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It was the evening of Hearth's Warming. Stallions hurried home from work to celebrate with their families, mothers were busy buying last-minute gifts for their daughters and sons and little foals were sitting in front of the chimney, waiting for presents and a festive dinner.
As the sun begins to set and it grows darker and darker on the streets, only few ponies remained outside.
One of these ponies was a little filly. Even though it was cold and even though nopony stopped for her, she abided the frost and the darkness.
For all she wanted was to sell her matches. This is the story of.....

The Little Match-Filly

A ponification of H.C. Andersen's work "The Little Match-Girl", staying true to the original story's style and spelling, with a few expansions and additions and a slightly altered ending to present it in a new light.

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So beautiful and so sad at the same moment. May we all remember those less fortunate than ourselves. And be not cruel to those that seek a bit of favor, for you know not what beauty and magic they possess.

Happy Hearths Warming!


Finally you read one of my stories again! :scootangel: Thank you for reading it and for favouriting it too!
I'm proud of this one, because it is the first time I really ponified something and also because it's the first time I tried to imitate another author's style and I think it came out pretty well.
While it does not look like this on its surface, there went a lot of hard work into this story.

Happy Hearth's Warming to you as well! :heart:

Really sad:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::fluttershyouch:

Reminds me of the two fics i'm working at the Moment where something familiar happens


Thank you for leaving the fave! :heart: It's much appreciated, I'm glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

7809238 you're welcome, i love storys like this:twilightsmile: interested on what i work? Or what happens to noi in my fic? (Sorry, it's a old habit i can't get rid of)


You can send me a PM if you like. :raritywink: Just don't want to spam the comments under my fics too much.

What's the difference from the original story?


Thank you for reading "The Little Match-Filly" and for favouriting it, as well as the follow! :twilightsmile:
It was not easy to write and came with lots of work to do so, even though the fic doesn't look like that, so every reader here is appreciated. :heart:

What's the difference from the original story?

Not too much, because I wanted to capture the spirit of the original tale as best as possible. There are some bits and pieces sprinkled in that are from me, though, on top of the necessary changes to make it fit to Equestria. The most notable one being the slightly different end, that already got some build-up at the beginning of the story.
I went into detail about the writing process here:


So it ends the same way?


If you mean that she dies at the end, then yes. But it's still slightly different, because I added an own idea to give it something unique too.

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