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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


This story is a sequel to Ethical Quandaries

Starlight still isn’t convinced that the strange biped world on the other side of the mirror in Twilight’s castle isn’t just some sort of complex arcane simulation. Sunset thinks she knows just the bean based exception that’ll set Starlight straight.

An unasked for sequel/crossover. Feel free to blame Majin Syeekoh for this. Part of the ‘Beanisverse’ ‘cuz I said so.

New here? Start with Beware of Beanis and follow the rabbit hole on down.

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You know how you solve a simulation problem? Ask a paradoxical question. If it's able to form an actual response instead of imploding in on itself, you're clear... or it's a really good simulation that accounts for human error. In which case, you're doomed. Accept your lot in life. You've got a beanie now.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I edited out the rule-breaking link for you.

But man, you’re really wringing that futaDash thing hard, aren’t you?

I approve.



Awesome as I wanna beanis.

Story Approver

You're a living meme that won't die.

Majin best meme 2K17

Oy with the beanis, again what is this. :facehoof:
Also, the "simulated reality" thing is one Syeekoh story that really didn't need a sequel.
...Jalapeños? :rainbowhuh:

But now I see there is even more to it, ‘cuz on top of all that, I even get laid!”

Yeah, sure, beat me to that...

I write tragedies not stories.

Also: memes.

Godammit Furvert?

“So in this world...Twilight is what, the Princess of Magical Dildos?” Starlight snickered.

Considering the last time I remember Sunset trying for that crown we got an interdimensional crossover fic triggered by magically imbued sex toy, I'll take beanis over reality-ripping realistic reproductive reamers.


reality-ripping realistic reproductive reamers


Oooooh, yeah, more Beanisverse!


reality-ripping realistic reproductive reamers


If it can calculate everything including human error does it even matter if it is a simulation at that point.

At that point you would never know.

Somehow I’m stuck now n a virtual benus world. What groups of stories did I find??

Ok, we need a third one, where Starlight goes back, and finds out she's pregnant from futadash, and that's what it takes for her to accept it's not a simulation. Cause, pretty sure simulations cant get you pregnant. :P

How many of these things did you (and Majin) make?! How many more are in others' hands?! And I'm not even talking about the beanii! (Mostly.)

The rabbit hole goes deep, man.

Deeper as soon as I get a free minute to continue this debacle.

Sci-Twi could become a Multi-Trillionare with the Beanis Project.

Can you imagine her testing a dual draconic Beanis on Principal Celestia and Luna?

I’ma just add a like to this, shake my head and move on. Well done on yet another sequal we didn’t know we wanted

Darn, I almost missed a chapter of my favorite story revolving around magical synthetic genitalia.

Believe me, mind controlling a bunch of hairless apes is not worthwhile for any purpose.

"It's like turning into a giant snake. It never helps."

A thickened saline solution seems like a much safer option than cheese dip. That stuff seems almost guaranteed to lead to some kind of infection.

For all I know, the real Rainbow Dash has a dick, Sunset!

"Ponies don't wear clothes. You can verify that for yourself!"
"I don't want to be rude!"

In all, thank you for another installment in this glorious madness. :pinkiecrazy:

I am legitimately happy to provide.

That's not how computers work. Or maths, for that matter.

Glim glam is best.

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