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A crossover with Rune Solider Louie? Have a theme song.

Okay, this story is interesting as hell. I wouldn't mind watching more chapters of this story appearing on Fimfiction, especially because I'd like to see how End would interact with the Elements of Harmony in a raiding party. You have a fav.

Okay, gypsy Pinkie was hot, especially her talk about coolers and the erotic dream. Twilight having feelings for a End was also interesting, especially since both her and End had mutual fantasies about the other. Gotta say, Pinkie knowing that he was dreaming of her was quite the surprising talent. Pinkie's dance and song were well written, especially with how enraptured End got...too bad it accidentally made him look like a pervert in front of AJ and Dash and it made him get chased all over town. The ending was hilarious with him getting a party but being recognized by AJ and Dash. I really love this story so far and I hope that the next chapter comes soon. This story is definitely worthy of a fav.

7350526 nope, anthros with one human it seems

Sounds like the pony version of the anime of the same name. I'll be reading this now.

Now THERE'S a fanfic idea I never thought I'd see. Now I want to rewatch Rune Soldier Louie.

Needs more Louie Punch.

I am intrigued. This story mentions a lot of things for future clarification, but still leaves enough in the dark to pique the reader's interest. I must know more. Onwards!

Nice story! I like it! Gonna be following it! :trollestia:

Still, I'm really annoyed that the heroines in this story are going to be one of them violent types who hate stallions just for looking. As long as he's not perving out actively, I don't get what's wrong with looking. It's in our male DNA dammit! We're predisposed to do it and it doesn't help that these females are dressed in such a way as to draw the eye to their sexy bits

Rainbow grinned, “Yeah, he gets to checking out my flank and I’m a gonna sock him one right in kisser.”

The boob grabbing trope! OF COURSE! I fail to see how any normal person could do that on accident. It's Endymion's own fault for subconsciously doing perverted things.

7352574 Don't you mean "Spiking the punch"?:rainbowlaugh:

Only if our Louie analog is spiking spike into the punch

7354879 I have- no idea what you two are going on about.

Comment posted by Ron Jeremy Pony deleted Jul 1st, 2016


They're talking about Louie ending up punching everything he comes across that's an enemy. And that the only way Endymion would spike the punch would be if he was to end up tossing Spike into the punch.
I think....

very well writen in my opinion and these chapters have solde me so have a fav :pinkiehappy:
keep it up

Man, this chaoter was funny as well. Thanks for the quick update. It was nice to learn more about End and the flashback with Luna standing up to him and then give him advice on drinking was sweet. I got to say that the ending and AJ pantsing him was funny. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

7355174 Might be sooner than you think. :raritywink:

Please update soon, this story is getting better by the chapter.

Sooooooo... D&D crossed with season one MLP? I can dig it. :moustache:

This just got worse. Talk about bad luck syndrome.

*begins reading*

“Wait… it was an accident I swear.”

Famous las words, buddy! :trollestia:

*keeps reading to the lemons part*


Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing with this later...

*keeps reading blood-stained pages*

“THAT’S THE PERVERT!” Both Dash and AJ shouted at the same time.

Welp, it was nice knowing you Endy!

Endymion? Where have I....? *GASP* That's a yu-gi-oh card; Endymion the Master Magician! I freaking love magicians! I'm so facing this!!

Okay, great chapter. It was funny to see the contrast on how Fluttershy made an elaborate ritual to meet Sol and discover her champion while End inadvertidly pissing off mares and unintentionally looking like a pervert before he's revealed to be Shy's champion. His moronic moments when panicking however are countered with his enthusiasm for adventuring (given his enjoyment for fighting monsters), willingness to work hard, and ability to understand the worth of a few artifacts. The ending with the sword was great and I hope to see what's going to happen soon.

7357027 I hadn't thought about that. I'm not much of a Yu-Gi-Oh fan...

Hmmmm....So the sword couldn't be budged till he yanked it. I bet it takes a magic user to move the said item.

Oh glad he was useful on listing collectors and who to seel old magic artifacts.
Thsi will prove useful inthe future for them I bet.

loving Endymion's misadventures, piss poor luck, and persistence the mix of the two making for interesting encounters

DAT oh shit feelin' ya get!

LE GASP!!!!!!!!!!! He is the King!!!!!!!!............... Sword in the stone.... in case you didn't know.

