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Was waiting for someone to write about this. I'm excited to see how this transpires

I'm really excited to see how this plays out. I'll be watching, Softie! :twilightsmile:

:pinkiecrazy: Love this so much! Can't wait to see how the rest turns out!

Wow, really appreciate the encouragement on this one, ponies!

There will be a minimum of one new chapter a week for approximately the next 2-3 months. If I can step it up I will, but that'll be the baseline for now - if you choose to follow this story, I figure that makes for something to look forward to for awhile :pinkiehappy: Gotta keep up with Quantum Vault releases, too! Noticed a downvote or two without the view count increasing (meaning voting blindly, tsk tsk), but what you are gonna do? You're gonna write more crazy Pinkiehorse stories! :pinkiecrazy:

I hope this novelization lives up to the source material and all of your expectations. Thanks for reading!

Also, the android version of Pinkamena has been updated with a gallery feature that links to this story and a couple of good "Let's Play" videos. If you haven't downloaded Pinkamena yet, what are you waiting for? It's a great game! :pinkiegasp:

7448390 To Pinkamena!!:pinkiecrazy:
Good luck with the story, I hope for the best.


Hard at work on edits - next chapter should be up before the end of the week!

Thanks for the encouragement :pinkiecrazy:

It's a few days late, and I apologize for that, but chapter two is up! This chapter took a lot of planning, and in all honesty it's a LOT longer than I normally make a single chapter, but in true keeping with the game, I felt it wise not to break the story up while the setting and characters are being introduced. If it helps, the text has been broken down into smaller 'scenes' using asterisk breaks.

I gratefully thank anypony who is following this story so far! :pinkiecrazy:

It was worth the wait. Loving the detail, the characters, the setup. Everything feels so fleshed out and planned. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one :raritycry:

Brilliant. you can just feel the weight piling on the captain when the facts and evidence are revealed to him, to find that not only are changelings here but Pinkamena herself has resurfaced here. You gotta feel sorry for silvermane.


Thanks so much for your support! We have not yet begun to Pinkamena! :pinkiegasp:

Our first death while on the job! I'm excited. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for the next chapter!

Haven't been this excited for a story to update in a long time; was not disappointed. Very much looking forward to seeing how Hector's decisions in this chapter pan out. And I wonder what Pinkamena got up to last night? The wait is gonna feel so long :raritydespair:

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to again!


I'm glad to hear it! I'm having a great time writing this. Hope it'll show up on the radar for ponies who are interested in the topic :twilightsmile:

Oh, Pinkamena's there. All the killers have been introduced already. It's just a question of who they are :raritywink:

So many red herrings... Got no idea who is real and who is not, but I sure look forward to finding out! Thanks for the new chapter, and I hope things calm down a bit on your end; sounds like it's been busy.


All I'll say is, there are no 'hidden' characters. By this point in the story you've already met all the residents of Little Hoofington - and all of the killers :pinkiecrazy:

It's always busy, but that's okay. Sorry for the slower releases, but I'll keep things moving!

I absolutely love this game. :rainbowkiss: One of the best time killers. So naturally when I saw this it went straight into my "to read" list. Can't wait to start reading this. I'm excited to see what you've done with it. :twilightsmile:


If you've actually played the game upon which it is based, you probably have some keen insight into the roles. I can tell you that all the roles from the game are represented in the characters here - just a question of figuring out who is who!

I hope it lives up to expectations :raritystarry:

If it would be possible... could you make a 'Make it Personal' version of this?

Is that the "challenge mode" of the game?

Nobody ever said Silvermane was guaranteed to survive this :raritywink:

whens the next chapter?

...good lord have I had this on hold for 26 weeks!?

I didn't realize it had been that long. Got so caught up in commissions. I never labeled it on hiatus either, sorry!

Soon, soon. I forgot how long it had been, but I have not forgotten about it.

I know, I know. And I'm about to do something about it.

Oh yeah. This game. The one thats literally impossible for the ponies to win if you turn on all the modifiers.

I wouldn't know honestly. This was intended to be an homage to a version of the game from two years ago; I don't recall it having any sort of modifiers at the time, but it was beatable. This story is an adaptation however, so to keep the flow of a murder mystery story, it doesn't 100% follow the mechanics of the game.

