• Published 19th Apr 2017
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Equestrian Conjurer - Lunafan1k

An archmage from another world is brought to Equestria to learn a new school of magic, the Magic of Friendship. While here she teaches conjuration to a select few citizens in response.

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Chapter 2

Celestia's morning sun peeked over the horizon, illuminating the city of Canterlot with its brilliance. The mighty towers seemed to sparkle in the light as the sun's rays reflected off the moisture collecting on their stone surface.

Along with the morning sun, the dawn brought about the change of the guard from the night watch to the day watch. One pair of such guards were discussing what appeared to be a small cottage nestled in the castle gardens.

"Why is there a cottage in the gardens?" The day guard asked, shuffling his wings to warm himself in the cool morning air.

"I don't know the full story, but apparently the Princesses are entertaining a guest and it decided to build it here for some reason." The night guard responded, turning his slit-eyed gaze back to the cottage. They took a moment to look it over, it appeared to be constructed of carved wood with a polished exterior. The windows were simple four-pane with white curtains hiding the interior. Jutting up from the back of the cottage they could see a chimney puffing out smoke from a hearthfire.

"You seriously think someone just built this in an evening?" The day guard asked.

"Well it seems pretty obvious someone did, and did a damn good job of it too." The night guard remarked. "I've been staring at it for the last four hours, I would know."

At that moment the front door of the cottage suddenly opened. They stared at the strange being standing in the doorway, examining them with a dull expression. Behind it they could see a warm fire crackling around a small log in a fireplace, framed by smooth stone that gave way to the same wooden walls that could be seen on the outside of the cottage. In front of the fire was a few chairs and cushions as well as a small table. In a word, it was rather cozy.

"Ah, you made it." It said to them. The guards looked at eachother in confusion for a moment. "Would you like some breakfast?"

"We're on duty, so we'll have to decline." The night guard responded.

"Nonsense, everyone has time for breakfast. In some circles it's even considered the most important meal of the day." It responded and stood aside, welcoming them into the strange cottage. "Also it's rude to decline a guest's offer of free food."

"You said the magic words!'" The day guard said as he seemed to skip into the cottage.

"... Screw it, I've been hungry for the last few hours anyway." The night guard said as he followed his counterpart inside as well.

The door closed behind them as they made their way to the table. They both looked around the rest of the room as they entered, overall the cottage was nearly bare with the exception of six bunk beds lining the walls.

"Reminds me of the barracks but nicer." The day guard remarked as he sat at the table. The cottage smelled of wood and what was unmistakingly pancakes.

"It is for traveling with companions. My name is Phie, by the way. What is yours?" She asked as she returned to the fire to remove a pan from the rack and started plating a few pancakes for them.

"The name's Morning Dew!" The pegasus guard responded with enthusiasm.

"Dusty." Replied the thestral.

"Morning Dew, Dusty. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." She responded as she set a plate in front of each of them.

Morning Dew wasted no time in slathering the butter and syrup over them and going to town. “Mmm! These are delicious!” he exclaimed around his pancakes.

Dusty was more reserved as he ate his share without any toppings, "Aren't you hungry?" He asked her suspiciously.

"I've already ate." She responded as she joined them at the table with a cup of tea. Her gaze lingered for a moment on their hooves as they somehow held the utensils as they ate.

"Why are you doing this, giving us food?" Dusty inquired further as he chewed.

Phie stared at him for a moment before suddenly standing with a jingle. She whirled around to the cooking area and returned a moment later, placing a small box on the table as she sat back down.

Dusty looked it over, he was unable to read the writing on it but it had a picture of the very pancakes they were eating.

"Pancake mix?" He guessed.

Phie nodded, "A single batch yields eight to twelve pancakes. That's way too much for me to eat and I wouldn't want it to go to waste."

Dusty nodded, "I can see that, then why didn't you just use half a batch?"

Phie stared at him as her eyes widened in realization. "Well, you can't just use half an egg!" She reasoned quickly. "To use too much egg in the ratio would ruin the pancakes." She nodded to confirm her reasoning.

"You say that like you didn't even think about using half a batch." Morning Dew replied around his mouth full of pancakes.

"That's just the pancakes saying that, they must have gone to your head." Phie responded.

"But we didn't say anything." The remains of the pancakes on the plate responded.

The ponies stared in slackjaw horror while Phie casually replied, "Shush, pancakes don't talk."

"Oh right. Forget we said anything. Carry on!" The pancakes went silent once more.

"I don't seem to be hungry anymore." Dusty responded and pushed his plate away.

"Yeah, that was too weird." Morning dew agreed and did the same.

"Oh well, you ate most of them so I’m not feeling as wasteful." Phie said as an invisible force cleared the table and started doing the dishes. "Though I have some questions that I hope you can answer."

"I have some myself, but go ahead." Dusty replied.

"The guards all look identical with minor differences, such as some having a horn or wings such as yourselves. I would have assumed that an entire race would have more than two ethnicities and features." She asked.

