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Not much to say about myself -- I'm an Irish guy whose interests include MLP, video games, and occasionally writing fanfics.

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Baby bumps are the best impromptu tables!

And looks like Shmmer got caught up in the baby storm too. Wonder how the other 6 are faring?

Meh, maybe it's the pregnancy thing, maybe it's me getting too anxious for the next Shining story, but this was a skip for me. Sorry.

7605264 Oh, believe me -- if they aren't knocked up yet, they will be soon. In fact, I think Dashie's about to get a hell of a shock from her own pregnancy test...

7605265 That's alright. Can't please everyone.

This pleases me

So, is the 'Good Girls Avoid Abortions' trope in effect or not?

7605354 Always good to hear.

7605382 Ah... you'll pardon me if I stay away from that particular minefield.

7605526 I am aware it is a minefield, but not addressing it has a problem, particularly as beyond Applejack Canterlot has no indication it's in a location that would have the 'can't find one' excuse.

It might just be dealt with as simple as mentioning one is there and not give names of anyone whose gone there.

7605535 That's true, but abortion is up there with gun control in terms of flame bait -- no matter what you say or imply about it, someone is going to get angry. Perhaps it's a bit cowardly of me to just not mention it altogether, but I really don't want to start a shit-slinging match in the comments here.




7605567 I suppose it's a good point, though I'd suggest that non alien characters who are pregnant and stay pregnant should mention a reason, like how Trixie mentioned wanting having kids and larger breasts. If no reason comes up....

7605271 Gonna be bellies everywhere!
Any chance of some pregnancy assisted pleasuring for Trixie? I'd imagine her belly (navel especially) and breasts are near hair trigger at this point, much less days from birth.

7605848 You can always hope for a surprise triplet pregnancy down the line!

7606418 Could do, could do...

Incidentally, how many kids do you suppose Dashie should have?

7606502 I'd imagine mainly one, but due to her fit figure it just makes her belly stick out all the more obviously.

7606507 I'd be tempted to give her quads for precisely that reason.

7606544 I would not object to that.

You can bet Rarity's gonna go crazy with maternity dresses, especially with an entire school (and herself) to experiement with all sizes around.

7606562 Maternity dresses? What, and miss out on exposing all those ripe, fertile bellies to the world? Nuh-uh, my friend.

7606586 Who says they have to be loose dresses? She could always make them just tight enough to have the navel visibly pop even under the fabric, or have buttons speficially made to stretch and reveal the maternal skin underneath.

Don't make dresses to hide the pregnancy, make dresses to accentuate it and draw the eyes to it. Either that or good ol swimsuits.

7606607 Ooh, I like the sound of that. Imagine seeing the school swim team in their swimsuits after they'd all been knocked up.

I don't understand why this story has so many downvotes; there was not a single grammatical error to be seen here, and the story itself didn't feature anything of overly questionable nature :trixieshiftleft:

I definitely enjoyed it for what it was--a short excerpt from a morning of a soon-to-be-teenaged-mother--and will be looking forward for more, if you decide to write it :twilightsmile:

7607212 My best guess is the usual fat audience suddenly getting preg, or maybe because preg icks out that many people? I dunno.

Believe me, this upvote/downvote ratio is nothing compared to my fat fics. And especially my fat stallion fics.

All the more reason to write more preg. Give in to the dark side!


7607352 But... no! I'm a fat pone writer! I've always been a fat pone writer! :raritydespair:

Oh yeah, I could appreciate you writing more preg work.

This is really good! Will there be a sequel?


"But... no! I'm a fat pone writer! I've always been a fat pone writer!"

You sound like me.

5 months ago, I was still adamant I would never write any Fimfiction...and now, I'm 2 chapters into a major story, and waiting for a 'short story' to get approved.


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