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We have traveled across a great distance, not one that can be measured or even fathomed. This place which we now are is one I would call silly, even to this day with much of its true face shown to me. Yet for all that inconsolable childishness there is something else here, something which fills me with dread. I fear that in the time since we arrived choices were made which harmed this world, some of which can never be undone.

All that I may do now is pray, and hope, that Pelor might forgive me for what I have done. For I, a cleric, a savior, a healer, have brought death to this world, to Equestria, and the actions ahead of me are the only ones that might save them. It is for them that I do this, and in the memory of those that are behind me. May my father of mercy grant me guidance, and my friends be at my side, as my tale reaches its end.

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Comments ( 69 )

Oh wow its already up, hope you enjoy.

*drools* ya know I believed this fic was dead.

now I have to read it all over again.... 172k words.... meh 4-7 hour read at my pace. to the tabs!

Okay, I just have to say this: I started reading this TODAY on Fanfiction, got hooked, and then nearly finished it. Then I check fimfiction, and it's suddenly posted.

Coincidence? Who cares, this is Awesome!!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh god 10 straight hours of reading this. And it was all so worth it xDS

well I had been trying to hold comments until the current chapter, but this one just forced me to comment. I am quite intrested to see how you will handle Andur's situation, I have been looking at how you handled this so far and been impressed. Flexability with source material is always a good thing.

Soooo.......this sin't dead right? Cause I loved reading this.

Sorry about that, school kicked in for me a few weeks ago and finding time is getting tough. I can't give any date but just be ready to get a surprise email on the day that I'll update.


Don't worry about it my man. Just know that we readers are here for ya, waiting for you to gift us with your awesomeness :pinkiehappy:

EPIC. Can't wait for more.

Edit: I have to say what you have done with Pinkie Pie is awesome, the whole story is but Pinkie is just a whole other level of awesome. Well done sir.

What "Level" would you say each of your character are?

Just finished re-reading, some how it's better the second time through.

Wow, this story is amazing. I hope you can finish this, I'd hate to see this on permanent hiatus.

Woah, I didn't know this story was here on fimfiction! This was I think the very first mlp fic I ever read back on fanfiction.net! Well, it was either this or World of Ponycraft, I've read so many fics since then that I can't remember now...but anyway!

I love this fic! It perfectly appeals to all of my nerd instincts, just like World of Ponycraft and Elementals of Harmony! I woulda been following you ages ago if I had known you were here on fimfiction!

Rewrote chapter 1 huh? Well, it certainly seems to have some ramifications further down the line, particularly, the scene when Cartanis is playing with fire and ice at the library. If he can hardly do a simple fireball(or whatever type of fire spell that was supposed to be, fireballs require bat guano if I recall...), then I'm not sure how he'd be able to manage all the spell casting. Of course, maybe he really did learn a thing or two from those books he read? Either way, it seems to me that that chapter would have to be changed a bit as well.

Wonderful as always, and welcome back.


So is that place Backstage or something? And (how) is Andur going to survive this? Bubble Shield?

Ten bits says the whole gang is back together by chapter 15

Well that's a distressing situation. Psionics(and, I'd assume, the Stare) aren't any good against the undead, being mindless and all. It's really all up to Pinkie then. Well, if anypony can pull a surprise victory out of nowhere, it's definitely Pinkie!

YES!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp: Great chapter.

Good to see you writing again, this was one of the first MLP fan-fictions I ever read, I can't wait to read how it plays out.
Story and narrative are solid as always, keep up the fantastic work. :moustache:

Is this based off of any particular edition of D&D, or is it custom-made?
I'm just asking as a fellow nerd:twilightsmile:

1557560 I think that it is based in 4e Dnd. Rainbow Dash is supposed to be an Avenger. As far as I know, Avengers only show up officially in 4e. Wait... I think they show up in 3.5e as a prestige class...

Ah. I was just hoping to get some stats for those ghoul-bitten beasties, or at least a workable in-game outline for them for a campaign I was planning on running, but my group prefers to play in Pathfinder (4e was just too big of a leap from 3.5)


Do whatever you wish with them, technically they are based off a custom monster idea i had a long time ago that was just flavored with some ghoul-ish habits and stats to match. Have fun with it.

Very cool stuff, couple small issues. Rarity's mane is purple not blue and Big mac isn't burgundy as that's more the colour of red wine and he's a bright red.

Only other was a small typo "then she saw a truly astonishing site." it's sight in this case..

Only issue is colour again, 'shy's yellow not cream coloured. Cream better describes roseluck or bonbon's coat.

So does this mean Rarity isn't a vanilla mage and is more of a spellblade?


If i had to make a concrete decision she is a lot closer to a multi-class idea, but spellblade works i guess for a basic idea.

wow from what i have seen so far this series is very well written and certainly deserves more attention then it has gotten, loveing this so far will definitely keep reading.

this story is quickly becoming one of my favorite fics of all time, the cast stay in character and the interactions seem genuine, and the OCs are likable and believable, a rare this indeed.

Poor Keystone, but on the bright side at least we're getting more details on what all this stuff down there is. I can't wait for more.

This is quickly becoming my favourite fiction on this site!:rainbowkiss:

I hope you all enjoy this as much as i did. I'll be answering comments as i can if you are all so inclined to talk. Just don't expect a speedy reply, or spoilers. :pinkiehappy:

Aside from numerous run-on sentences throughout, the only issue I could find was with Pinkie. I fully expected her to insist on being the on the go with Drab'Nards instead of letting Fluttershy be carted of to an almost-certain death. Letting her friend go like she did just didn't see like the Pinkie Pie thing to do.:pinkiesad2:

The rainbow firestorm, on the other hoof, was the awesomest thing she's done all story.:rainbowdetermined2:


Darn my run on sentences, i thought i nabbed them all!

On the subject of the 'trade-off', i felt like there had to be some form of character growth for them both. While i did want Pinkie to be that unbreakable guardian to Fluttershy, Fluttershy herself had to get into a more 'i can help' situation. So long story short I felt she would do better in this situation than the solo part that Pinkie is currently handling.

I also felt like the rainbow firestorm was pretty neat, not sure if i'll top it.

Things aren't looking good. They need to regroup or it will only get worse.

Fuck that was awesome.
I always enjoy your updates, but that was certainly one of the best you've done.

The alert rattle her senses again, and she felt a rush of wind make a pass for her noggin as she did her best to dodge

Keep being awesome.

Shoot! This story's on FiMFiction?! Tell that to EqD; they've only got the FF link!
Now I can know which chapter I left off on!
. . . Geez, which chapter did I leave off on?


I've tried 3 times now and i wonder if i'm just sending E-mails to the wrong person. If any of you guys know what to do please tell me, i wouldn't mind the extra traffic over here where i tend to be more active.

This is great, on my top three list:pinkiehappy: keep it up.

"Rainbows are spicy":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

ive healed your brother... EVIL!!!!! EVIL!!!!! lol

they are dungeon masters? oh now i know these thugs have no chance.

yeah pinkie bust out the dice!


Seems i have gained a rather vocal reader.

I just want to say that this story is a hidden gem of the fandom, I am still fairly new to the fandom and I don't know how to submit things to EQD, but when I do learn, this is the first thing they shall hear of:ajsmug:


It's actually already there, has been for about 1.5 years now


I'll be adding another chapter by the end of the week (hopefully) just gotta get it through my editing process.

Odd tech, messing with horrible arcane THINGS, crystals, golems... Did you ponify the Dwemer?

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