"Oh, this? It's a spell in the helmet to hide our true appearance for our protection." Morning Dew replied. "I'm actually a mare."

Phie stared at him for a moment in awkward silence. "Ah. I see. What would you like you know? I am quite knowledgeable."

"Well my first would be 'What are you' but I'm sure word will get around. Anyway, I guess i just want to know what your I deal is." Dusty said, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"The deal was I get a vacation and learn some new magic and maybe teach some too. Hey, if you encounter anyone interesting, send them my way." Phie replied with a thumbs up.

"I'm sure if we do they'll be locked up." He rolled his eyes

"Well the time is up, I would recommend getting out of the chairs." She said, suddenly standing up.

"Wha-" Both guards started to ask when suddenly the entire cottage, including the table, chairs, and plates of leftover food, vanished into thin air. They both fell onto the ground looking around in confusion.

"What the hay! Where'd the cottage go?!" Dusty yelled as he bolted upright.

"Time was up. The spell only lasts so long." Phie replied as she picked up her staff. "Thanks for the company though. Also can you take me to the princesses? I'm unfamiliar with the castle layout."

"... Fine, I'll take you. Morning Dew is my relief this morning anyway. I'll take you to the dining room where they should be serving breakfast soon enough." Dusty waved her to follow with a wing.

She jingled her staff and walked with him along the path leading back to the castle. "Mind if I ask you a few questions?"


"Don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly are you?" She asked curiously.

"I could ask the same thing you know." He replied with a sideways glance. "All we know is you're a guest of the princess, or Discord, depending on who you ask."

"Technically it would be both." She replied. "To answer your question, I am an elf."

"An elf? Never heard of it." They turned a corner into a small hallway. "This is a shortcut through the castle used by the staff to quickly get around without being seen." He answered without prompt. "As for your question, I'm going to assume we're just as strange to you?" Phie nodded.

"Well as a whole, we're all ponies. I'm a thestral, Morning Dew is a pegasus, there's also unicorns with horns on their head that allows them to cast magic, and earth ponies with neither wings or horns. The exception is the princesses, all of whom have both horn and wings." They had exited the small hall and entered a large entryway, stopping before a pair of large wooden doors. "Any other questions?"

"Yes. Why does a race as small as yours require doors so large?" Phie asked with slight amusement.

"I'm not an architect, I just guard the place. The princesses are through those doors, you can ask them. Have a good day ma'am." Dusty turned and walked off, shaking his head in bewilderment. He's got an interesting story for his friends in the barracks.

Phie waved him off for a moment before turning to the door and looking it over. The wood appeared to be oak and was reinforced with iron or steel plating. Around the edges was a number of designs of the various ponies while the center was taken up with a golden sun or a shining crescent moon on either door.

"This must be the right place." Phie commented as she pushed on the door. It swung open easily on the well oiled hinges, leading into a great hall. The room was about two hundred feet long and about seventy five feet wide. The center of the room was taken up by a massive table covered in a brilliant white cloth. Sitting in one of the tall chairs on the end was Princess Luna.

"Ah, good morning Phie. We were going to send somepony to fetch you once everypony had arrived. Are you always up this early?" Luna asked her.

"I've been up for a few hours now." Phie responded as she took in the layout of the table. It was covered in various plates and glasses in preparation for the coming meal and appeared very neat. However, something needed to be done.

Phie moved to the table a few places in front of Luna and started to rearrange the plates, leaving a five foot area clear.

Luna raised an eyebrow, "Was the arrangement not to your satisfaction?"

"Trust me on this, I'll explain later." Phie replied as she took a seat to her left.

"I see... I trust you had a pleasant rest?" Luna asked.

"Small talk with a princess? I'm flattered." Phie replied with a small smile. "And yes, the beds in the cottage are designed to give the best rest possible for exactly eight hours."

"That's... interesting. And what is wrong with a little small talk?" Luna asked.

"Generally royalty from where I come from won't even acknowledge the existence of non-royalty, let alone accommodate a complete stranger into their castle or manor or what have you. Not to mention that 'small talk' among royals is generally chatting among themselves about their own greed or backstabbing a fellow royal in some petty manor." Phie said from her slouched position in the chair.

"Seems that royalty never changes no matter the distance. We are above the petty rivalries and allegiances of the nobles of Canterlot. Even then not many ponies are able to speak to us so freely, or want to far that matter... Anyway, you must have many questions about Equestria, We would be more than happy to assist!" Luna smiled excitedly.

Phie responded in kind, "I would greatly enjoy that, but wouldn't it be rude to begin the question and answer portion of breakfast before the others arrive?"

Luna narrowed her eyes, "My sister told Us of your uncanny deductions, We wonder as to how much you actually know about us, seeing as you were also reading through Equestria's history last night as well."

"Do you really want to know, what I know?" Phie asked. Luna nodded her head. "Fine then.”