Three new chapters? :pinkiegasp:

You have no idea how much it brightened my day to see you've carried on with Pinkamena! Re-reading chapters one through four was an absolute treat for me after all this time. And wow... I was not prepared for how things would escalate in these new chapters :rainbowderp:

I really hope more people get to read your adaptation of Pinkamena, because I'm enjoying it every bit as much as I did when I read it two years ago. I still play the game every now and then, and whenever I have, my mind always drifts back to what you've written. I can't wait for more, but well, I will. Eagerly :twilightsheepish:

I'm so happy you came back to this story, Wishy! Hope you're doing well :heart:

As I've always said - I do intend to finish this story, I really do. Just that I so often end up with so much other writing on my plate, and then of course all of life not related to writing, that getting time for this is tricky. To date, Pinkamena has also required far more planning than any other story I have on this site, so whenever I come back to it, there's a certain re-learning curve I have to observe, to make sure all the logic points fit together. (Mysteries involving 16 characters are tricky to write!!) Never fear, I know whodunnit in the end and how that end will play out...it's just a matter of getting there! All I'll say for sure is what I've said before - there are no 'surprise' characters that will suddenly pop out at the end and claim they were behind it the whole time. By the end of chapter two, you've met everypony - including all the villains. There will also be no 'it was all a dream' garbage, nor 'Captain Silvermane has been killing everypony the whole time and is just hallucinating'. Obviously, some of the denizens of Little Hoofington are simply not what they claim to be :raritywink:

I'm really glad you're enjoying this - I had hoped it would catch on more initially because of the sheer amount of planning that went into it. Chapter seven was intended as a turning point, so...it's all downhill from here! Now if I can just bust some more of it out amidst all these new commissions :pinkiecrazy:

When I first played the game I was wondering when somone will novelize.

Well this story is 2 years old now, I'm just finally getting back to it!

A hard-working husband with a loving wife at home? Sent alone on a mission to an isolated village? Clearly none of these ponies have seen a horror movie before!

Isn't that always the way with horror movies though? :rainbowlaugh:

Indeed. It is either that or a cop with a tragic past and alcohol addiction going to a creepy building/church.

More to come very soon~! :pinkiecrazy:

Two changelings dead, pinkamena probably is still alive, WHO IS IT AND PLEASE DON'T TELL ME IT'S CHOCOLATE WAFFLE EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD MAKE SENSE

Don't forget, both the changeling queen and the consort also remain at large :raritywink:

Won't be long now!

I have an idea of who the consort might be, but who the queen and um, what's left of Pinkie Pie, is I have no clue
I'm good at solving murder mysteries but not when there are so many variables to worry about, AND when anyone who i used to suspect is either dead or was proven innocent by death i.e. Buttermilk Waffle. anyway, GOOD STORY:pinkiehappy:
Remember, Life is a party...:pinkiecrazy:

At least somepony out there is thinking about it, that's great to hear! :pinkiehappy: I'd be curious to know who you thought to suspect and why.

Yes, there are a lot of variables in this. Not to mention a lot of characters to juggle. Even though I took a very long break partway through, I feel like I've been working on this story forever, and it's going to be nice to see it through.

OK here we go, Miss Kitty is extremely suspicious as her role is unknown to me, as is Chocolate Waffle. The consort acts seductive in order to lead the others away from their comrades, and how does Miss Kitty act throughout the story? also Suspicious is Whatzit who I've determined to be the queen as she as no specific role. Finally, I suspect Chocolate Waffle to be Pinkamena. Whim dies in a gruesome way that can only be done by Miss Element-Of-Laughter herself. He dies because he goes to Throw the Waffles a PARTY who hates parties? Pinkamena. Buttermilk Waffle is the Nurse so who else but who i thought was a pure child, Chocolate Waffle. Bing Bang Boom, Case Solved. hope she dies in the most gruesome way imaginable Boy hush

Well, there aren't a lot of roles left to choose from this late in the game. Are you sure about the Waffle boy though? There were two confirmed changelings living with him the entire time. They have nothing to gain from Pinkamena murdering ponies before they can steal their love. Recall also, that Maple Waffle was arrested because of the *two* murders that occurred in the clinic (Specs was killed there too), and his arrest led to two changelings being exposed and killed. Isn't it possible that somebody might have killed Specs and Whim just to frame the changelings? Somebody who knew who they were? As for Whatzit, well...Silvermane swore her in as a deputy. She's been awfully helpful, no? Makes you wonder who killed Lora Lore, don't it? :scootangel:

I'm not gonna tell you if you're right or wrong either way, don't worry. Just giving you some stuff to think about. I will say that the next chapter tells all. The chapters after that are just about what's going to have to be done about it all :pinkiecrazy:

Wait... What? I assumed Stringbean had murdered Lora Lore, but i could be wrong i suppose. Also, Why would Chocolate Waffle tell his "family" who he/she really was? Whatzit could just be acting helpful in order to throw off suspicion. It would be noticeable if she didn't try to be helpful so I'm still positive about that. Besides, I thought the queen would do anything in order to blend in. The perfect disguise? A young mare who wants to protect her town. It all makes more sense the more i look at all the clues. Poor Waffles, their all probably dead at this point (Unless I'm wrong about Chocolate)

Are you suuuuuure? There's a considerable hint in the death of Lora Lore! I'm sure Chocolate wouldn't tell his family if he was a changeling or Pinkamena - what I mean is, we already know that half his family were changelings. So either he's a changeling too and they were covering for him, or he's innocent and they *didn't* suck his love out because it would have drawn too much attention to them. If he's Pinkamena, however, isn't it a bit odd that the changelings would cover for him then?

