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Midnight Phoenix

I occasionally write clopfics, but sometimes I'll try something new. I love listening to country and rap music. Pegasi and Changelings are the best.

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poderia estar um pouquinho melhor mas esta bom assim a historia que Você criou te dou nota 10 pela criatividade 9 e meio pela historia onde Você poderia mostras na historia a Apple Bloom ou como a Apple Bloom nasceu desse relacionamento incestuoso e nota 8 como ficou as partes finas da historia de como ficou a relação entre Applejack e o Big Mac ficou interessante a historia eu acho que no final Você deve ter colocado a applejack dando uma pi quena provoca para Big Mac com ela dando um pequena vista de sua buceta falando: se você terminar o cafe da manha e me ajudar a terminar as tarefas de hoje podemos continuar o que a gente fez ontem no celeiro

PS : Desculpa meu erro de caligrafia:raritywink:

What an adorable (and sexy) story :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

could be a little better but this is good so the story that You created gives you 10 note for creativity 9 and a half by the story where You could show in the history of Apple Bloom or how Apple Bloom was born from this incestuous relationship and note 8 how the parties thin of the story of how the relationship between Applejack and Big Mac got interesting was the story I think in the end You must have put the applejack giving a pi quena causes Big Mac with her giving a small view of her pussy talking: if you finish the breakfast and help me finish the tasks of today we can continue what we did yesterday in the barn

PS: Sorry for my calligraphy error:raritywink:

I translated your comment for you. Your welcome. Your comment was in Portuguese, so I translated it into English.

Well thanks for that, but you didnt need to. I already had translated it when I first received it, I've just been busy writing another story.

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