Phie stood from the chair and pointed at her chest sternly, “You are the younger sister to Celestia, your bond with her is closely guarded. Something happened, to her, to you, but you are most affected by it. You radiate fear and sadness, akin to loss, but much greater. One as old as you would not mourn the death of a mortal, so it was something you would not normally be without, which leads me to believe it involved your sister, which ties to holding your bond with her close to your heart. You blame yourself for this incident to this day regardless of your sister having seemed to forgive you and free you of blame. This I know because she has moved on, or I would have seen her own grief more plainly. This depression you find yourself in is self inflicted. You cannot seem to move on, no matter who or what consoles you."

Luna was staring at her, silently whimpering as tears flowed down her muzzle. Phie sighed and moved to her side, quickly embracing the princess. "I see I was fairly accurate. There there. Pat pat."

Luna sniffed, "Am I really that easy to read?"

"Only to me, I would assume. Those unacquainted with immortals or ancients usually can't see past the regal mask. Can I tell you a secret?" Luna nodded into Phie's robes, "I can't actually read your language. I was just looking at the pictures."

Luna let out a hoarse laugh, "So you truly know nothing then, yet know all that?"

"I know many things. I'll tell you another secret. I only know what to look for so well, because I know that pain very well." Phie broke out of the hug to look her in the eyes with sincerity, "I find speaking of it helps ease the pain, perhaps we can share our stories sometime?" She asked as she handed Luna a napkin.

Luna nodded as she wiped her eyes dry and composed herself. "Thank you... I think that would be a grand idea. Sister, I think, is not very comfortable talking about it and ponies cannot relate directly."

"I'll bring the tea then." Phie smiled as she sat back down. "To continue with how I know we're waiting on other people, or ponies in this case, is because there are a lot of plates set up. Also royals tend to dine in groups, it's why so many assassinations happen during dinner, because they are all in one place and the panic prevents them from fleeing successfully as they trip over themselves."

"Wh-what? Assassination?" Luna sputtered at the abrupt change in topic. Phie smirked and jingled her staff. Any further banter was cut short at that moment as the great doors opened, revealing Princess Celestia escorting an entire herd of colorful, smiling, and bouncing ponies.

"Smile, the others are here." Phie recommended as she silently observed them with her keen eyes and magical senses. "Also curse the exceedingly high magic concentration in the air, it's interfering with my senses." Luna smirked a bit herself as she watch the others approach the table.

"... and that was why I knew I would be making a new friend today-*GAAAASSSSP* AND THERE IT IS! HI NEW FRIEND!" Pinkie Pie, as energetic as always, bolted to the table and leaped on top of it. She landed neatly in the empty space and slid directly into Phie's face as she yelled. The next moment she vanished with a jingle.

Phie lowered her hand from the place Pinkie used to occupy. The other ponies, the princesses included, stared in horror.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH PINKIE PIE?!" Rainbow Dash yelled and rushed at Phie. She too vanished into thin air.

"I teleported her to the gardens. Sorry about that. I panicked." Phie explained to the empty air.

“Archmage, could you please not teleport ponies to the gardens?” Princess Celestia asked as she calmly took her seat beside her sister. “Everypony, this is Archmage Phie.”

Phie stood and took a bow. “Phie, you have already encountered Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash,” Celestia continued, “This is Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Princess Twilight Sparkle. With her is her assistant Spike, her student Starlight, and Starlight’s friend Trixie.”

“Hello.” Phie jingled her staff.

Applejack stomped around the end of the table and poked her hoof at Phie’s chest. “Now listen here missy! Ah don’t take kindly to ponies or other types messing with my friends. Are we going to have a problem?”

Phie stared at her for a moment. “I wouldn’t recommend picking a fight, no matter the reason. Someone would get hurt.”

“Is that a threat?” AJ responded, pressing in closer.

“No, I am stating a fact.” Phie responded plainly, “I am quite certain that should we engage in combat that I would suffer a great deal of damage ranging from shattered limbs to organ damage with internal bleeding. I don't expect I would remain conscious long enough to properly form a spell of any kind. Chance of death would be high even with emergency medical support. However, should I have adequate time, at least one to six seconds, I will have summoned allies or teleported to safety. Is that answer satisfactory?”

AJ had a disturbed look on her face, “Um… Twilight?”

Twilight translated Phie’s non-answer for her, “I think she’s saying she won’t do anything to cause her near instant death? Or something? I’m still trying to get that imagery out of my head.”

Phie sighed, “What has happened to gallows humor? What I said was I don't plan to anger you to the point of wanting to fight me as I am physically frail and would easily be defeated. However if I really wanted to hurt you or your friends I would be the victor.”

AJ raised a skeptical eyebrow, “Ah don't see how someone who says they’re that weak can take me in a fight with confidence.”

“Who said you would be fighting me?” Phie replied with her own eyebrow firmly raised.



AJ blinked and went cross eyed to look at the finger booping her snoot. “Ohh, yer a weirdo, ain't ya?”

“That’s rude, I’m an archmage. I did a lot of magic to get that title.” Phie responded.

