• Published 14th Feb 2020
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A Pair Most Unlikely - The REAL Mister Pkmn

Blueblood. Some may think him rude. Some may think him a boor. But in this story, he's quite a bit more than he seems.

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"Date 1": The Grand Galloping Gala

Prince Blueblood, one of the few living ponies to have legitimate claims of blood ties to the Princesses, was annoyed. Every year at the Grand Galloping Gala, without fail, he would be pestered by some gold digger for his hoof in marriage, and frankly, he was quite sick of it. Of course, he had ways to get them to quit bothering him for most of it, but they never seemed to quite get the message.

It’s not that he wasn’t interested in mares- far from it, really. It’s just that he looked more than skin deep for love. He even said as much at last year’s Gala, but nopony had seemed to pick up on that. Nopony seemed to get that he wanted more than most others looked for in a relationship. He resigned himself to the fact that he’d probably never meet somepony that met his high standards. He’d even let slip in an interview last month that if he met a single non-shallow mare, he’d be surprised. Not that he would, considering virtually nopony paid attention to the Equestria Headliner Magazine. After all, it was notorious for putting on airs, and spreading slander. His interview might’ve been the only honest piece in the most recent edition.

No matter. Tonight was the Gala. He’d been prepared for this day for quite some time. He would test the night’s hangers on, and come out alone once again. Maybe after this one, he’d take a break and go to a more down-to-earth place. Get some desperately needed fresh air. He adjusted his white suit coat one last time, smiling confidently. Time to crush some dreams, handsome. He thought to himself. After all, a stallion of my caliber deserves better than a hollow dreamer for riches alone. He put on some cologne, and exited his washroom. Tonight, yet another hoofful of hopefuls would be crushed, and that would be all. He would not be won, he was above that. It was time to get to the gates, so he could arrive inside with purpose. Tonight’s Gala would be the same as all the others, he felt quite certain of that.

The night had barely started when he came into contact with his hangers on for the night, among them one of the Bearers of Harmony, Rarity, Bearer of Generosity. She looked beautiful, that was for certain, but was that all to her? He adjusted his pose as they all drew near. The other mares acted like the many shallow mares he’d met over the years, but Rarity did not. She curtsied as she approached, and addressed him with respect. “Prince Blueblood, It is an honor to be in your presence tonight. I, a humble commoner, am overjoyed to just meet you in person.”

The other mares whispered behind her back, saying vile and cruel things. Blueblood, however, was impressed at Rarity. It took guts for her to not put on airs like that, and especially difficult to keep a brave face under judgement of others. He smirked. If nothing else, she was more honest than those other mares. She was open about her status- though why a hero of the realm had not been ennobled concerned him. He bowed to her in kind, and replied. “The honor is mine, Rarity, Bearer of Generosity.” As the two rose, the crowd gasped and murmured at the fact that one, Blueblood was actually being nice for once, and two, that he’d addressed a commoner with respect! She may have been a hero of the realm, but she was still common-folk! Shouldn’t he be ashamed to be even near her!? Blueblood paid their judgmental gaze no mind as they wound up in the ballroom. A tune started up, gentle and slow. Blueblood put a hoof towards Rarity. “Would you like to dance?”

A mite surprised at the question, Rarity put a hoof to her chest. “Me? Well, if you’re certain that you want to dance with me, instead of a proper noble…” She then put her hoof in his, and smiled. “I’d love to.”

The onlookers gawked as Blueblood and Rarity started to dance. The nobles were livid. How dare he snub the noble ladies like that! And to add insult to injury, he was dancing with a commoner! A commoner! Some of the noble hangers-on tried cutting in, but Blueblood would not allow it. Rarity’s face showed with nervousness, but Blueblood regained her attention. “Pay them no mind. Bunch of close-minded idiots. I’ll dance with whomever I please.”

Rarity looked somewhat flattered, but looked away. They danced in silence until Rarity could muster the courage to look Blueblood in the eye again. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to dance with you. It has been wonderful, but… Would you mind terribly if we took a break to eat after the song is over? I’m a tad famished.”

Now here was something novel. Most of his hangers on would pester him endlessly and annoyingly about things they wanted, never once considering if he minded- but Rarity had asked if he would mind stopping for a small bite to eat. He had to give credit where it was due, either Rarity was the genuine article, or she was an exquisite actress. Shrugging, Blueblood decided to find out which. “I wouldn’t mind one bit, fair lady.” After their dance together came to a close, Blueblood followed Rarity’s lead.

She led him to a food stand run by a country mare. Rarity spoke gently to the keeper of the stand, who was looking glum. “They’re not selling, are they?” at the other mare’s nod, Rarity sighed. “I warned you that this might happen, Applejack. I told you that the Gala would probably have caterers of its own.” She levitated out her purse. “I wish you to have at least some business tonight, so I will buy something for myself, and Prince Blueblood.”

