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"The road ahead is not easy, but neither is it impossible to travel. Run, Twilight Sparkle. Run."- Wolokai KuRR

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Good start. A cute scene where AJ was thinking of when she was starting to develop feelings for RD :) *Tracked*

Something I was wondering about, you said in the "(Links for the two Projects!)" chapter on Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent that Scootaloo and Dimitri are going to be featured in this series and I was wondering are they going to be the "same" as they are in the Pinksomnia universe or are they going to be the same characters but different backgrounds? If you can't answer because you don't want to give away spoilers or if you just haven't thought about it that far ahead that's fine :D.

Have a good one.


Yeah, it was a request from a viewer of mine who has been tracking me ever since I first stepped up to the plate and produced Pinkamena: The Dark Descent. So to answer your question, YES, it WILL BE the same Scootaloo and Dimitri Snow-Walker from the Pinksomnia universe, but we won't know what the story's background is till after Rainbow Vs. Wild. I do hope you went and looked at our Manecraft project as well, we've got good hopes for it! :raritywink:

Haha, poor Apple Jack XD I feel for the gal.

Can't wait to see where the next chapter picks up.

Have a good one.

in other words
itsa awesome, keep up the good work, id love to see more

Never stop writing Wolokai. You sir/madam, are the best writer EVER!

Have to say im really enjoying the story

Oooh, interesting story so far. I can't wait for more.

I searched for my story, and this came up. Seems interesting enough, I'll give it a go.

i am happy....me like
make more, you make people happy :D

ooh nice
continue, ill be reading this

Mission: Rescue a downed pegasus
Weather: raging storm.
Weapons: Combat knife
Supplies: Rope
Provisions: None
Backup: None
Chance of Survival: Low to None
"Sounds like fun"

She suddenly frowned as something soft hit her head, and when she reached up...an apple fell in her hoof. She stared at it, confused when all of a sudden another hit her, and another, and another! It was raining apples! She held up her hands and shouted in protest, the apples falling harder and faster. Over the downpour, Rainbow Dash swore she could hear a familiar laugh echoing across the sky.

I couldn't resist.

well that's literally a cliffhanger... grrrr... keep up the amazing work =)

I made this acc so I could track you :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

ah come on loading this up at 12:26 AM
you meaaanie! :flutterrage:



Hehehhahahahahahah!!!!!! It's 6:31 P.M. Here :rainbowkiss:

okay i rushed through it^^ I'll take an another look tomorrow (well not really tomorrow, duh
It's quite like the other chapters, just awesome^^ way to spend 10 minutes awesome^^

this...is pretty good, cant wait for the next chapter

then i was like :rainbowderp
and then ''Oh...mah...stars''



With Applejack's 'Special Blend' there's no going wrong :rainbowlaugh:

XD trollface.jpg problem?
this is gold man,


Dat cider makes everything more interesting :rainbowkiss:

ooh your good....too good....IM SO NOT BORED!!! :D
make moar, make moar MAKE MOAR

oh buck this story is labeled tragedy... that's not good :fluttercry:

You my good sir are a worthy writer. I give you five dropbeatpoints! (Note:dropbeat points are completely worthless and hold no legal value:trollestia:)

Remember that that tag can denote that something tragic happens but that the ending is not always tragic. :twilightsmile:

why must you writers be so good at this!!!!!!!!!!
i must say...you really did quite a good job of this

I suggest Dmitri vs the Snow, since we have alot of good Vinyl/Octy shipping, so it's kind of overload.:rainbowlaugh:

absolutely worth reading story!
On my list, of the best stories (so far) it got the second place, be proud of yourself!
still, 5/5 :D

Did I hear surprise? :pinkiehappy:
I say Snow-Walker vs. Snow!

Wow I'm good at this game, this was definitely a satisfying chapter. I hate to tell you though that I correctly guessed basically the entire chapter.:twilightsheepish:

Yeah resolutions. But wait that means it's ending. :fluttershbad:nooooooooooooooo!!!!

I'm going to vote for that one (any of them). If you write it I'll probably eventually read it.

Definetly one of the best stories i've read here yet, well done! Action, adventure and romance all done up in a balanced tale.

As for the next one, hmm. I'll have to put my hat in with Twilight vs. The Great and Powerful. That should be exciting. :)

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