AJ turned around and found a place to sit and held her head in her hooves. Fluttershy joined her and pat her back gently. The others took their seats as well, with Celestia on the end, Luna and Phie to her left while to her right was Twilight, Spike, AJ, Fluttershy, and Rarity on the other side.

Trixie snickered and turned to Starlight, “Looks like she sure put that hayseed in her place.”

Starlight smirked and playfully elbowed her in response as they sat a few seats away from the strange mage. Once they had all been seated several ponies in fancy black suits strolled out with a few trolleys. They quickly set the table and placed the covered dishes on their respected plates, leaving Phie’s five foot gap as it was.

Rarity gave Phie the once over after the food had been placed, “While your ensemble is rather… fitting, although it leaves much to be desired.” She subtly insulted.

“But magic.” Phie explained with her infinite wisdom.

Twilight cleared her throat loudly to get Starlight’s attention, earning her a questioning gaze from her pupil. Twilight nodded her head toward Phie once, twice, three times before Starlight understood and rolled her eyes.
She cleared her throat as she turned to Phie, “Hello, I’m Starlight. I’m learning the magic of-”

“AH-BU-BU-BUH! No spoilers!” Discord appeared in a flash, standing on the table in a strange stance. “I won't have you spoiling the great surprise to my saucy friend here!” He motioned to the entirely not-covered-in-sauce Phie. Discord frowned and stomped his cloven hoof on the empty section of the table, some distance from the plate holding the bowl of sauce.

Discord stood tall and crossed his arms as he glared at Phie, “Well played, archmage, well played.”

He vanished and reappeared next to Phie, “That aside I look forward to hanging out with you, I can see the appeal I must say.”

“It sounds fun. Perhaps once I am more acclimated to this world we can ‘hang out’ as the kids say.” Phie reasoned.

“Of course, friend! I’ll be planning our first outing so you can get the best of Equestria! Ta-ta!” He cheered and snapped his fingers, vanishing in a flash.

“Ta-ta.” Phie replied.

“Anyway, yeah. I guess it's nice to meet you.” Starlight finished off, elbowing Trixie to go next.

“Fine, I’ll go next. Hello, I’m Trixie, I don’t know why I’m here other than because Starlight asked. Although I will say you look like a weird hairless monkey.” She commented.

“Trixie! You don't just tell people they look like a hairless monkey!” Twilight scolded.

“Whatever, you were all thinking it.” Trixie joined her friend.

“My only response is your species’ fur is more akin to that of a cat than a horse resulting in being soft and fluffy.” Phie responded.

The ponies glanced at one another, “Well I’ve got nothing.” Trixie commented.

A moment later the door burst open as Rainbow Dash barreled into the dining hall, speeding towards Phie with rage in her eyes. “I’ll teach you to mess with me or my friends!”

“Rainbow Dash!” Luna yelled, her horn’s aura enveloping the multi-colored missile and catching it just over the table. “You will control yourself and will sit down or I will lock you away until you calm down!”

Phie’s eyes widened slightly at how close her face was to being minced. Rainbow struggled in Luna’s grasp for a moment before settling into a glare that was leveled at Phie.

“Grr! Fine! Whatever, just let me down. But this isn’t over.”

Phie responded by poking the bunt of her staff into Rainbow’s chest. The effect was almost immediate: Luna’s aura exploded outward and quickly dissipated, while Rainbow gasped in shock and fell limply onto the table.

“Hm.” Phie hummed as she moved forward and examined the shivering pegasus, her senses examining the pegasus’ magic. “Ah, so that’s it.”

Rainbow Dash slowly stood on quivering legs. “What. The. Hay.”

AJ tapped her hooves on the table threateningly as the others murmured to each other

“What was that?” Twilight asked, “The effects looked similar to when Tirek drained the magic from ponies, but to a lesser extent.”

“It appears your race is innately magical in nature.” Phie spoke as she examined Rainbow as she pulled out one of her wings. “While most of the magic is contained within, this magic is escaping? No, it encases the wings. When dispelled the magic quickly restores itself, effects may vary but repeated dispelling may result in extreme fatigue, loss of consciousness, and drowning.”

“What? How would she drown?” Twilight looked up from the notes she was suddenly taking.

“She will drown if her lungs fill with water.” Phie replied, “Heh.”

Everypony stared at her for a moment, “Was… Was that a joke?”

Pinkie burst out laughing, “Hahaha! That was a good one!”

“Pinkie?! How long were you here?” AJ asked her.

“I came in with Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie replied from her chosen chair to the right of Rarity. Rainbow shook her head and slowly made her way off the table on quivering legs, sitting to the right of Pinkie who gave her a happy hug.

"Ya feelen alright there Dash?" AJ asked while keeping an eye on Phie.

"It's... AJ, I feel like... like a cloud." She replied as she sank into Pinkie's embrace. "Like, wow."

AJ tore her eyes off her target to stare at the floppy pegasus. "Y’all look like Winona ly'n in the sun."

