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Trying to figure out if this story is supposed to be a parody or actually serious. I am on the side of it being a parody because Sunset should have been far smarter about reproduction then she was. Magic can explain why there is going to be so many multiple births.

Another great story man:pinkiehappy: I wonder how the girls(especially the ones carrying multiples) are all gonna balance motherhood with finish high school.

Also lol@fat Cheerilee:rainbowlaugh:

Gud jerb, Sham.

This is entertaining.

What's Sunset know about human reproduction? She's a horse!


I would think a bit more then she apparently did. Unless ponies are not that fertile and sex is far more recreational then us.

Pretty good, but this sounds more like a Rated T story.

8069523 Parody? Nah, just good old-fashioned fetish fuel.

8069542 They'll find a way, I'm sure.

8069548 ermagherd Herberturel

8069593 Good!

8069773 Just followed what the tagging FAQ said. (shrug)

Quite an enjoyable short story... well, besides that Cheerilee bit, but you can't please everyone :twilightblush:
I wouldn't mind seeing more of this setting, especially the moment when half of the pregnant girls enter the throes of labor in the middle of the class :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::yay:

8071045 Glad you enjoyed it!

The mature tag is mainly for fully explicit material. Since you didn't really go into depth the process of the baby making, nor did you have any graphic details so I feel that it bumps it up to teen. It definitely deserves the sex tag though. And it's definitely not the Everyone tag.

It's really up to you though.. If you feel that it deserves the Mature rating then it deserves the mature rating

Well, everyone is taking it very well. Considering, according to the Trixie story, the whole country is in the midst of a baby boom.

Cheerilee paused to catch her breath. The moms-to-be in her class had not received any lectures from her on the subject, other than some muttering about how she "knew cutting sex-ed would lead to this." Perhaps Cheerilee realised that she couldn't very well lecture her students on taking care of their bodies without looking like a hypocrite when she herself was morbidly obese. Her own huge gut hung out of her blouse whenever she faced the class, as she did now.

Now, is Cheerilee pregnant too or she just gotten some weight on?

Nah, Cheerilee is just a fatass.

Why would Cheerilee let her body go like that?

Honestly, because fetishes. That's the only reason I had.

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