• Published 19th Apr 2017
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Equestrian Conjurer - Lunafan1k

An archmage from another world is brought to Equestria to learn a new school of magic, the Magic of Friendship. While here she teaches conjuration to a select few citizens in response.

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Chapter 1

“Are you sure about this, Archmage?” asked a hooded figure.

“Of course, when have I ever done anything I wasn’t sure about?” Replied the much shorter archmage.

“I can think of a long list of events which resulted in us running for our lives. Need I remind you about the ruins in the mountain with the invisible demon statues or the time you set off a trap and awakened the ancient guardians or the time-”

“Those were unforeseen complications which I had accounted for to some degree, as you can see my plan worked as you are here to complain about it.” The shorter figure interrupted. “Now get back to work, are the runes placed? How about the wards?”

“Of course Archmage, but my original question still stands, why are you taking instruction from a strange unknown entity in the first place? I've never seen anything like these runes, let alone on a grid as complicated as this. How do you know it will work?”

The shorter mage looked up at him, revealing a soft, unnaturally pale face framed by brilliantly white hair. Her eyes seemed to glow with magical prowess as she gazed with a dull expression. “Because he owed me, Konnor.”

“... How the hell did you get a creature like that indebted to you?” Konnor asked. He was a tall man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a decent tan. He gazed down at her with a raised eyebrow, expecting some insight into the mysteries surrounding his old teacher.

“... I accidentally released him and convinced him it was on purpose.”

Konnor sighed with the weight of the world on his shoulders, “How the hell are you an archmage, Phie? I’m serious. You’re brilliant beyond anyone I’ve encountered but just the sheer… shenanigans that happen around you, it's impossible! You, are impossible!”

“... I find that mildly offensive. Name one thing about these so-called impossible ‘shenanigans’ you seem so keen on.” Phie replied, crossing her arms with a stern look.

“Fine. I’ll name you three. First, your staff. It has rings on the end. How the hell does it jingle like a series of small bells?” He pointed to the staff leaning against the wall. Almost as though it sensed the situation, it let out a small jingle.


“Second. You were teaching a class and then started rambling about theoretical magics nobody has heard about, then you asked, ‘How was that?’ And then an extraplanar being nobody noticed was there gave you a thumbs up and disappeared.”

“He and I are good friends.”

“And third, a cyborg cornered you on the street and was about to kill you when a random truck turned into a mech and started fighting it. They leveled a city block and then they both seemingly vanished.”

Phie shrugged, “That was not my fault, they had been fighting and I got in the way. When it got rough I teleported them both ten miles under the ocean.”

Konnor gave her a flat look, “You can’t teleport things to a place you’ve never been.”

“Who said I’ve never been there?” Phie replied with a hint of a smile.

Konnor shook his head and motioned to the room, most of which was covered in loose paper with notes and runes scribbled on them, one being a list of groceries, the rest seemingly painted in chalk drawings. “Why are you doing this? Really? You've ruined my office.”

“Because this is the most excitement you’ve had in months. Besides, he promised that I would discover an entirely new branch of magic. I am duty bound to uncover all there is about this new magic, compile it, find a pupil to master it, and start another coven.” She said with a gleam in her eye.

“And that’ll be what, the tenth coven you founded?”

“That you know of.” Phie flipped through some papers and made some minor adjustments while Konnor just stared at her in incredulity. “Looks like it’s ready.”

“Right… Well. I can’t convince you otherwise can I?” He asked while he moved to his position.

Phie moved over to her own position in the mess of runes. “Then let us begin. I promise to write when I remember to if I'm not completely distracted.”

“I’ll just assume you’re fine and go about my day.” He replied.

Both mages began to channel their magical might into the runes, causing them to peel from the floor and rotate around Phie in a large sphere. Konnor soon lost sight of her as the magical energies encased her, glowing with a painfully bright light. As the spell neared its completion, he could have sworn her heard a disembodied chuckle and the snap of someone’s fingers as the spell, Phie, and all the notes winked out of existence. The only remaining note was one for more bread, eggs, and to inquire about the cost of hiring a mariachi band for reasons unknown.