Rainbow responded with a quiet murmur before falling asleep with a soft snore. The assembled ponies and mage watched her sleep in silence for a few moments.

"Well that's new." AJ remarked.

"Interesting side effect." Phie remarked.

Twilight turned to her old mentor, "Should I take her to the infirmary?"

Celestia's horn glowed for a moment as a similar glow flowed around Rainbow Dash, "No, she'll be fine. The magic is slowly restoring itself and the process is causing her body to completely relax, like a gentle massage." Her horn flashed and Rainbow was gone from their presence. "I sent her to one of the guest rooms for her to sleep in peace."

"Fascinating!" Phie exclaimed as she took out a book of her own as well as a pen. "Teleporting the target at range as well as examining magical effects, you're species' talents with manipulating magic is quite surprising. It's refreshing to be in the presence of talented spellweavers that aren't completely self centered." She finished her notes and slipped the book into her robes.

"Are we eating or not? I'm hungry!" Pinkie cried out in despair. She helped herself to taking the tops off the various plates and trays revealing a plethora of breakfast foods, from pancakes to cereal to even large bowls of spaghetti, the royal breakfast had it all.

"This is a lot of food." Phie remarked as she gathered a sample of everything on her plate.

"Not everypony has arrived yet, but we shouldn't allow the food to get cold. Dig in everypony!" Celestia declared. Her word was unneeded as most of the ponies had already begun eating by then, with the exception of Rarity and Twilight.

Once the food had been distributed Starlight struck up a conversation with Phie, "So, what exactly are you planning to do here?"

"Sample some of the local delicacy. So far my plans have come to fruition with little deviation." She responded while tasting a hay pancake. She slowly chewed, swallowed the bite, set her fork down, and slowly rotated the plate so it was no longer facing her. "I should have known..."

"No, I mean here in Equestria. Why did you come to this world?" Starlight clarified while eating her own stack of hay pancakes.

Phie pondered for a moment as she tried a bit of spaghetti. "Well, it's an adventure, isn't it? Why would I pass up this opportunity to experience something nobody else has? To me the answer was simple." She said as she tried another bite of the spaghetti.

"But what about the ponies, er, people back home? Wouldn't they miss you?"

Phie pondered for a moment...

Meanwhile, in front of an ice cream shop currently engulfed in flames:

"AAHHH I'M MELTING!!! SAVE MY CHOCOLATE CHIPS!" cried out a young mage in icy blue robes. She had long light blue hair, pale skin and teary blue eyes. Her staff was a steel rod with a large hexagon of pure ice.

"Astrid calm down you're not actually ice cream!" Another mage, taller but nearly identical, shook her to her senses.

"WHAT'S THE POINT IF I'M NOT WHAT I EAT!?!" Astrid cried out to her sister.

"It's a turn of phrase!" the taller mage yelled as she started to drag Astrid away from the scene as the police and firefighters arrived.


"I'm sure they're doing just fine." Phie replied.

"And you're just fine being away from them? Won't you miss them?" Starlight continued to question.

"I can move on." Phie replied. She set her fork down to instead stare at Starlight.

She frowned, also setting aside her fork to stare back. "How can you just say that? Don't you have friends and family you want to see again? I may only have a few friends, but I would still want to see them after a few days."

"I'm sure the princesses can answer that question in a way that suites your perceptions." Phie responded and broke eye contact, instead helping herself to a slice of apple pie.

Starlight was confused and looked to the princesses, "What's she talking about?"

They looked at Phie sadly for a moment before Princess Celestia responded, "Starlight, she may not appear so, but she is quite old. I would imagine she has lost quite a number of friends to the passage of time."

Starlight's eyes widened in realization, "Oh my... I had no idea..." She looked once more to Phie who was now engaged in a conversation with Twilight.

"So unicorns can only channel magic through their horns?" Phie asked, book and pen once more in hand.

"Essentially, yes." Twilight confirmed. "This magic though is generally closely tied into that pony's special talent. For example, a construction unicorn can lift heavy loads in their magic, or a musician can play an instrument with better precision than normal magic. My special talent is magic in general, allowing for me to easily grasp and understand multiple forms of complex spells."

"Then what is the case for the other races? The rainbow one, the pegasus, had magic flowing through her wings much like a spell from a horn." Phie remarked, flipping back to the previous page.

"Yes, each race of pony channels magic naturally in their own ways. While a pegasus can't channel magic into spells like a unicorn, it passively allows them to fly with minimal effort and allows them to stand on and manipulate clouds." Twilight explained, "Earth ponies can be described in a similar way, their magic makes them hardier and allows them to grow food at an impressive pace and with more nutrition than they would normally have. It also acts as a form of pesticide, bugs will tend to bypass crops grown by earth ponies.”

"Fascinating." Phie replied, "Have any of the races attempted to use magic beyond what naturally occurs within themselves?"

"Well, if a unicorn puts forth the effort they can learn spells that are not directly related to their talent, but earth ponies and pegasi can't channel magic in the same way." Twilight replied.

