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Just a geek who likes to read a good fanfic once in a while (by which I mean all the time). I also occasionally attempt to write things.


"This is a story about an old enchantment, and it's not one that I tell to a lot of ponies. That's partly because the magic in question would be really easy to exploit in the wrong hooves, and partly because, well… because I discovered that for myself, and I'm none too proud of the pony I was back then.

"In short, this is a story about one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made."

Entry for AppleDash Contest #5, Second Chances.

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AWWWW! This is so well written and such a good plot. You've earned a follow!

Nice. Great capture of Rainbow's personality and the way she confesses is pretty spot on to previous confessions in canon.

Have a like and an upvote!

Nice, and very well written! Rainbow's awkwardness in trying to save and/or sidetrack the conversation each time she used Second Chance was hilarious, even though (like Applejack) I don't really approve of her doing so. And RD and AJ's child being named Misty Fields was a nice touch c:


I am loving this so far, it is super cute and very well written, the concept is cool also it reminds me a bit of life is strange

I loooved this fanfic, it was a quick and fun read with adorable romance and its definitely one of my favorite recent appledash fics, you did great and that ending was just adorable and had the right message <3

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