“Discord, I know you have been reformed, but you still can’t just invite beings from another reality into the castle!” Princess Celestia scolded as the draconequus in question floated above a hammock, which was tied off on a pair of palm trees, which were also floating, in the middle of the throne room blocking the line of petitioners.

“But you and little Twilight taught me to repay my debts and to help out my friends. Besides Celestia, you enjoy helping ponies. This one just needs a bit… more.” Discord replied, looking at her from under his martini and sipping his sunglasses while casually placing an olive in an umbrella.

Celestia sighed, “While that may be true we can't be sure if this is going to be another ‘Smooze’ incident.”

“Oh please, o’l Smoozy needed some time off and he may have been a bit too excited. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy my other good friend.” Discord replied from the postcard of himself he had yet to take of himself in the hammock that was on an island beach.

“I suppose you won't tell me anything specific.” Celestia sighed, resigning herself to an unannounced guest of questionable origin.

“Oh of course not Celest- Oh! Do you hear that?” Discord cut himself off and snapped his fingers, vanishing from the throne room.

The next petitioner looked up at her from the far end of the room, warily glancing around. Princess Celestia motioned them forward, “Don’t be shy my little pony, I will hear your request now.”

The pony in question, a lime green mare with beets for a cutie mark, never was able to approach to ask her humble request, as the empty space was no longer empty. A bright ball of energy expanded into existence, scaring the mare into fleeing in terror.

A large number of guards rushed into the room to defend the princess, spears and shields lowered as the light grew brighter. Soon a strange shadow was seen standing within the whipping winds, eyes glowing orange as it seemed to regard them as insignificant. The winds slowly died down as what appeared to be odd sigils could be seen swirling around the figure. With a small, final gust of wind the magic was dispelled. The runes returned to powdered chalk and coating the guards, causing more than a few to cough and blink it out of their eyes.

“Ah!” They heard a female voice say with a start as well as the fluttering of paper. The guards recovered enough to see a robed, bipedal figure scurrying around and snatching up loose leaflets of paper.

“Halt! Remain still creature!” one of the guards called out.

Said creature didn’t appear to hear or understand and was instead sorting through the papers and shuffling them around at a frantic rate. “What was after the eggs!?” It muttered to itself.

“Bah, I’ll remember it later. Maybe. Probably. Not likely.” It shoved the papers into it's clothing and finally started to look around with a calculating gaze.

“Don’t move!” Another guard demanded.

“Am I under arrest?” it asked.

“I said don’t move!” the guard called again, the creature pointedly ignored him as it held out it's tiny claw. There was a flash of light… and it was suddenly holding a stick.

Jingle! went the stick as she shook it once.

“... Alright arrest it.” The guards moved in to capture the strange being, but with another jingle it seemed to disappear into thin air. “Wh-what?”

“Poof.” It said dully, it's location being behind the throne gazing out the window. “Well this world may prove to be interesting after all. Going by the decor and weaponry it's about mid-fifteenth century or equivalent.”

“Guards, you may stand down, I think this is our guest.” Celestia commanded. The guards retreated to the sides of the room as she stood and approached the biped. She easily towered over it, though it was slightly taller than the average pony. It's glowing eyes were about level with her breastplate as it gazed up at her with a dull expression. “Is that right?” She asked.

“Hmm. Perhaps. If I was expected then I would be that guest, if not then I would be a surprise for the evening. Regardless, I am here for my own reasons, reasoning, and desires.” Its gaze seemed to pierce through her as it stared. “Hm. That’s new. Usually ancient beings are less… alive. You must be young.”

“I can assure you I am not a young mare.” Celestia replied.

Its tilted its head to one side and looked her over, its eyes wandering her form but always returning to focus on her own gaze. “I’m thinking around 1500 years. You live a life in the lives of others, you don't take everything too seriously yet you know when to be serious and cautious. You lived a life filled with pain and loss, sorrow and might, working hard to create a regime of peace and love. You hide it well but I’ve met demons and danced with devils, dined with the mighty and feasted with the brave. My eyes are keen, my wits sharp, and my magic strong.”