"What about runic magic? Potions? Item enchantments?" Phie asked, "I would think being able to channel magic directly into an item while it's being created would be a valued asset. Or are enchantments done another way in this realm?"

"Er, well, we just cast the magic on whatever we need to be magical." Twilight explained. "Potions are generally considered alchemy and is only performed by select individuals and isn't widely used. Generally foals are taught some basic alchemy to teach them how to follow instructions for more advanced magic. And I've never heard of runic magic."

Phie stared at her for a moment, "There is much for your people to learn."

"Excuse me, Phie, but it almost sounds like you're disappointed." Rarity spoke up.

Phie turned her attention to Rarity, "Mildly. It's disappointing that other areas of magic have been neglected. This means there are types of magic yet to be uncovered or forgotten, and that won't do. That won't do at all..." Phie trailed off, eyes staring blankly ahead for a moment.

Rarity and Twilight were about to try and snap her out of it when she blinked and shook her head, "Sorry, where was I?"

"Something about lost or forgotten magic?" Rarity replied.

"Then you zoned out for a bit." Twilight added.

Phie nodded, "Right, right. I was thinking about something was all. Apologies."

"Mind if I ask what it was?" Rarity questioned with intrigue.

Phie pondered for a moment and looked around the rest of the gathered ponies, who suddenly seem to find her quite interesting. Phie cleared her throat, "I won't say exactly what, that's personal, but it is important to me that history should be remembered. The past should not be forgotten, because remembering the past prevents history from repeating. Learning from mistakes allows society to grow and evolve. By this I mean the unbiased version, the true history of events free of propaganda and hidden agendas. Where atrocities are remembered as horrible vile actions taken against an innocent people rather than a holy cleansing in the name of a faceless god or to line someone's pockets with gold." She finished, glaring into her cup of juice.

The ponies glanced at eachother for a moment before Twilight broke the silence, "Well... I can see you enjoy history, I happen to read several history books a week so I'm well versed in the subject."

Phie blinked and looked over to her, "Then you would be most helpful in my research."

The doors opened into the breakfast hall once again, allowing a unicorn with a white coat and a golden mane and tail to enter gracefully. "My apologies for my tardiness, Aunties. I was speaking with the House of Clovers and was unable to excuse myself for the longest time."

Several of the ponies, namely Rarity, glared at him in clear sustain while Starlight and Trixie appeared happy to see him. The others, Phie included, remained indifferent.

"Worry not, dear nephew, we were entertaining our guest. I hope you don't mind that we started without you? I'm sure the chefs can prepare a hot meal should you require it." Celestia said as he walked around the table to the open chair next to Phie.

"It's no bother at all, I was the one who was late after all." He replied as he helped himself to some fruit.

"Wonderful. Blueblood, this is our guest, Archmage Phie. Phie, this is my nephew, Prince Blueblood." Celestia introduced them.

"Ah, well met Archmage. I trust your visit is going well?" He said kindly.

Phie stared at him for a moment with her calculating gaze, "Yes, thank you. Your kinsmen are quite kind."

"Yes, we do try to accommodate the many races of Equis, both foreign and domestic. Auntie has told me about you, although her description of a short minotaur doesn't quite seem fitting." He remarked.

“I still say she’s more like a hairless monkey.” Trixie whispered to Starlight, who just smirked and shook her head.

Phie turned to him and placed her fists on her temples with each index finger pointing upwards in an imitation of a minotaur's horns. "Moo."

Pinkie Pie spat out her juice in a fit of laughter while a few others chuckled, Blueblood being one of them. "Yes, not much difference now is there Auntie?"

Celestia giggled, "No, not at all. Although you may want to refrain from doing that in their presence as it may offend them."

"Moo." Phie said in acknowledgement, earning a few more snickers before she dropped her hands. "I assume minotaurs are at least friendly?" she asked the table.

Fluttershy, who up to this point was nearly hiding under the table, spoke up in a whisper. "Iron Will is nice..."

Phie's head swiveled as her eyes locked onto Fluttershy, "Sorry, didn’t catch that."

"This is Fluttershy! She's shy!" Pinkie explained as she shook Fluttershy a bit, just enough to cause her eyes to roll around comically.

"I had gathered." Phie replied.

"I'm sure she's talking about Iron Will," Twilight filled in, "He was a minotaur who came to Ponyville to teach an assertiveness course. Fluttershy is helping refine his course for ponies in mind. So far it's been a huge success for pony-minotaur relations."

"Indeed, it has also promoted immigration and tourism between the cultures." Bluebood added.

"Which means more money in the treasury. Yay economics." Phie summed up with a jingle of her staff.

"Which leads us into why we have gathered you all here today." Celestia interjected, "Luna, Phie, and I have come to the decision that her time here would be best spent learning of a certain magic that you and your friends are known for, and in turn she can teach us her own magic."

"Her own magic?" Twilight looked to Phie, "What magic can you teach us? Is it the alchemy or runic magic you mentioned?"