I'm not sure how I feel about Endymion here.
On the one hand, he sometimes seems like a nice guy, and yet when Fluttershy was nearly brought to tears at the idea of being forced to work with him, he didn't seem to show any kind of empathy or compassion. He didn't seem to care about her at all, just about his reputation.
He also seems to be fairly knowledgeable in some areas, and yet also completely ignores common sense in other areas, like when he went looking for Fluttershy.


Welp, this seems to be following every Harem Anime trope ever...

7357043 Either way I'm faving this. I lpve stories about Magicians. Or are they called magis now? I always forget.

7357261 Oh, good, the plan is working! :raritywink:

7357251 You just keep on thinking that, boyo, you just keep on thinking that.

this Rainbow Dash would made Stella proud.

Ok this is interesting. I'm going to follow this one.

Okay, great chapter. It's nice to see End learn more about his people and now he and the group have a quest to complete. Furthermore, Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie joined the party. I wonder how End will handle living with two mares wanting to get into his pants.

Well it was nice knowing you, Endy. We'll be waiting at the lounge area beside the operating room.

This is pretty much how Endy reacts whenever Pinkie's around:

'Dat @$$ tho....

Must be some very nice rump if he couldn't get his eyes off it. Interesting reveal about End being the heir of the Terran Empire.

On a side note: How do you think mixing this story with something like Pathfinder or Lone Ranger Notes Apollo 9 story.

Planet Earth has dank memes and planet ... they have dank tombs.

Now this. This is the written imbodiment of all dank memes and good kush mixed. I give this a like, follow, and a watch as it goes, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Great job, keep it up!

Okay, so this story has a good premise and potential, but it needs an editor bad. I'm very forgiving of bad grammar, but this is just difficult to comprehend at times. For example;

“Rarity, I don’t think he’s your kind of cute,” Twilight said with a smile, “Darling please, he surely would be quite fetching if he caught your eye.”

Here, Twilight is replying to herself, or at least that's what I read at first. Every time there is a new speaker, you need to have a new line. You don't even specify that Rarity spoke. The only reason I figured t was her was the 'darling'.

“Oh, of course, Your Highness,” Twilight says, taking a boy while sitting astride her best friend

This line literally means Twilight starts fucking the guy right in front of Luna. As funny as that thought is, it made me have to reread the line, substituting 'boy' with 'bow'. There are several times where this happened.

Also, Applejack's accent is written way too thick. Reading her lines takes two or three reads just to get what she's saying. If you want to write an accent, stick with simpler words, like 'Ah' for 'I', 'mah' for 'my', and writing words ending with -ing as -in'.

Nice chapter. It was nice to learn more about Pinkie and Rarity (mainly because Pinkie knows how to make Potatoe Goulash and Rarity recommended the use of vodka to drink it down). It seems Twilight is jealous of Pinkie's flirty attitude and it seems that Fluttershy is unaware that she has a crush on End given her jealousy at how End finds Pinkie attractive and how happy he is with her. Luna remembering how getting drunk got her into a drunken threesome with Sombra and a mare called Rose Quartz was funny. Anyway, Pinkie, as End noticed, is shown to be quite deep as she knows how to cook, knows the importance about finding a loving mate from her mom's stories, and is perfectly willing to make a herd with Twilight the moment she confesses to End. The chapter was great and I thank you for it.
Forgot to add, the clop scene was hot as hell.

I'm starting to think that this story should be renamed: Endymion and his Bitches

Isn't they are going to be a human transported is into their world to be fluttershy hero that's the impression I got from the description and that you gave the story a human tag also sense it doesn't look like Endymion isn't going to get with fluttershy


While I'm not one to give much away, all I can say is the following.

1) The Human is already there. If you're on chapter two well. It will be explained in later chapters.

2) Be patient. I'm not going to give a solid yes or no about Endymion ending up with any certain character, but if you were to step back and consider some harem animes for reference (Tenchi Muyo being an excellent example) I'd say it'd be safe to assume he may end up with more than one character.

The Plot has thickened, so much so that Celestia herself pales in comparison. :trollestia:

Okay, the beginning was hot, especially since Pinkie woke up End with her mouth. Hearing about Twilight being annoyed while Fluttershy is flustered by End and Pinkie's forward romance was funny, especially since their open romance led to End receiving the "talk" from Luna. Also, respect for having Stella in your fic and for having portrayed her so accurately.

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