Raising an eyebrow at that selfless act, Blueblood regarded Rarity with more respect than he had before as she gave him an apple strudel. She didn’t mind helping out a friend, on a night that was meant to be about the dream Gala experience she probably had? This was certainly something else. Most actresses he knew would have some kind of tell that it was a ploy, but not her. He then took a bite of strudel, and his eyes widened. He savored the taste, and swallowed. He turned to Rarity, a smile on his face. “My word, your friend really knows her stuff! All the Gala food is so tiny, bland, and unfilling! But this! Such flavor! I really don’t see why it’s being shunned! Good food is worth paying for, I say!” He restrained himself from wolfing the rest of it down right then and there, electing to only take another bite and savor it.

Murmuring at this, the nobles were astonished. What was so good about that food, anyway? Some of them became curious, and decided to try it. The ones that did were so impacted by the flavor that they couldn’t help but sing its praises, and even more piled in to taste it. Astonished at their change of tune, Rarity turned to Blueblood. “What’s gotten into them?”

Smiling gently, Blueblood explained. “I spoke from my heart about your friend’s cooking, but they just had to try it for themselves. They’re nobles, most of them are like that.”

Tears in her eyes, Rarity smiled. “Thank you for accepting that strudel. Your review of it has most likely made Applejack’s night!” They then heard the music change in the dance hall. Rarity looked worried. “Oh, that Pinkie…” She then ran back to the ballroom, her apple pie slice only half eaten. Blueblood saved it from falling to the floor with his magic, and followed her, excited. He’d never felt quite this way before, but he put away the feeling for now.

Once they reached the ballroom again, they saw an awfully pink pony hijacking the dance number, making it have more… pop. “Hiya Rarity! Now this party might actually have some energy in it!”

Rarity looked nervously around the ballroom. “Pinkie, I don’t think many of the patrons here appreciate your… ehem. Taste in music. They’re not… used to it.”

Looking around, Blueblood saw several nobles there panicking a bit because the music wasn’t what they were accustomed to. The sight of them trying to do a fancy dance to it caused him to burst out laughing. “I’ll say! Though it is pretty funny, seeing them like this…” He turned to face Rarity with an amused look on his face. “You’ve got a pretty energetic friend there. Certainly beats the dullness of the usual Gala.”

Surprise lit on her face. “You… don’t mind her taste in music?”

He shook his head. “Not at all. Come on. The night’s still young.” He stretched out a hoof. “How about one more dance before the end of the night?

Rarity chuckled. “If you insist.” The two of them started to dance to Pinkie’s arrangement, and this caused some to look on with surprise. They’d never seen Blueblood enjoy himself at a Gala before, yet here he was laughing as if he was having the time of his life. Some whispers ran rampant through the crowd as opinions were exchanged.

Their dance drew to a close as the music did, and Pinkie jumped up and down at the sight. “Wow! Your energy was off the charts! That was amazing!”

Blueblood scratched his head for a bit in embarrassment before gasping. “Crap! I forgot!” He turned to face Rarity, a sad look on his face. “I’ll have to cut this short. I have to meet with Celestia about something important.”

He tried to leave, only to find his hoof hostage to Rarity’s own. He turned to see that she had a sad look on her face. “When will I see you again? Please, give me an answer.”

After a bit of deliberation, Blueblood approached and leaned over to one side of her face. He whispered in her ear. “I can’t say for sure, but… I enjoyed tonight more than I thought I would. I’ll visit you in Ponyville sometime relatively soon. Stay patient for me, okay?” He pecked her on the cheek and pulled back to see her flushed. He smiled. “I’ll be seeing you.” He then ran off, thoughts going millions of miles an hour inside of his head.

Tonight had gone so very different than what he had expected from the start. He had expected for it to be just the same as every other Gala, for it to be full of liars and have a generally uncomfortable atmosphere. But nothing could be further from the truth. He had never felt so alive, and all because of a single mare. He still had a slight bit of hesitation around the edges of his judgement, but otherwise he felt pretty good. He tried to put these thoughts on the backburner of his mind as he finally reached where Celestia was.

He succeeded for the most part, and addressed her. “Aunt Celestia, you wanted to see me?”

Celestia smiled that knowing smile of hers, nodding. “I did. I see that you’ve enjoyed this Gala. Personally, I was wondering when I would see the day…” She shook her head. “That’s not important right now. Come, we need to discuss something in private.”

Confusion was evident upon his face, but he didn’t bring that up as he followed Celestia. They went through the empty halls of the castle, until they reached the empty throne room. She had the doors close behind them.

Celestia sighed as she looked at him. “Blueblood… Something has come up. Your father has informed me that… He’s tired of your indecisiveness. He has found a wife for you.”

Backing away, Blueblood felt his blood drain from his face. “What? But, that can’t be! I need to talk to him immediately!” He stormed off.

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

And here we are! A love story that I don't think that anyone's done before (Correct me if I'm wrong)! As you can tell, this is an alternate take on the Grand Galloping Gala. It focuses on Rarity and Blueblood's budding relationship. Anyway, I hope you comment down below if you liked/disliked/faved. I hope you stick around for the next chapter!