"I'm not telling until I am advised on your magic." Phie responded.

"That is fair." Celestia commented, "As such, I feel she should join Starlight in her own studies, under your care Twilight."

Twilight beamed with a large smile, "I get to teach another student?! Yes yes yes YES!" she yelled out in excitement.

"I look forward to learning of this world." Phie stated.

"Wait! But what about the ceremony?" Twilight asked suddenly. "I can't teach a new student and prepare an award ceremony at the same time!"

"I'm sure Phie would understand and would be glad to help if you simply ask." Celestia advised, shooting a small smirk towards Phie who replied with the same dull expression.

"You're right! I didn't even think of that!" Twilight turned to Phie, "Phie, do you mind if we hold onto the studies just a little bit so we can prepare the ceremony and would you mind lending a hand?"

Phie didn't seem to respond at first, but after a moment she spoke up, "I do not know of how much help I can be but I am willing to assist in any way I can."

"Great!" Twilight cheered, "Thank you so much! I can't wait to get started!"

"Then we shouldn't keep you, have a pleasant trip back to Ponyville."

"Wait, I'm not ready." Phie said, stopping the others from leaving the table. "I need to pack my things."

Celestia and Luna shared a look before Luna said, "We were unaware that you had brought items in need of packing."

Phie didn't reply and instead shoved several apples and oranges into her robes. "Okay, I'm ready now." She stated as she picked up her staff.

"If you were hungry we could have brought some snacks for the train ride." Twilight reasoned.

"Apologies. These are intended for use as rations should we need them in an emergency situation should one arise." Phie informed them.

The ponies chuckled, "But the train is a hundred percent safe, darling!" Rarity remarked.

"A train derailing at speed has the potential to kill and trap hundreds of people. In the instance we survive the crash and await rescue, provisions are necessary to stave off starvation and mental delusions." Phie replied stoically.

The ponies looked shocked at the statement, "Why are you preparing for such a horrible thing to happen!?" Twilight exclaimed.

"To be prepared means faster reactions to the unexpected, however improbable. I do not expect the train to crash, but if it does then we will have provisions for a few days. If it does not crash then we have a sweet snack that can be enjoyed in the company of others. Everyone wins." Phie responded.

There was silence as the ponies thought how to respond. Phie stood there unmoving until Starlight stepped forward, "Um, exactly how many trains have you been on that have crashed?"

"I stopped riding trains after the fifth crash in a row." The ponies seemed to pale slightly. "However, just because every train I have ridden on has crashed or been robbed or destroyed does not mean that this train will encounter such troubles as well. In fact I can prove it mathematically that the upcoming train ride will both make it safely and crash horribly, also known as the Schrodinger's Paradox, so we have a 50% chance of making it there without issue." Phie gave an enthusiastic thumbs up with a mischievous grin, "Those are better odds than my normal adventuring!"

Trixie walked up to Phie and placed a hoof over her mouth. "Stop talking."

Phie jingled her staff in response.

"What?! But if we walk then we won't make it back in time for the party!" Pinkie cried out.

"Pinkie, the ceremony isn't for another few days, there's plenty of time." Twilight reasoned.

Pinkie spun around in despair, "Not that party! The OTHER party!"

"But the picnic party won't take that long to set up." Rarity advised her.

Pinkie groaned, "Not that party either! The OTHER other party! That one!"

"Oh that one!" AJ replied, "Well why didn't you say you wanted to throw a party for the Apples?"

"AJ, you're doing that on purpose!" Pinkie wailed.

The others chuckled, "I'm sorry Pinkie, but we'll make it back in time." Twilight gave her a comforting hug, "Celestia, would it be alright if we borrowed the chariots to Ponyville?"

"Chariots?" Phie asked.

"Of course, though I don't think the train ride will be any more dangerous than usual." Celestia replied as she approached the group.

"Who or what pulls the chariots?" Phie asked, going unanswered.

"I'm sure, I just don't want Phie to worry about getting into another accident." Twilight replied.

"I'm not worried, I'm prepared." Phie tried to cut in, "Do ponies pull the chariots? Isn't that both demeaning and slower than a train?"

"I agree with Twi." AJ said, "I'll go get Rainbow, meet you all at the gate?"

"Please respond to my inquiry as to the nature of chariots in this world." Phie demanded to no avail.

"Alright AJ. Come on everypony, let's head to the station before the next train leaves!" Twilight announced, leading the others with the exception of Phie and the princesses.

“Well so much for the question and answer portion of breakfast.” Phie shot them a glance, "Although I'm not keen on being blatantly ignored."

"Twilight and her friends can be a bit..." Celestia trailed off as she chose her words.

"Thick headed and completely incompetent at times." Luna supplied.

"Luna..." Celestia sighed.

"Tis true, my first Nightmare Night is proof of that. However it is also true that they are wonderful friends who just want to help, even though sometimes their idea of helping is not helpful in the slightest." Luna added.

