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"The road ahead is not easy, but neither is it impossible to travel. Run, Twilight Sparkle. Run."- Wolokai KuRR

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Ready the defences, cause HERE THEY COME!!!!!!:flutterrage:
also, what dat guy said, too

Time for a Forrest Gump moment, RUN!
Looks good so far.

And so the saga continues. Update soon.

I foresee many moments of 'Here I Stand. I Can Do Aught Else.'

Forward! Through The Gates Of Hell!

Awww shit i thougt this series was complete now i have to wait :applecry:
Great Now i have to wait .... Awesome story though

''I have faith in her...you should too." < Only problem I found,
Overall reaction? Yeah! Buck yeah! :pinkiehappy:

Please continue your writing at a pace that outpaces your previous time frame, in other words more please!

I really hope all of them are ready to run like hell.


i sense problems...
1.twilight went into her carrier state at the end of the first storie so it is still undecided on whether the anti-bodies she has has cured her by now. (like they did before)
and 2.if she is still in a carrier state can he handle seeing her like that...


also can i ask for a prequel storie to explain what happened in the project from celestia's perspective but here is a twist it is a interigation so you will be dealing with a insane celestia hows that sound?

Woot Woot! The second one is out and we start with a BANG baby!

Since this is a prologue nothing much happened, just getting caught up with the other characters. Having the debriefing at the beginning and then going back to Applejack and Rarity was a bit weird to me. It was like we were in present time (future maybe with everyone back in Canterlot?) then we suddenly go back to the point in time when Twilight leaves the train and then the chapter ends before we catch up with the time that the beginning took place. But then that makes me wonder, was Shadow-Mane talking to Luna at Canterlot or was he writing this out on the train? The end of the chapter just threw me off as to where we are at in the story time wise. Oh well. On to the next chapter!

Have a good one.

In the words of Zim: ONWARD TO VENGANCE!!!!!

:trollestia: <-----dat bitch shoudda been killed, not locked up

Btw, does the other pony on the cover image have 2 pairs of eyes or something?

Awesomeness is approaching. I can feel it..... but why is this in the clopfics section???:derpyderp2:


No, the whites of her eyes have turned a savage red, but the violet color of her eyes remained.

She's looking backwards

i dont know if im missing something but after everypony ranoff when ponyville got swarmed i haven't seen the other 3 elements

im confused.

EDIT: nvm just found out

great story btw!

Oh boy, this is going to be awesome!

And now comes the twist what make the story epic!:twilightsmile:


.... wish they out an image for that new large stallion guy from Hurricane Fluttershy.

Big Mac don't do what your thinking...

464082 when i said the other pony i meant the wierd looking macintosh with 2 red slits, wats up wit dat?


He has an eye...you just can't see it because of that particular picture.

As for the slits....well

~Spoilers :heart:

465811 Spoilers? Are you River Song? Cause she says that a lot. And also, DAMN you update fast!


First. and the battle has begun... (at least for the story since we have not seen any fights till now...)

There must be a good fighting music to this, something involving WWII warplanes...

Heh, the dog-fight of the skies, awesome as always.

468519. Iron maiden " Aces high" was the song that played in my head as I read this :rainbowdetermined2:

And so the drama increases twice fold, quite gripping dear sir.

Braeburn's got be alive and kicking ass


i think that mare WAS twilight!!! the purple magic glow gave it away... again big question is this... is she in the carrier state or did her anti-bodies kill off the virus yet?

The thing is, though, that they've changed Twilight magic glow to a sort of red glow as of season 2 so that pony might not have been Twilight.


478994 would make sense of it was twilight though i mean that was a barrier constructed by luna it would take a lot of power to break it so it would make sense with being the element of magic and all...

i would love to read this but it is 6:40 here and i need sleep i will read it is to good to miss

yaa this story again (by the way it would be awesome if twilight had been out opening a can of whoop-ass and that stranger knew she would be at applelossa soon and tricked big mac into going there and they become a whoop-ass team:twilightsmile: excuse my wording/language)

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