Princess Celestia could only stare as this creature seemed to stare through her and see past the mask of royalty. If she didn't know any better she would assume Discord had put it up to this.

“Oh, forgive me, I seem to have rambled aloud.” It said as it shifted its position a step back, “I am Archmage Phie of the Hidden Coven. What is your name young archangel?” jingle

Celestia blinked, “I am Princess Celestia, I rule over the day while my sister rules the night. I do not know what an ‘archangel’ is, but I, as well as my sister and a few others, are alicorns. And I'm only 1100 years old.”

“1250 years at the least.” Phie remarked, “Diarch leadership, Celestia, or Sol, for the sun and probably Luna for your sister, ruler of the night. Though I’ve never heard of a civilization that needed a ruler on the throne 24 hours a day. Either your people are incredibly dependent, the kingdom is under constant threat, or you are overcompensating for something. Perhaps a mistake of the past. Perhaps the throne is a comfort from childhood of how things once were, holding onto the past unable to let go and live for the future. Unable to find a meaning in this life unless one is instilled, ‘My people need me, I cannot leave for as they need me, so too do I need them.’ Perhaps...”

Celestia was beginning to feel uncomfortable in her unwavering, judging gaze. “I ask that you stop doing that at once. You have no idea what I or my sister have been through and I will not tolerate these accusations!”

“Can you see me, Celestia?” Phie asked in response. “Can you not see into my eyes, as I see into yours? I will speak of myself then, as I see I have spoken out of line. I am younger than yourself, I am only 516 years old. I am an elf, one of what is called the ‘fair people.’ I have spent my life learning and studying magic and history, going to great lengths to recover forgotten knowledge that lies in forgotten tombs of lost civilizations. My goal is to preserve history. In doing so, hopefully save the future from the same mistakes and atrocities. I have seen wars. The rise and fall of empires. I’ve met just about every kind of person or being I would care to encounter, and they all fall into predictable categories. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable, but it is a habit and generally a test of extraplanar beings. If they can get into your head, you are at their mercy. It was a harsh lesson.” jingle jangle

“... Yes… Well of everything I was expecting today, you have surprised me with your unnatural insight and long windedness.” Phie smirked at the slight insult, “However, perhaps you would like some tea and we can wake my sister and have a discussion.”

“Tea sounds good.” Phie nodded.

“Proceed through that door, it's my private study. I’ll have a guard bring you some tea shortly.” Celestia said, pointing to a door that was already closing behind Phie, leaving jingle jangles in her wake.

“... She must really enjoy tea.” Celestia muttered. She motioned for a guard to deliver several teas and another to wake her sister. Once she was situated on her throne she continued her court duties while trying not to worry about what the occasional jingle from inside her study foreshadowed.

Princess Luna wasn’t sure what she expected when she teleported directly into her sister’s study, but it sure wasn't the sight of a strange biped surrounded by a pile of books reading several pages a minute while tea seemed to pour itself and the books were returned and selected several at a time.

“Ahem.” Luna cleared her throat to announce her presence. The being in question didn't even glance up as it responded.

"Ah, you must be Luna. You’re much more sparkly than I imagined.” It said. “Forgive me, but I am Archmage Phie of the Hidden Coven.” She said, snapping the newly completed book shut with a jingle, handing it to something which floated it back to where it belonged. She stood and approached her, her short stature not stopping her from seeming to demand eye contact.

Nothing was said between them as they stared into each other. Luna seemed to get lost in the endless depth of her orange eyes, as she stared they seemed to soften, hinting at a pain and loss, perhaps as deep as her own for just an instant, and like that it was gone.

Phie smiled slightly and placed a hand on her head, “Pat pat.” She said before returning to her chair and picked up another book.

Luna could only stare as Phie continued reading like nothing happened. She stood behind her and looked over her shoulder at the pages of the book she was reading. They were flipping of their own accord before she was able to make out too much on the page but she was able to see it was a history book covering the last few hundred years.

