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Just a geek who likes to read a good fanfic once in a while (by which I mean all the time). I also occasionally attempt to write things.


"This is a story about an old enchantment, and it's not one that I tell to a lot of ponies. That's partly because the magic in question would be really easy to exploit in the wrong hooves, and partly because, wellโ€ฆ because I discovered that for myself, and I'm none too proud of the pony I was back then.

"In short, this is a story about one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made."

Entry for AppleDash Contest #5, Second Chances.

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AWWWW! This is so well written and such a good plot. You've earned a follow!

Nice. Great capture of Rainbow's personality and the way she confesses is pretty spot on to previous confessions in canon.

Have a like and an upvote!

Nice, and very well written! Rainbow's awkwardness in trying to save and/or sidetrack the conversation each time she used Second Chance was hilarious, even though (like Applejack) I don't really approve of her doing so. And RD and AJ's child being named Misty Fields was a nice touch c:


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