. This is too important for your choice to be even considered. Whether you like it or not, this arrangement will continue. Tradition will be upheld, and you will pass it down, as I have to you. It will continue for generations to come. This conversation is over, Blueblood.”

Placing a hoof on his son’s shoulder, Sir Ichorblood gave a consoling look. “My son, you should Try and calm yourself down a bit. It might seem intimidating, but you just have to put your best hoof forward. And after he relents, take it slow! I know that I seemed a bit… over-eager earlier, but you must understand where I’m coming from. This kind of thing hasn’t happened in our family since before the tradition was implemented. I might have been against it at first, but now… I couldn't be more proud of you, Blueblood. I just wish that I hadn’t been acting so pig-headed. But I’m happy for you now, and that’s what matters the most.”

Oh wow what unexpected change of heart but hey that's pretty awesome

Hey nice to see the story to come up again and this is a very interesting situation so blue blood confronted his father but he wasn't alone a pony named lilac was there and apparently they have a history with the families and his father wanted these two to be married but Blue Blood refused to do this so did lilac because both of them found who they truly love but when Blue Blood mentioned Rarity apparently his father had a change of hearts but lilac's father is already consenting about this so they had to find a way to convince him as well that both of them have found somebody they really love and hopefully cancel this arranged marriage meanwhile back in Ponyville Rarity was Lovestruck when him and her really connected to each other and not because of his standard or her decision as a famous hero but they actually saw who they really are she tried to convince her friends mostly Twilight to give him a chance and apparently Twilight have a little bad history with blue blood but she wants to give have a chance but if anything did happen all deals break off but somehow already think this would not be the case well let's hope this will work out we'll find out next time

I wonder if Blue reason of bothering Twilight because he liked her for being not like the other girls or what his father wants him to marry like with Rarity.

Not quite. The reason will be revealed... maybe even in the next chapter.

Excited to see the next chapter and find out Twilight's experience with Blueblood

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