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Lipstick on her reefer, waiting... for a match...


Raven is the freshly minted secretary to Princess Celestia. After plenty of harrowing experience under the Princess, Raven thinks she finally understands the job. But the unexpected strikes: an insular race of crazy foxes make a surprise visit to the castle! Can Raven make it through the day in one piece? Can she keep up with the manic immortal alicorn? And above all...

Can she keep it professional? She is, after all, the secretary.


Thanks to Alex_ And Mike!

An entry for some funny guy and his funny stories.

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Valley Fern is some songwriter. He likes to hide behind a pseudonym, so he may as well be a nobody when you happen to meet him. He's a little disagreeable, but he loves life.

In an attempt to escape the darker parts of that life, he just moved into Ponyville last week. On a day like any other — it's a little chilly for Summer — he meets a lady named Rarity. Before he introduces himself, she knows his name. Before he goes about his business, she's one step ahead of him.

Had they met before?

An entry for the Barcast's 'Make Rarity Not Garbage'.

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Applejack's life is coming to an end. On the other side, she receives a visit from the pale pony who is eager to know, before she goes —

What does it mean to be Applejack?

An entry.

Thank you Mikesnipe, Alex_, RK Striker and Octy

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After three years apart, Sunshine Smiles visits her... odd 'soul' sister, Moonlight Raven. The broody mare, having taken an opportunistic trail into a cushy life at Canterlot, struggles to understand what she wants out of her life. Both welcome and unwelcome, her sister's big re-entrance into it sparks deep, meaningful and inscrutable soul searching.

...if Sunshine would give her some peace and quiet first.

*Thanks to Meridian Prime, Manaphy, Mudpony and Samey90.

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It all burned down one day, a long time ago. She could only watch, and still she watches in her sleep. Injured, crawling in the dirt, she always sees the same scene. Always the same.

Princess Cadance is weak.

The alicorn takes flight to where it all started. Live or die, the alicorn would put an end to her pain.

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