Not saying you're wrong of course. Very good theories. Just the speculation is fun :twilightsmile:

9244209 Cant use the quote thing without spoiling it
“You’re in on it too, Silvermane!” Stringbean shouted. “Or else you wouldn’t be so keen as to get near one of the killers!”
“YOU did it! You’re in on it with them! I saw it myself!”
Crap wait, the only person who could've done it is Whatzit, but being sucked of your love doesn't cause you to bleed.. or does it?
Silvermane used that logic when Buttermilk Waffle was wrongly executed and look what happened there. Chocolate is NOT changeling, otherwise he would be the queen, seeing as Chocolate doesn't do anything seductively but then again, who else could've murdered Specs and Whim like that? Unless someone left their home in order to frame the Waffles... After all, the lobby is unlocked, *speaking faster* and I've always been suspicious of Whatzit, so Chocolate could indeed be the queen but then again Beat Trotter and Rose were still alive at the time and could've witnessed her leave but then again it's f*cking Pinkamena and she breaks the laws of physics all the time! OH MY GOD MY THEORIES ARE FALLING APART!

There have been a couple of subtle hints here and there meant to point towards the killers, but I fear if I pointed you towards them now, it'd be a give away. Consider this though: Who is to say that the changelings are only killing ponies by draining them of their love? Might there be any reason for them to kill in a different way?

All I can say is go back through the roles as they're described in chapter two, and consider which roles are confirmed dead...and which are still at large. Everybody in the story except for Silvermane, Chloe, and of course the princesses, are meant to fill one of the established roles. Naturally Chloe and the princesses don't count since they were only cameos in chapter one, and since the story is being told from Silvermane's perspective, he can't have done anything behind the scenes that the reader isn't privy to.

I've made some updates to the flow of the story for interested sleuths, also :)

Already did and I'm not surprised. One thing that's impossible not to be right about is the fact hat Beanie is the Town Drunk. Nobody drinks as much alcohol as he does and no one else fits the description. Cadabra Smile is The SpellCaster. Who else could blow off a miner's head with a single shot? I doubt she's changeling or psycho, She only murdered Stringbean to avenge Lora Lore. So that leaves Chocolate Waffle, Whatzit, and Kitty Contessa. I've already said that Miss Kitty is the consort, and you have shown no objection. Now then, this leaves one of the two remaining unclassified ponies to be Pinkamena and the other to be the queen. Also, yes I guess a changeling could murder someone with Their own hooves(?) if they wanted to. That would be a waste of love however, so I guess they only kill without stealing love if it's absolutely necessarily Even if I'm wrong about who's who, it won't matter. There's only three possible criminals left and either way they're all definitely evil.
I think I've played too many murder mystery games

Oh, I'm not refuting anything. You may be completely correct about every accusation you've made. I'm just trying to give you things to think about :raritywink:

There were a few stumbling blocks that were put in previous chapters, but we're past those now so by process of elimination, there aren't many ponies to choose from to be the killers anymore. Whatzit hasn't been completely useless though - she's had a lot of information about the town and its citizens to assist in Silvermane's investigation. She might be the queen, sure, but Cadabra is just about as conceited as one might expect from a changeling queen, and she's clearly used to having a 'brood' or 'cult' under her. As for blowing somepony's head off in a single shot, she's not the only one who could do that - Constable Rose blasted a hole straight through the Changeling Drone. Granted Rose is dead now, but it begs the question... was it just adrenaline and a moment of madness that made her so powerful, and who else could potentially do something like that? The queen of a brood of changelings certainly could...

So could the Spellcaster. Rose had simply reached her Breaking Point. Once someone reaches their limit, they go into Breaking Point Mode. This is equivalent to a rush of adrenaline. A Breaking Point amplifies all of your abilities, but only until it wears off. The only problem is that once Breaking Point is activated, You can't calm down until whatever caused you to reach your Breaking Point is gone. the Drone caused Rose to reach her Breaking Point when Beat Trotter was killed. This caused her magic level to skyrocket. Thus, having the power to burn a hole through Maple Waffle. I am aware of how egotistic Cadabra is. That is to be suspected from the leader of a cult. Not using bias to make my verdict, seeing as how I'm technically a cultist myself (Christian, if curious), just saying most religious leaders act very high and mighty. I'm positive that Cadabra is innocent. Can't say the same for the three I mentioned before. Anyways, There's also a VERY clear clue that Whatzit isn't who she seems. Why else would her file be with the many other files of murdered ponies? Silvermane simply assumed it was a threat which i thought was true as well until I started connections. Notice also, that Whatsit has not been murdered despite clearly being seen helping Silvermane. It all adds up!

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