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Valley Fern is some songwriter. He likes to hide behind a pseudonym, so he may as well be a nobody when you happen to meet him. He's a little disagreeable, but he loves life.

In an attempt to escape the darker parts of that life, he just moved into Ponyville last week. On a day like any other — it's a little chilly for Summer — he meets a lady named Rarity. Before he introduces himself, she knows his name. Before he goes about his business, she's one step ahead of him.

Had they met before?

An entry for the Barcast's 'Make Rarity Not Garbage'.

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Comments ( 8 )

Wonderful, well executed, and quite the turnaround at the end. A gem of a story. Please keep up the awesome work.


Thanks Priest ;-;

I coulda done so much better if time allowed, but I'm glad it was passable!

Author Interviewer

I've seen this kind of story before, even presented in this fashion, but this was still pretty impressive.

I saw the twist coming, but that didn't make the execution any less incredible. You capture the feeling of dissociation and and confusion magnificently, and Rarity is very much not garbage.

My only complaint is that it's not clear who Fern addresses through the story. Several times it seems like he knows them personally, but at the end, it's more "to whom it may concern." Aside from that, fantastic work. Thank you for it.


Oh nooo!

When he refers to the 'song we wrote' at the end, he's talking to the him who might read this tale one day; or whoever, should the the text fall into someone else's hooves/claws/etc.

Clarity is a known problem with Snufics, so apologieees!

Well as always, I really liked this Snu. Although at this point I think I'd be genuinely surprised if I read something I didn't like by you. You nailed the shifting perspective and Fern's confusion perfectly.

You'd have to be a fool to not see it coming, but it's still prettily executed in the end.

Although I still have to wonder - does Rarity know that ferns don't flower? There's no happy ending to this story. It ends like a slightly broken wind-up box losing a little bit of tension with each cranking.

And that's heartbreaking.

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