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Applejack's life is coming to an end. On the other side, she receives a visit from the pale pony who is eager to know, before she goes ā€”

What does it mean to be Applejack?

An entry.

Thank you Mikesnipe, Alex_, RK Striker and Octy

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I loved this. It was sad, but also sweet. Hit me right in several feels. Silver Swirl, too, is a great character. Overall, good job. :heart:

I'll be very sad if Snufic doesn't win.

Snuuuu, I have come to leave my comment, finally.

I'm going to start by saying that your emotional tone with this piece was spot on. It produced a beautiful picture that helped AJ+RD stand out against all the potential lore that you have brewing in the background. There were a few spots that I think the execution got a little confusing. Though, those were fairly minor things that may have completely been exacerbated in my head due to the lateness of my read. The strong point remains! By the time I finished, I wanted to know more of the Pale Pony mythology, just what went down after that battle, and the full power of that shippyship. You painted a great emotional portrait, and it does a mind good. :3

Dang, I really like this, lots of emotion and good dialogue, goog job snusnu *insert non-snarky clapping pony gif here*

Ohhhhh boy Snu. When you hit them, you knock them out of the freaking park.

Applejack is perfect in this. I'm not even sure I need to describe it - you just captured her character so perfectly that it feels superfluous to say how. I'd just be describing AJ. The setting of the story is wonderfully creepy and surreal, and adds a lot to the story. I'm pretty sure I've seen the concept of a walk-through the most important moments in the life of the recently deceased, but I've defeinitley not seen it done so seamlessly.

Which brings us to your 'judge' in this story. Man, shes great. Given how well you wrote Applejack, who is constantly vying for my favourite of the Mane 6 along with Twilight, the fact that I found her an equally captivating character, able to balance out AJ nicely, is seriously impressive. She was just the wrong shade of creepy and obsessive to keep me wary of her, but interesting enough (and mysterious enough) to want to see more of her. Great stuff.

I've never been a massive fan of surrealist works, I'll be honest, but this? I could tell there was love put into this, and the vagueness captures the genuine sense of magical mysticism I feel in certain dreams. Things don't make sense, but they do.

Applejack feels like Applejack. Silver is an intriguing character. And while I can definitely say I'd have written this differently, I don't think I'd have captured the scene as well as you did. This is something I'd legitimately like to read again just to pick apart and better understand -- very few stories have done that.

Thank you for writing this.

Th was wonderful, though I must admit Iā€™m not entirely sure what was going on.

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