"I see. Reminds me of a certain ice cream obsessed mage. Heart of gold but don't let her touch the expensive things." Phie remarked. "I should be off before I am abandoned. Or should we take a bet on how long it will be before they realize I am not among them?"

"Personally I would take you up on that bet." Discord said from behind her hood. "Personally I think they'll be halfway to Ponyville before they do."

"Discord, do not enter the confines of my cloak without my express permission." Phie scolded as she teleported Discord to just in front of her.

"Tsk, touchy. Fine, I'll respect your 'personal space.'" He said with air quotes.

"Thank you." She replied, though she wondered what he meant by 'personal space.'

Luna approached and gace Phie a light hug, "When you sleep tonight we will be able to speak at length."

"Pat pat." Phie replied.

Luna chuckled, "You are indeed a strange one. Try not to overthink the train ride, it is protected by strong magic and those ponies are quite resourceful."

Phie smirked, "It's a simple analysis, and it will take more than that to get me worried."

Phie stepped back suddenly as she felt a magical signature, a moment later Twilight had teleported directly in front of her.

"There you are, Phie!" Twilight exclaimed, "We thought you were right behind us!"

"Approximately how long was it before you realized I wasn't behind you?" She asked.

"We were halfway to the station before Rarity tried to show you her clothing store she recently opened." Discord groaned and balanced five bits on Phie's head. "We were really worried something had happened!"

"You needn't worry, but the thought is appreciated." Phie reassured her.

"Great! Let's go!" Twilight half yelled and grabbed Phie in her magic, the both of them instantly teleporting across Canterlot to the front of a clothing shop.

"Twilight, you found her!" somepony cried out. Phie looked around to see the ponies from before gathered around and loitering in front of a clothing store. There were several not-so-happy potential customers being blocked from the front doors. Rainbow Dash was on AJ's back, purring and cuddling into her haunches and lower neck.

"Ta-da." Phie announced her presence.

"Great, yer here. Now let's go before RD soaks me in drool." AJ demanded with a stomp. "What the hay is wrong with this gal?"

Phie walked up to Rainbow and peeled open an eye, it was completely dilated and slightly bloodshot. "Oh."

"'Oh?' What do you mean 'oh?!'" AJ demanded.

"It seems the effect of having her magic dispelled and restored is having the same effects commonly associated with potent narcotics." Phie explained.

"The hay does that mean?!"

"Silly! It means she's flying higher than she's ever flown before!" Pinkie explained as she ran around, arms spread pretending to be a bird.

"In non-Pinkie-speak please." AJ sighed.

"I think they're trying to say that she's basically on drugs, but without any actual drugs. Right?" Starlight asked Phie, who nodded. Rainbow responded to the diagnoses by licking AJ's neck, causing her to visibly cringe.

"Can we just get going so Ah can get her off a me?!" AJ yelled as she tried to shift Rainbow into a position where she cannot lick her as easily. To no avail.

The other ponies giggled, “Alright, let’s get going. The train station isn't that far from here.” Twilight said as she started leading the group down the road. Phie followed, the five bits still stacked flawlessly on top of her head where none of the ponies were tall enough to see.

Phie observed the city as she followed behind the group, noting the layout and architecture of the buildings. Many of them reminded her of the small towns that dotted the lands of her old world before industry took over. The ponies themselves either completely ignored their procession, avoided them completely, or shoved through them.

“Hm. I would think a strange creature walking through their midst would cause some kind of reaction.” Phie remarked to the others.

“Oh, that’s just how Canterlot is, ponies here are too busy or concerned for themselves to notice or pay attention to anything outside their little world.” Trixie explained.

“Whereas in Ponyville I’m sure you’ll cause a riot.” Starlight added.

“Ponies there must be panic-filled, fearful creatures.” Phie commented aloud.

“Well that’s what happens when creatures from the Everfree wander into town and destroy it on an almost weekly basis.” Trixie continued, “Or, you know, if somepony doesn't go power mad and try to enslave them...”

“Or brainwash them...” Starlight sighed.

“Or grow the size of a mountain and rip up the town...” Spike added.

“Ah. Well at least it sounds like the ponies not only survived but also forgave you. You should be happy to have others to lift you back up.” Phie concluded sadly, “Not everyone is as lucky.”

“I guess that’s true.” Spike pondered as they entered the long station.

Ahead of them beyond the bustling sea of colors was a bright pink train with weird swirly designs. It looked like it was held together by wood, magic, and naive wishful thinking.

Phie pondered what she had mentioned earlier for a moment, “Good thing I brought rations.”

Author's Note:

So this took a while to write out, mainly because I've been busy and wasn't able to find a decent stopping point so I just kept going. It's nearly twice as long as my usual chapter lengths so it could probably be considered two chapters. I thought about splitting it up and posting each section as I finished but only if it got too absurd.

I'll admit I'm not the best when it comes to editing but I do try. Hope you all enjoyed it!

*Edits: Added some minor dialogue with Dusty