“I heard there was an interesting form of magic in this land.” Phie suddenly spoke up. Luna stood there silently as she reviewed the types of magic she knew to see if any could be what Phie was referring to. “But first I need to find out more about this world. This was more than a simple planar transition. This world is so far removed from my own…” She paused in her reading for a moment. “Perhaps there is no way back.” She resumed reading again. “Perhaps that’s for the best too.”

“So you are from another world?” Luna asked as she sat on a cushion as well. "And why would you presume remaining here is for the best?"

Phie paused again, “Another world?” and resumed reading. “It’s a possibility I will have to look into. This world is so far removed from my own world and plane, it would have needed to be quite a large displacement for the reality to change this drastically where the races are so far removed. It’s also possible that my coming here damaged the planar boundaries of both worlds.” She looked up at Luna, “Be on guard for things trying to worm their way in. As for why I feel remaining here is the better solution, well, perhaps I'll explain another time. Also I'm placing you at 1220 at the least.”

“What?” Luna asked, but Phie had returned to her book. Luna looked around a moment, soon noticing the books going back and forth without any sign of telekinesis. “Alright, I'll leave that subject to yourself for now. So… what magic is that you are using? It doesn't appear to be the usual form of telekinesis.”

“That’s an unseen servant. Think of a short invisible biped that obeys mental commands.” The tea picked itself up and poured some for Luna. “No idea what this tea is, which is fascinating in and of itself, but it is rather good.”

Luna sampled the tea, recognizing it as an extract of one of the flowers from the royal garden. “Thank you. And I must say, that is a new form of magic, what school is it from?”

“Conjuration. My specialty.” Phie responded. “It’s actually the only school I can actually use, though I am well learned in all of the schools. In order there is Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, and Universal, which doesn't fit into any category but can be used by anyone with any bit of magic.”

Luna nearly choked on her tea and forced down the coughing fit, “You know Necromancy?!

“Know it? Of course I do. Can I use it? Not at all.” She replied calmly.

“You would seek knowledge of the most vile and evil of magic?! Why? For what gain? Nothing good comes from learning such evils!” Luna yelled out.

Phie looked at her over the book she was reading. “No magic is inherently evil. Evil is a concept invented by society to maintain order. On a grander scale, good and evil are two halves of the same whole, one cannot exist without the other. What I learned I can use to assist should a necromancer decide to become evil and I can counter it. I can show what it means to use such powers.”

Luna scoffed, “The powers of darkness care not for your alignment, to use them or learn of them corrupts the innocent.”

“Is acid evil?” Phie suddenly asked.

Luna thought for a moment, “... No, but it is dangerous.”

“And with all dangerous things, must be handled with care. It is the same with magic, no matter the field.” Phie responded, returning to reading.

“...” Luna sipped her tea in silence for a moment, “So that aside, what is this type of conjuration? We had thought it simply parlor tricks to entertain foals or to assist with holding small objects like ink and quills.”

Phie slammed the book shut and stood with a jingle as though Luna had insulted seven generations of her family, a mad glint in her eye. “Conjuration is the best school, and I'm saying that out of bias! Conjuration is the art of manifesting objects, creatures, or some form of energy to me and my location! It also covers teleportation and dimensional travel through the planes!” Phie coughed and wiped the drool from her mouth.

“I see…” Luna hesitated, “It seems we are ignorant of some of this magic.”

“Of course you are.” A male voice said from nowhere. Luna jumped to her hooves while Phie didn't seem to notice. “It’s why I thought to bring her here after all. Well, one of the reasons.”

“The first being repayment for somehow releasing you.” Phie commented.

Discord popped into existence and sighed, “Yes, that. How ever did you find one of my artifacts way out in your corner of the galaxy anyway?”

Phie just shrugged while Luna rounded on him, “She freed you!? What-but-how? What?!”

“Calm down little Lulu, you’ll get a hernia.” He chuckled as her face turned beet red, “It was all just a happy little accident. As for why I invited her, well I was in her debt for releasing me far earlier than any of us thought. Then I learned about the ‘magic of friendship’ and figured that could be what she should learn and do with whatever it is sparkle-butt does, with the added bonus of teaching Equestria her conjuration magic, an as of yet fully discovered field.”

