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Archmage Phie, a 516 year old elf with mastery over conjuration is brought to Equestria as repayment of Discord's debt for playing a role in releasing him from his prison early by accident, where she will learn the magic of friendship. Meanwhile she will also be taking up a class to teach several equestians all about conjuration as its a school they seem to only have a rudimentary understanding of.

Phie came to this world to learn magic, but perhaps what she truly needs is a friend, and not just another student.

Slight variation of a DnD character, Phie is a wizard capable of only conjuration spells but the limit allows her to cast higher tier spells of that school. Cover art is Strength from Black Rock Shooter and was the style Phie was based off of.

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hhahaah i look forward too more

Very interesting story you have here. I'll be following it closely. :raritystarry:

Just a few minor editing nitpicks I have (hope you don't mind):

"Ans And why would you presume remaining here is for the best?"

It's Its ability allows it to speak any language anyway but its It's respectful to address them in their native tongue.

Remember: "its" means possession, while "it's" is a contraction for "it is."

Also, when using a dialogue tag, don't capitalize the first word of the tag if it isn't a proper noun.

"Hello." she said.


"Hello." She said.

Again, this is a wonderful story so far, and I would love to see it live up to its full potential. Tracking! :rainbowkiss:

8105244 I did notice and was in the process of fixing them, thank you. I do not like editing on this site because it's little details like that that seem to slip through the cracks.

Comment posted by Gabrion deleted Apr 30th, 2020

Interesting. Setting and description seem to be satisfactory enough (at least for a decent fanfiction), and you have managed to make the beginning interesting already.

Hopefully, you can keep this up. I'll be watching with both an eager and critical eye.

for playing a role in releasing him from his prison early on accident

by accident

Typos in your summary make you look very bad to potential readers. (If they can't even get the summary right, how bad must they be at writing somthing longer?)

Interesting start. Would have liked more desciption, but it's functional.

Ahha so let others think your smarter then you really are play nice

That would be totally wizard.


(Other thought) ha prequels joke.

The fact that you made Blueblood awesome earns you a like and favorite.

8157589 Thanks! I'm tired of him being portrayed as this unforgivable snob, there will be some minor development with him in the future.

8157886 I known right! I mean compare to what some of the mane six have done he's a saint.

Please, need more...

Why does Phie make me think of Pang Tong from Dynasty Warriors?

8169142 no idea, the both have a weird stick?

The feels!! :applecry:

Great chapter by the way :pinkiehappy:

8176553 Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Does Phie sound like Strength too?

by Celestia, how do more readers not know of, and/or like, this story?

Mediocre at best, 3/10, why don't you write about a more interesting character. Like a robot girl or something original for once

8182449 no, less aggressive and softer toned

8182695 Bad RNG

8182709 I'm not dragging your sexbot into my story.

8182720 My gods, will you and Logic stop quarreling. Morgan should stay where she is. Now a Necromancer trying to show it's good... now thats a story

Though I’ve never heard of a civilization that needed a ruler on the throne 24 hours a day. Either your people are incredibly dependent, the kingdom is under constant threat, or you are overcompensating for something.

I like this story already, it sounds like it would support me not always understanding why she doesn't take some time off sometimes.

oh and she is a nice character so far. I mean even if I'm not sure about her acting a little bit wiser than Celestia, it is nice to see Celestia on the other end of the stick or how the saying goes.

I do address that in the later chapters, she doesn't have as many years as Celestia but she has lived in a much harsher world and has been working hard to preserve magic in a world that hates and fears it. I'm basically done with the next chapter as well, just need to find time to do the final edits and post it.

alright, I continue reading once I finished the others I already started.

To be honest I think she couldn't know if the draining pf their emotions didn't hurt them or would have some bad side-effects, so waiting that moment was maybe a bit mean.

I like the new friendship and the joke in the end, but to be honest I would have prefered if twiöight was still a bit annoyed about Chrysalia, just because of their meeting.

I hope this isn't a " how to force Chrysalis to so the transformation thing."

8365441 it's more of a reformation thing. Originally i was going to kill her off right away but this is better. She'll have transformation shenanigans at some point.

8365429 good point, I'll have to make it clear that the ponies are not happy with the situation like when reforming discord, good catch on that!

so she has to turn into those strange multicolour things? I kind of hoped Phi would create a clever thing that allows her to stay the way she is. As much as I like Thorax, I hate his new form and don't want Chrysalis to work under him or suddenly start a romance out of nowhere.

I like the other changelings, I just hate the new Thorax and that he is the new chliche king.

I kind of would have liked it more if they just introduced a new random changeling as the king, so that it wouldn't look so typical.
It could be because of her character, but please don't force her to listen to Thorax if she should transform or even if her personality is going to adjust slightly, I would like more a "the ponies accepting parts of her personality and the way she is", rather than a
"Chrysalis old personality is erased and a totally new happy "flower sniffing" Chrysalis appeared".

I hope that was easy to understand the way I have written it, not sure how it looks in english.

8374877 oh god no, I believe i already mentioned that she herself cannot ascend to that form in the first place, thorax being the defacto leader of his new kind is part of the show but ive only seen the first 2 episodes of Season 7, they wont be playing a big role and Chrysalis is going to be finding her own path eventually and grow as a character. Phie is eventually going to move on to another part of the world at some point but i wont spoil it.

Its not often that I immediately favorite a story but ya made me do it... This is amazing can't wait for next chapter.

 wheat-based breads and products

Welcome to Night Vale reference or am I reading too far into this? i.pinimg.com/736x/72/ba/aa/72baaab91f79a60cbefb68dbaf2e7e6c--good-things-nerdy-things.jpg
probably just reading too far into it

Sorry, I am unfamiliar with that reference.

You used dual numerous times where you should have used duel. That's really the only mistake that caught my eye. So far the story is rather interesting, and I await more.

Thanks for the heads up, corrected!

That poor whale......and the teddy shall rise again!

She seems to have forgotten her true purpose in this world, Finding out the exact price of renting a mariachi band...

She hasn't forgotten lol

If she thought about it, she would eventually realize that Discord would possibly do it for free.

“That’s rude, I’m an archmage. I did a lot of magic to get that title.” Phie responded.

Nice Alucard abriged reference

Does Phie fight like Strength too?

8428944 I believe I answered this in an earlier comment, but no. Strength's appearance was used as a model for what I felt Phie would look like. Thin arms, legs, and small stature. Very similar to this image but the dress goes down to her ankles and wrists, and obviously without a tail. Her physical strength is actually lower than others of similar builds. Phie's abilities and strengths lie in her intellect and wisdom.


8429123 I couldn't decide how to add this part since the very beginning. I was debating on inserting it mid-chapter of chapter 7 but that felt it would break up the normal chapter flow. Then if I were to put it after chapter 7 it would be like going backwards because the readers already had the first impression of her and it just wouldn't work. So I settled on before chapter 7 because Phie already explained what she was planning to do at this point, and it ends on a cliffhanger that will resolve in chapter 7. Obviously of course the downside being that its mildly confusing as you stated, but I was hoping that naming the title something different than all the other chapters would help convey it was a separate sub story to the main story.

Interesting start.

'an as of yet fully discovered field' - yet not fully

Snrk, okay, that was hilarious.

XD I see Phie is good with trains.

Druggy Dash.

'booping her snoot' - snout

'you're species' - your

'clear sustain while' - disdain

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