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Sometimes truth can be cruel, what is real cannot be changed, and the world will seem at its worst. For one pony this truth has been exposed, and everything she held deer now seems mortal and dead to her. Yet within this there is a greater truth, something that cannot be undone by the ravages of time, it is this truth she must discover. Perhaps with the help of a friend.

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We have traveled across a great distance, not one that can be measured or even fathomed. This place which we now are is one I would call silly, even to this day with much of its true face shown to me. Yet for all that inconsolable childishness there is something else here, something which fills me with dread. I fear that in the time since we arrived choices were made which harmed this world, some of which can never be undone.

All that I may do now is pray, and hope, that Pelor might forgive me for what I have done. For I, a cleric, a savior, a healer, have brought death to this world, to Equestria, and the actions ahead of me are the only ones that might save them. It is for them that I do this, and in the memory of those that are behind me. May my father of mercy grant me guidance, and my friends be at my side, as my tale reaches its end.

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