“So that’s the fine print.” Phie remarked. “I think that would be fun. What say you Celestia?”

Luna turned to see her sister standing in the doorway listening in. “How long were you there sister?”

Celestia finally stepped inside looking slightly embarrassed. “Unfortunately long enough to be noticed. So this was your great plan Discord? Magic for magic? Besides, our ponies know conjuration as Phie has defined it. We can teleport, after all, as well as conjure small objects, as you yourself stated.”

“Is that truly the extent of your knowledge in that field?” Phie asked as she stood once more. “Allow me to prove a demonstration of true conjuration. This is considered seventh tier magic. There are nine tiers that are known, and this is the highest tier I can cast at the moment. Make a space.”

Luna moved aside, dragging the coffee table along with her. She and the others watched as Phie held aloft her staff and began chanting, a holy light seemed to radiate from her body as she did, and with a small jingle tapped the butt of the staff on the ground. There was a bright flash, and there before them stood a creature far removed from any they had ever seen. The creature was bipedal, but appeared to have talons on its back legs while the torso was covered in feathers. It turned to Phie and spoke in a strange language that wanted to make her smile and dance, and Phie replied to it in kind with the light, ringing language like a mixture of bells and songs.

Phie addressed the others, “This is Ave, an Avoral from a good plane. Highly intelligent and very adept at combat. This is the power I wield, a far cry above whatever passes for conjuration in this land.”

“It… would seem we would have much to learn.” Celestia commented.

“Perfect. I have much to learn about this world as well. When do I start?” Phie asked as she offered tea to Ave, who declined.

It appears I am not needed any longer. I will return to my own plane.” Ave spoke to them with the same strange wistful bell sounds. A moment later he vanished in a flash of light.

“I hope you appreciate him taking the time out of his day to answer my call and the strain on my mana.” Phie commented as she downed some more tea.

“Yes, of course, it was just so sudden…” Luna replied. "And what was it saying before? How can anyone speak like that?"

"That was the celestial language. Its ability allows it to speak any language anyway but it's respectful to address them in their native tongue." Phie remarked.

“Yes yes it was all very exciting.” Discord said before looking at the full size grandfather clock on his wrist, “Well, well, look at the time. I do say it’s about time for bed and what not. Tally-ho!” He snapped his fingers and vanished in a flash.

“I suppose he is correct, I think we should sleep on it and discuss this more in depth tomorrow. Archmage, I can have somepony prepare a room for you to stay the night.” Celestia said.

Phie put the last book away and shook her head, “That won't be necessary. Is there a relatively large area with little traffic nearby?”

Celestia thought about it for a moment, “The gardens come to mind, why?”

“I’ll sleep there then.” She responded.

“Surely you don't need to sleep out in the open?” Luna asked.

“No, I'm just going to summon my house I use when I'm traveling.” Phie responded as she made her way outside by guessing the way.

“Is that a seventh tier spell as well?” Celestia asked.

“No, the seventh tier version makes a door to my mansion. I only use that when entertaining guests. This is fourth level and it's just a small cottage.” Phie explained passively.

The sisters looked at each other for a moment. “Sister, I think there is much to learn of this one.”

“I agree Luna. She definitely knows far more than she’s letting on, and seems to be holding back information from us about herself.” Celestia commented.

“She’s also got long ears good for hearing. And what, you want my life story? We just met, you need to earn it.” Phie said from in front of them as they turned the corner into the throne room again.

“Also I have no idea where I’m going. I was expecting at least some direction.”

Celestia face-hooved.

Author's Note:

Also small note, it sparked a two hour debate on just what Celestia and Luna are classified as in terms of DnD and pathfinder: they are archangels. Mainly because of their power and the fact they are not bound to a higher plane. The idea of them being avatars of themselves was tossed around as well, but that would mean Celestia is the literal sun and the alicorn was the Sun's avatar. Same with the moon and luna.